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In the world of photographers and filmmakers, there is no such thing as “too many batteries”. Especially at a time when more and more devices allow you to become independent from electrical sockets. We use batteries primarily to power cameras, but some of their models are also compatible with LED lamps or viewing monitors. Therefore, preparations for photos often require charging a large number of cells. This is where the wide range of Newell chargers comes to the rescue, to which we have devoted today’s article.

After reading this text and getting to know Newell products, you will learn:

  • what to pay attention to make sure that the new charger is compatible with your batteries;
  • what chargers are on the Newell offer and what makes them different;
  • which charger to choose so that it can be connected to a power bank or a USB socket in the car;
  • which chargers will be a good choice when you want to charge multiple batteries at once;
  • which chargers allow you to control the parameters of the charging process.

Choose the right charger

A few weeks ago, we wrote about how to choose replacement batteries. The first step is, of course, the selection of the appropriate cell model for the device. In the case of chargers, you have to do exactly the same – find the symbol and match it with the appropriate product. Your device works with certain battery models. Their markings may be as follows:

  • Sony – symbols starting with “NP” (e.g. NP-FZ100, NP-FW50)
  • Canon – symbols starting with “LP” (e.g. LP-E6NH) or “NB” (e.g. NB-13L)
  • Nikon – symbols starting with “EN-EL” (e.g. EN-EL15)
  • Panasonic – symbols starting with the letters “DMW” (e.g. DMW-BLK22), “CGR” (e.g. CGR-S006) and “CGA” (e.g. CGA-S006E)
  • Olympus – symbols starting with the letter “BL” (e.g. BLN-1, BLX-1, BLH-1)

You just need to find the same markings on the chargers to make sure that they will be compatible with the batteries you have.

Battery safety and protection

As a manufacturer of battery replacements, we know perfectly well that the price is often the main criterion for selecting products. However, it is a pity to expose your equipment to irreversible damage that can be caused by suspiciously cheap chargers. Very often, they do not have the appropriate approvals, and their producers disappear from the market as soon as they appeared on it. Our chargers use advanced controllers to ensure maximum cell life. The devices are also protected against overcharging, overheating or overvoltage. The best proof that we are worth trusting is the 40-month warranty we provide for all Newell products. If anything worries you, let us know and the complaint department will help you solve the problem at an express pace.

Tailored to your needs

Ok, the most important issues are already behind us. The most interesting and exciting things are ahead of us ????. Now that you’ve matched the battery charger model you use, it’s time to focus on the details and characteristics that distinguish our products. However, before we move on to specific proposals, consider for a moment what you care about the most. Low price? LCD screen? USB charging? Save space in your bag? Below is a short cheat sheet that will help you make the right choice:

  1. The charger connected to the USB socket will allow you to replenish the power in the batteries with a large number of different devices (car charger, powerbank, laptop etc.). This will give you more versatility and independence.
  2. Pay attention to the types of plugs you use most often (e.g. USB-A or USB Type-C ports).
  3. A full charge indicator will make sure your batteries are ready for a day full of film or photo challenges.
  4. The LCD screen informing about the charging parameters will allow you to control the consumption of the cells and help to identify irregularities.
  5. The charge level indicator will help you estimate how much time you need to get your batteries fully operational.
  6. Depending on your needs and space in your bag or backpack, you can choose a charger with a different number of battery slots.

Newell DC-USB: Simplicity and ultra-mobility

The simplest and most classic model of the Newell charger is the DC-USB charger, which offers one charging socket. It will be difficult to find a smaller device of this type on the market. Thanks to its small dimensions, the charger will fit in any backpack or bag. The device is powered by the USB port. This allows you to charge from a laptop, power bank, smartphone charger and in the car. An additional convenience is the LED diode which informs about the ongoing charging process or its completion. The charger is available in many variants, compatible with different batteries.

