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13 Best Phone Stands for Recording Art and More! (2023)


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If you want to make consistent, smooth recordings and avoid the inconvenience of holding your phones, you’ll need the best smartphone stand for filming art for your TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube channel. But not all models have the same features, and some can adapt to certain jobs better than others.

To assist you in selecting the right equipment, we’ve compiled a list of 13 best phone stands to record your painting, drawing, timelapse, video streaming and more. We looked at a number of aspects while determining the top ones, including pricing, quality, performance, and user reviews.

Table of Contents

What are the best phone stands that will meet your creative needs and more?

  1. yAyusi Overhead Phone Mount
  2. Lamicall Gooseneck
  3. Arkon Pro Stand
  4. SupeDesk Phone Stand
  5. Pozliv Overhead Phone Mount with Ring Light
  6. Viozon 3-in-1 Phone & Tablet Stand
  7. LUXSURE Phone Holder & Ring Light
  8. yAyusi Foldable Content Creator Kit
  9. CAOGE Overhead Phone Stand
  10. PHOPIK Lightweight Phone Tripod
  11. Soonpho Professional Multi-Functional Tripod
  12. OverHead Pro 2-in-1 Tripod Kit
  13. Glide Gear Oh200 Professional Overhead Mount


  • What is the best way to film myself painting?
  • What is the best way to record video art on my phone?


1. yAyusi Overhead Phone Mount

Image source:

The yAyusi Overhead Phone Mount excels in style, functionality and realiability.

The phone stand features a aluminium neck that extends to 31″ (79 cm) in length.  It can be bent to any height or angle to suit your needs.

Its 360° phone clip can be adjusted up to 4.09″ (10.4 cm) wide. This means it can accommodate larger phones like the iPhone 14/Pro/Pro Max and even the iPad Mini. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally to provide you with the best filming and shooting angle.

This yAyusi Phone Mount also comes with a 5-level adjustable remote controlled & removable LED light.

Most users who purchased this beauty praised its durability and the brightness of its LED light. It’s perfect for video recording, online teaching, remote work, Zoom calls, drawing, and sketching.

What we love about this product?
•  Foldable and easy-to-store phone mount
•  Strengthened aluminium telescopic neck bracket
•  Multi-functional and very sturdy rubberized phone clamp
•  USB powered and chargeable LED light with great level of brightness.


2. Lamicall Gooseneck

Image source: Amazon. com

The Lamicall Gooseneck phone mount and stand supports all types of smartphones. This is a much improved version of Lamicall’s phone stand products in terms of quality and design.

The gooseneck is leather-wrapped and the phone clip is sturdy enough to hold heavier phones. It uses a ball swivel joint, which makes it easier to adjust. You can use it to hold your phones horizontally or vertically.

Customers who bought it love the easy screw-on base which makes the clamp easy to mount on bedframes, desk, chairs and kitchen counters.

What we love about this product?
•  Very sturdy
•  Good quality material and design
•  The 360° adjustable gooseneck – ideal for taking overhead video recordings.


3. Arkon Pro Stand

Image source:

This patented overhead Arkon Pro Stand is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones. It is also suitable for medium-sized DSLR cameras.

The arm mount is easy to adjust allowing you to position your phone and gives you room to make that perfect overhead view. The arm extends up to 12.5″ (31.7cm) to give you unobstructed view while filming.

A threaded adapter is included with the stand to accommodate medium-sized cameras, mini or pico projectors. It also utilizes a weighted base for added stability.

What we love about this product?
•  Easy 4-step setup
•  The heavy-weight and durable base that guarantees the stand will not topple over.


4. SupeDesk Phone Stand

Image source:

The SupeDesk Stand comes with 2 size holders to hold your smartphone and tablet of up to 7 inches (17.8cm).

It is simple to switch from vertical, horizontal and overhead recording mode with it’s double-joint design. For overhead video shoots and desk use, this stand works great. The primary pole’s height can be adjusted from 12″ to 22″ (30cm to 56cm).

