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We stock a wide range of brands and we have them on display at our stores. You can come into any of our locations so that we can demonstrate various speakers, amplifiers, radios and subwoofers. That way you can make an informed decision before you buy. Afterall, it doesn’t matter how inexpensive or expensive a product is; it has to sound good to you! That’s why we love switching between various products while you listen and enjoy.

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So much to choose from! From primary components such as radios, speakers and amplifiers; to detailed items such as adapters, steering control modules and antennas. If it has anything to do with car stereo, it’s likely that we have it. All items you see on our pages are in stock. We don’t display anything that is not in stock, so rest assured you are getting what you’re buying.

Window Tinting

Are you driving around without window tint? Your car is not a fish bowl! Let’s get you some privacy and lots of heat rejection. You’ll love it!

Smartphone Receiver

We spend a ton of time in our cars these days. It’s time to make that ride a bit easier with a Carplay or Android Auto receiver. More info.

Instant Results!

Short on cash? No problem – Use Acima Leasing’s Lease-to-Own with no credit needed. . Get the system you really want!

Car Starters

Keep your car cool in the summer & warm in the winter before you get in. We have remote car starters that work from miles away!

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Below you will find the most recent installations performed by Custom Sounds & Tint. Tons of pictures on the gallery page. You can sort by vehicle year, make and model. Since there are 1000’s upon 1000’s of images, chances are you will find your exact car or truck. Enjoy browsing and get some ideas for sound systems.

2020 Gmc Terrain

Austin, TX

1976 Bmw 2002

St. Louis, MO

2013 Maserati Grand Tourismo Convertible

Pflugerville, TX

2019 Audi Tts

San Antonio, TX

2017 Ford F-250

Bridgeton, MO

2020 Ford Mustang

San Antonio, TX

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2019 Audi Tts

— 2 months ago