Here is the list of supported models and series:

  • AABAT-001, BLH-1, BLN-1, CGA-S006E, D-LI109, D-LI90, DMW-BLC12, DMW-BLF19E, DMW-BLG10, DMW-BMB9E, EN-EL12, EN-EL14, EN-EL15, EN-EL19, EN-EL20, EN-EL23, EN-EL3e, EN-EL5, EN-EL9, LI90B/92B, LP-E10, LP-E12, LP-E17, LP-E5, LP-E6, LP-E8, NB-13L, NP-95, NP-BG1, NP-BN1, NP-BX1, NP-BY1, NP-FZ100, NP-W126, PS-BLS5, SJ4000, series NP-F, NP-FM, series NP-FP, NP-FH, series NP-FV, NP-FW

SDC-USB-C: Charge several batteries simultaneously

If you care about simplicity, but you need a charger for more batteries, it is worth reaching for the two-channel or three-channel SDC-USB model. They are ultra-light. You can easily find a place for them in your backpack for photographic or film equipment. In addition, the model that allows you to charge 3 cells at the same time, in addition to the microUSB socket, is also equipped with a USB-C port.

This is the compatibility list of available charger models with batteries:

  • Newell SDC-USB series of dual chargers: BLH-1, BLN-1, BP-511, D-Li109, D-Li90, DMW-BLC12, DMW-BLF19E, DMW-BLG10, EN-EL14, EN-EL15, EN-EL3e, LP-E10, LP-E17, LP-E6, LP-E8, NB-13L, NP-BX1, NP-FW50, NP-FZ100, NP-W126, PS-BLS5, NP-F550, FM50, FM500H, AHDBT-901, AZ13-2, AZ16-1, AABAT-001, AHDBT-401
  • A series of three-channel Newell SDC-USB chargers: AHDBT-901, AB1 for Osmo, AABAT-101

Newell DL-USB-C: For those who prefer USB-C

Another proposal is a series of two-channel chargers for Newell DL-USB-C batteries. It is distinguished by the use of two ports – microUSB and USB-C. In addition, a 4-level charge indicator appears on the housing. Thanks to this, you gain more control over the readiness of the cells to work.

The available charger models are compatible with the following batteries:

  • AABAT-001, AB1 for Osmo Action, BLN1, DMW-BLC12, DMW-BLF19, DMW-BLJ31, DMW-BLG10, EN-EL14, EN-EL15, EN-EL23, EN-EL3e, LP-E10, LP-E17, LP-E6, LP-E8, NP-BX1, NP-F550/770/970, NP-FW50, NP-FZ100, NP-W126, PS-BLS5, NP-W235

Newell FDL-USB-C: Chargers with integrated cable

The Newell FDL-USB-C series means even more information about the charging process, replenishing the power in 2 cells at the same time, and the certainty that the cable that allows you to connect the device to the USB port is always at hand. One glance is enough to check the current and voltage. There is also a charge indicator on the screen that will allow you to quickly estimate how long the cells will run for. In addition, the active channel indicator eliminates the possibility of inaccurate placement of the batteries in the sockets. The Ch2 and Ch3 markers will signal the start of the charging process.

What users love the FDL-USB-C series of chargers is the integrated USB A-type cable. The profiled recesses in the housing allow it to be quickly rolled up and keep order in the photo essentials. If most of your devices have a USB Type-C socket, nothing is lost! The Newell FDL-USB-C charger is equipped with a USB-C port. You also get the appropriate cable with the device.

The Newell FDL-USB-C series is compatible with the following batteries:

  • EN-EL14, EN-EL15, LP-E12, LP-E17, LP-E6, NP-BX1, NP-FW50, NP-FZ100, NP-W126, NP-W235

Newell Ultra Fast: super fast charging

For those who have fewer batteries and therefore want the shortest charging time, we have created the Newell Ultra Fast series. The two-channel variant, compatible with NP-F and FP-FM batteries, offers a maximum charging current of 1500 mA. Thanks to this, your cells will be ready to work even faster than in the case of the chargers discussed so far.

We also have a single-channel variant. It offers a charging current of 1600mA. Both variants of Ultra Fast chargers are compatible with Sony system batteries, Newell batteries and other substitutes.

Newell DC-LCD: One charger, many adapters

An interesting alternative to the chargers mentioned above may be the Newell DC-LCD series. They are professional devices that must be powered via an electrical outlet. They are equipped with 2 charging channels and clear displays that allow you to control the charging process. Each set also comes with an additional cable that will allow you to use the device in the car, after connecting to the “cigarette lighter”.