The round iron base has a non-slip pad underneath and firmly supports the pole. However, this stand is not ideal for holding iPad Pros.

What we love about this product?
•  Easy to install right out of the box
•  The adjustable arm with 360º rotation.


5. Pozliv Overhead Phone Mount with Ring Light

Image source:

Is lighting something you pay close attention to when doing overhead video recordings? Then check out the Pozliv Overhead Phone Mount. It comes with a 6-inch dimmable ring light (with 10 brightness levels) with 360° angle rotation.

This phone mount has a flexible and retractable clip arm that can hold smartphones, compact cameras, webcams, GoPros and mini projectors.

The head, arm ball joint, and base are all adjustable, and you may change the swing arm’s angle and height to suit your needs for various use, such as top-down video recording and live streaming. The jaw clamp can fit furnitures with a maximum thickness of 2 inches (5.2 cm).

What we love about this product?
•  Multi-functional
•  Space-saving and ideal for studio use
•  The USB powered ring light – chargeable with a power bank or wall charger
•  Carbon Neutral Certified.


6. Viozon 3-in-1 Phone & Tablet Stand

Image source:

The Viozon 3 in 1 Stand includes two holders for your phone and tablet (supports to 3.5″ – 13″) and a high quality 8″ (20.3cm) USB powered ring light (adjustable 3-color modes).

Each arm joint has the ability to rotate. Three tension points on the folding arm can be adjusted to modify the arm’s tightness. When setting up this stand, simply tighten the pieces to ensure that your mobile devices are securely fastened.

The strong spherical iron base ensures a secure grip and the arm’s shaft is made of high-quality aluminum alloy.

This multi-functional stand is ideal for everyday use from filming your art project, to live streaming and video conferencing.

What we love about this product?
•  Multi-functional & affordable
•  Built with high-quality materials
•  Can securely hold a phone, tablet, and ring light – all at the same time.


7. LUXSURE Phone Holder & Ring Light

Image source:

If you need a standalone tripod phone stand for video recording, the LUXSURE Holder & Ring Light is our best recommendation because it towers over all other tripod phone stands.

Standing around 5 feet tall, it is ideal for content creators or Vloggers who work from home or in a studio. You can adjust the length and angle of the arm as well as the height of the tripod legs.

Some customers claim that the stand is wobbly and unstable but the more experienced Vloggers have no issues using it. For added stability, we recommend that you extend the legs of the tripod at maximum width. Watch this video demo to learn more.

The ring lights has 3 color modes (warm light, natural and white light) and 10 brightness levels which you can adjust to protect your eyes while still giving you that perfect shot.

It also includes a remote control shutter for taking pictures from a distance (30 feet furthest) and it is compatible with iOS and Android versions 4.2 and up.

What we love about this product?
•  Multi-functional
•  360° adjustable phone holder for overhead shots
•  Bluetooth powered remote control shutter
•  Tiltable ring light with its color mode and brightness level features.


8. yAyusi Foldable Content Creator Kit

Image source:

We checked out the features of the yAyusi Phone Stand and dare we call it the ultimate Vlogging kit! This is a multi-functional and foldable telescopic phone stand that has everything you need to do your recording while you paint on an easel, or on a desk.

It comes with a vertical and a rotatable horizontal phone holder which supports overhead filming. There is also a portable ring light attached to the vertical phone holder, allowing you to do live recording on social media or YouTube.

This multi-functionable and flexible phone stand is perfect for professional artists, tattoo artists, make-up artists, Vloggers and even portrait photographers. It is very space saving as it folds into a box (almost like magic) when not in use! It also comes with a selfie-remote with bluetooth connection up to 10 meters away.

What we love about this product?
•  Space-saving
•  Sturdy base
•  All-in-one functionality
•  The light has built-in battery and chargeable via a USB type-C
•  Portable and can be used anywhere without the need to connect to a power-supply.


9. CAOGE Overhead Phone Stand

Image source:

The CAOGE Overhead Phone Stand has a dual mount that can hold your phone and a ring light firmly at the same time. The clamp can accommodate phones ranging in size from 2.5″ to 3.5″ (6.35cm to 8.9 cm) iPhones, Samsungs, Motorolas, and other smartphones are among them.

The pole extends up to 18” (45.7 cm) and it can rotate 360º. Without instructions, this stand is very simple to put together. It comes with an empty sandbag that can be filled to weigh one pound (453gm), which provides stability and keeps the stand from tipping over.

What we love about this product?
•  Anti-slip and very stable base that’s made out of carbon steel alloy
•  The nice little counterweight sand bag.


10. PHOPIK Lightweight Phone Tripod

Image source:

The PHOPIK Lightweight Tripod has three height adjustable leg locks. You can adjust the tripod’s height from 16″ – 55″ (16cm – 140cm), making it ideal for video shooting at various angles.

A top-rated product, PHOPIK is lightweight and easily foldable. A high-quality zippered bag is also included for convenient and space-saving storage. You can do both indoor and outdoor video recording with it, and definitely ideal for creatives and content-creators alike.

This tripod stand can hold smartphones, DSLR cameras, GoPro cameras and even your ring light!

What we love about this product?
•  Easy to use
•  Multi-functional
•  Value for money


11. Soonpho Professional Multi-Functional Tripod

Image source:

The Soonpho Professional Tripod was designed with professional photographers in mind. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The legs are extendable from 22” to 61” (56 – 155 cm) and foldable to form a compact size of 16″ (40.6 cm).

The 25mm-diameter thick tripod has a weight capacity of up to 17.6lbs (8kg). It can hold most smartphones, mirrorless and DSLR cameras with added security and stability. It’s also detachable and can be converted into an 18.8″ (48 cm) height monopod.

This Soonpho tripod offers a variety of shooting angles, including panoramic shots, low shooting angles, overhead photography and macro photography.

What we love about this product?
•  Sturdy multi-functional tripod
•  Removable legs with foam grip
•  Quick release plate mount connects to devices fast and easy
•  Suitable for use in extreme outdoor environments.


12. OverHead Pro 2-in-1 Tripod Kit

Image sources:

The Overhead Pro 2-in-1 Tripod Kit comes with a tripod, overhead arm, smartphone clip, carrying case, ball head with 360° panoramic angle and secure flip leg locks.

The arm is detachable, making the kit useable as a conventional tripod. The kit works with practically any iPhone or Android smartphones, as well as DSLR cameras and camcorders. The kit comes with both 1/4″ and 3/8″ arm ends, as well as a smartphone clip and screw adaptor.

This tripod phone stand is perfect for visual artists who wants to create professional quality overhead videos with any kind of smartphone or DSLR cameras.

What we love about this product?
•  Quick setup and very easy to use
•  Lightweight and sturdy
•  Made from high quality materials
•  Also ideal for professional product photography and stop motion animation.


13. Glide Gear Oh200 Professional Overhead Mount

Image source: Amazon. com


If you’re a professional artist and/or videographer, and are getting more involved in shooting or video recording, the Glide Gear Oh200 Professional Overhead Mount is a must have for you.

The Oh200 is constructed of rugged aluminium & steel and contains a 1/4″ 20 mounting bracket as well as twenty 1/4″ holes along the legs and top bar to allow you to set your equipment exactly where you need it.

The stand is strong enough to support smartphones, DSLR cameras, and lighting. The height can also be adjusted. This gear is perfect for product photography, timelapse videos and stop motion animation.

What we love about this product?
•  Easy to assemble
•  Long-lasting metal construction
•  Especially perfect for studio use.



What is the best way to film myself painting?

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What is the best way to record video art on my phone?

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7 best tripods for smartphones, 2023

Whether you’re capturing a timelapse of city life, producing video content, photographing star trails or taking a long exposure of the night sky, a smartphone tripod is one of the simplest yet effective ways of taking your smartphone photography to the next level.