The available models are:

  • DMW-BLF19E, EN-EL15, LP-E6, NP-FZ100, NP-T125, NP-F series, NP-FM, NP-FP series, NP-FH, NP-FV, NP-FW series

There is something else! In addition to various variants of chargers, designed for individual battery models, you can buy special compatible adapters for the device of your choice. They take up little space in your backpack or bag, while offering greater versatility and saving you money. How it’s working? Each Newell DC-LCD charger is equipped with 2 universal rectangular sockets. You can install any adapters in them, compatible with your cells. The current and voltage will be matched automatically. This way you can charge batteries with different parameters, without having to reach for separate chargers!

And that’s still not all!

Today we have focused on all Newell chargers that have been designed for batteries that power cameras, sports cameras, LED lamps, preview monitors and many other devices. This adventure, however, has a continuation. Our next Newell product guides will feature V-mount battery chargers that are widely used in the movie and photography industries, as well as multi-channel charging stations for recharging AA, AAA, 18650 batteries and many other similar models.

As always, feel free to ask questions, share your opinions and engage us on Facebook and Instagram!

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10 rules for charging a camera battery

July 20, 2017

camera battery

Not so long ago I asked my friend – the owner of an old Nikon D40, how often does he change the batteries in his camera? He replied that he had only one battery, and had been using it for about 10 years since he bought the camera.

Then I thought: why do our customers admit that their previous battery, which came with the camera, quickly “sat down”, did not provide the proper number of frames, as stated by the manufacturer, and in general – after wintering in the camera refused to “go out on connection”?

Of course, one should not exclude the possibility of using a non-original model or an outright fake. However, to a greater extent, the service life depends on proper charging and storage.

In this article, I have collected 10 basic rules that will help bring battery life closer to that declared by the manufacturer.

Since most modern cameras are powered by lithium ion (li-ion) batteries, these rules apply for the most part.

Rule #1

Use only compatible chargers specified by the manufacturer. Do not try to charge with other suitable voltage parameters, as they are not equipped with the necessary automation that controls the allowable charge level.

As a rule, all original chargers and equivalents are equipped with it.

Rule #2

Never allow a battery to exceed its maximum charge level, as this is just as detrimental to the battery as complete discharge. As a rule, the instructions for modern cameras indicate the time to fully charge the battery, which ranges from 120 to 220 minutes. (Correct for charge at minimum current)

Rule No. 3

Do not be afraid of frequent recharges, including partial ones, this does not harm the batteries in any way. You can charge the battery with any residual charge at any time of work, when it is convenient, without fear of reducing its capacity.

Rule No. 4

Li-ion batteries have practically no “memory effect”, so after buying a new one, it makes no sense to “overclock” it. Unless, for your own peace of mind and calibration of the charger controller, you can fully charge and discharge it 2 times.

Regulation No. 5

Do not allow the battery to become completely discharged during use when the camera turns itself off. If this does happen, take care to recharge the battery as soon as possible.

To closely match the charge level indication on the camera display, some models include battery registration.

Registration allows you to not only synchronize the actual state of the battery with the indication on the camera, but also view information on the remaining charge in percent, its history, as well as the effective capacity, showing its working condition or the need for replacement.

Rule No. 6

Do you know that battery capacity depends on temperature? If you charge the battery to 100% at room temperature and take it out to the cold, then its capacity will decrease by 10-20%, and if vice versa – charge it in the cold and bring it into heat, then the capacity may increase beyond the allowable value, which can lead to damage. and consequently short battery life.

Rule #7

Li-ion batteries don’t like freezing. Avoid using it in severe frosts or take care of additional protection. Stick to working and recharging the battery in a temperature range of – 20° to + 45°, fortunately, it covers most of the climatic zones on our planet.

Regulation No. 8

Battery capacity decreases when atmospheric pressure decreases, for example in mountains, which can also reduce battery life. Keep this in mind when planning mountain climbs and make sure you have a spare kit.

Rule No. 9

Since the self-discharge rate of batteries is about 20% per year, store them separately from the camera in a charged state of at least 50%, this will allow you to do without recharging during the “wintering” or creative crisis (recommended storage temperature 5 °C).

Rule No. 10

Modern camera batteries are capable of providing up to 500 charge / discharge cycles during their entire service life, but only, as it does not sound contradictory, with regular use.

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