A tripod will keep your smartphone firm and steady, allowing you to produce videos free of shakes and wobbles, and capture crisp, blur-free images.

For advice on photographing the night sky, read our guides on astrophotography and image processing.

Find out how to photograph the Moon with a smartphone camera.

Credit: Donny Setyawan / EyeEm

And if you’re really interested in smartphone astrophotography, a tripod enables you to capture multiple frames of the same image for stacking, to make use of astrophotography apps that feature a star trails function, or to produce long exposure images that tease out detail from the night sky.

One additional feature to consider when choosing a smartphone tripod is a wireless remote shutter, such as one that operates via Bluetooth.

These handheld devices link up with your phone and enable you to press ‘capture’ without actually touching the handset itself, meaning there’s less risk of accidentally nudging your setup out of place.

Here are some of the best smartphone tripods available to buy online.


ZETONG Phone Tripod

The ZETONG Phone Tripod is good value for smartphone photography beginners. The tripod is lightweight and easy to set up, while the smartphone clamp offers ease of movement, enabling the camera to be adjusted from side-to-side and up and down.

We were impressed with the Bluetooth handheld shutter control, which was easy to connect to our iPhone and enables images to be captured from a distance. This avoids the need to physically touch the handset itself and risk nudging it out of place.

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The tripod is height-adjustable, meaning it’s suitable for both desk-top and outdoor use, although some users may find it too lightweight for their purposes. If you’re interested in getting into smartphone astrophotography, the ZETONG and an astrophotography app like NightCap would be a good place to start.


Joby GripTight ONE GP Stand

  •” data-feature=”monetizer” data-feature-variant=”monetizer_inText”/>

The Joby smartphone tripods are among the coolest and most popular smartphone gadgets, and make for great desktop options. The Joby GripTight ONE GP Stand is a funky, flexible tripod offering an adjustable grip that should accommodate most smartphones, while its rubber feet provide extra grip and sturdiness.

While you’ll most likely be putting the Joby on a flat surface, its legs can wrap around a handrail or other vertical structure to provide you with more height without the need to take a large, extendable tripod with you wherever you go.


Manfrotto PIXI with Universal Smartphone Clamp

  •” data-feature=”monetizer” data-feature-variant=”monetizer_inText”/>

The Manfrotto PIXI may require a hard surface to rest on, but this mini tripod makes for a neatly small and portable all-in-one device. The PIXI Mini is very solid and its compactness means it will fit nicely into hand luggage and travelling gear if you happen to be shooting in far-flung corners or making your way to a dark-sky site for astrophotography.

It comes with a well-made ball head that means you can attach compact or DSLR cameras, which are fixed into place with a push-button locking mechanism. This version also comes with a smartphone clamp, making it one of the better low-budget smartphone tripods.


Benro 3XS Lite smartphone gimbal

  •” data-feature=”monetizer” data-feature-variant=”monetizer_inText”/>

As we break the £100 budget barrier, we’re really looking for value for money. After all, it is a lot to spend on a tripod alone, and serious or even professional smartphone photographers and vloggers will be wanting their hard-earned money to go on a device that’s well-made and reliable.

If you want something really upmarket to clamp your smartphone into, the Benro 3XS Lite gimbal is certainly worth consideration. It’s a three-axis gimbal designed for amateur filmmakers. The Benro 3XS Lite allows the user to zoom using a button on its column and take manual photos via its app. Plus, the whole device features a 1/4 inch tripod thread that enables it to be mounted on a full-size tripod.


VEO 3GO 235AB 23mm Aluminium Travel Tripod

  •” data-feature=”monetizer” data-feature-variant=”monetizer_inText”/>

The VEO 3GO 235AB 23mm tripod features rubber but also spiked feet so that it can be used on softer, more uneven terrain. But the device can also be adapted into a monopod, enabling it to be used as a selfie stick or for vlogging in the field.

It weighs 1,240g, extends to 136cm, folds to 33cm and, according to the manufacturer, offers a max load capacity of 4kg.

The VEO 3GO 235AB can be used with a DSLR camera, but the included smartphone adaptor makes this a tripod for those who are really serious about smartphone photography. It also includes a Bluetooth remote shutter for capturing shots without shaking your setup while doing so.


JOBY Compact Light Tripod Kit

This tripod kit from JOBY comes with all the features you would expect at this price point: 360° panoramic rotation, pan and tilt, quick release and a spirit level. It features a 1/4” thread with a ball head for cameras, as well as a phone cradle for smartphones, so if you’re both a DSLR and a smartphone photographer, it’s a good option.

There are two additional 1/4″ threads on the cradle, which the manufacturer suggests could be used for attaching a mic. The tripod extends to taller than 1 metre and also comes with a handy soft carry bag.


HAMA Traveller Ramble Duo Carbon Tripod

The HAMA Traveller Ramble is at the more expensive end of smartphone tripods, but that’s because it can hold 8kg of weight and will fit both camcorders, cameras and smartphones, making it a good choice for photographers who like to avail of a range of devices.

The smartphone holder has a foam grip to prevent the device from scratching your screen, and the package comes with a carrying bag too.

Into smartphone astronomy? Read our guide to the best smartphone astronomy apps.

POV Neck Mount / Neck Holder for Action Cameras / Smartphones / Phones

Neck Mount allows you to free your hands. Positioning at neck level will give your video the effect of shooting from the first person. The mount is made of durable, flexible plastic. The size is 15 cm in diameter, this is a universal size, suitable for any person, since the fastening ears move apart and stay on the neck due to their own elasticity.

Compatible with most popular cameras such as GoPro, Xiaomi yi 4K, SJCAM sj4000, DJI Osmo Action , Insta360, etc.

For fixing smartphones comes with 2 holders sized 55-75mm and 57-90mm


  • Neck holder – 1
  • Mount for smartphone a – 2
  • Silicone tether – 1
  • Extension section – 1
  • Adapter adapter for ¼ – 1
  • Standard bolt – 2
  • Short bolt – 1

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What is a phone tripod and why do you need it today — Gala Center

  • What is a phone tripod
  • Why you need a phone tripod
  • How to choose the right tripod for your phone

Can’t imagine your life without a smartphone? Still would! In addition to the main function of receiving calls, it replaces a laptop, player and camera. But for a happy life with your electronic friend, its versatility is not enough. You need the convenience that additional gadgets provide. For example, tripod or tripod. What is this thing and why it will make your life better, we will tell further in our article.

This is a mobile gadget with a holder for a smartphone and three legs that ensure the stability of the structure on any surface. This solution allows you to take pictures and record videos without your participation. Thanks to the adjustable holder, you can change the angle of inclination. Flexible legs fix the tripod anywhere – from the battery in the room to a branch on a tree. To take a picture of yourself, you just need to set the timer. The most advanced models are equipped with a wireless remote control that allows you to turn on the camera from a distance.

Do you need a tripod? Of course! With it, you can take the perfect photo in any circumstance. It will take a few minutes to install and adjust the device. At the same time, it will keep your smartphone in a stable position for as long as you need.

Why do you need a phone tripod

No. 1. Provides stability

How many terrible photos are obtained if the camera falls into trembling hands. One inaccurate movement is enough to get a blurry shot and miss a unique moment in life. A phone tripod provides just the kind of stability that a photographer’s hands can’t provide. This is especially true when small children or elderly parents act as a photographer.

No. 2. Helps to record videos and workshops

If you like to share life hacks with other people and post them on YouTube or Instagram, you definitely need a tripod. With it, the smartphone can be installed in a suitable place to provide the right lighting and the best angle. Using a mobile gadget, you can film a master class on applying makeup, making a cake or sorting out your wardrobe.

No. 3. An indispensable companion on a solo journey

Set up your tripod right on the beach to record videos or take selfies. The beauty is that this accessory does not need to be held in your hands like a selfie stick. And this means that the photo will be complete. You can take any position and arrange a real photo shoot. You can capture yourself in front of a landmark or set up a studio shoot to let your imagination run wild.

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No. 4. Keeps the image sharp

One of the secrets of good smartphone photography is the right focus, which allows you to get excellent sharpness. To achieve perfect sharpness, even minimal camera movement must be eliminated.

No. 5. Facilitates macro photography

Macro photography is taking pictures of things at very close range. This process allows you to capture the smallest details of the object. If you hold the phone close to the subject, there is a chance of getting blurry shots, since camera shake is very noticeable when working closely with the subject. A tripod helps to make shots stable, which is very important in macro photography. Install your mobile accessory in the right place, set the timer and get perfect photos.

No. 6. Interval photography

There are many examples of time-lapse photography. This is the onset of night after a clear day, or a clear sky darkened by ominous storm clouds. A plant that grows from seed to full maturity in just seconds. You set up your smartphone on a tripod and go about your business. Meanwhile, the camera records video or captures unique events around it. Next, the editor takes successive shots taken at intervals of seconds, minutes or hours. Then combines them into a short video clip.

No. 7. Perfect panorama

A panorama is a very long image that consists of a series of photos linked together in a camera or a special program. If you saw a dizzying landscape, then you just cannot help but take a picture of it. And I want to capture this beauty not in pieces, but as a whole. To get a real masterpiece, the frames must be clear and match perfectly with each other. It is quite difficult to achieve the desired result if you hold the phone in your hands for a long time. They can simply get tired and begin to tremble, which will affect the sharpness of the pictures. A tripod is exactly the mobile accessory that will help you take clear and sharp photos without the slightest movement of the smartphone camera. The frames match perfectly, and you get an impressive panorama.

No. 8. Replaces smartphone stand

Use a tripod to secure your device for watching a movie, chatting on Skype or reading a book. It is convenient to use in the kitchen when a video recipe should be in front of your eyes. At the same time, the phone will not get dirty, slip or fall.

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No. 9. Conveniently answer video calls

If you are used to calling friends via video call or communicating in this mode with distant relatives, holding the phone in your hands for hours is not an option at all. Especially if several people are involved in the conversation. Install a mobile accessory, fix your smartphone in a suitable place and enjoy communication.

Of course, setting up a tripod takes some time and is not needed in every situation. For example, if you always have a personal photographer with you or you are not fond of interval or macro photography. But if you lead an active lifestyle, like to travel with friends or solo, and also love taking cool pictures, a smartphone tripod will be an invaluable accessory for you. It will free your hands and allow you to take amazing creative pictures at any time of the day.

How to choose the right tripod for your phone

You can buy tripods for smartphones in three types:

  • Floor height from 100 cm is used for full-fledged photo shoots in the studio and outdoors
  • Table top with a maximum height of 50 cm is suitable for tabletop installation. You can install it in front of you and record videos for your blog.
  • Portable mini gadget has a height of up to 20 cm and is used at any opportunity.

When choosing a portable device, pay attention to the following characteristics:

Legs. First of all, decide for what tasks you are buying a tripod. If you want 100% stable footage without the slightest judder, choose models with hard legs. They can be placed on a table or window sill to record videos and selfie photos. They are also good on vacation instead of a photographer. With their help, you can shoot recipes and various master classes.

A great option is a 3-in-1 mobile accessory: selfie stick + Forza tripod. When you need it, it’s a selfie stick. But it is necessary to install the legs, and this is a full-fledged tripod. This gadget is controlled by a wireless remote control. So shooting will become even more convenient.

If you are a tourist who explores the most amazing places on the planet with great enthusiasm, we advise you to buy a tripod with flexible legs. It can be fixed absolutely anywhere, and uneven ground will not cause bad photos. However, such an accessory becomes useless in windy weather. If you fix it on a tree, it will sway along with the branch. But under other conditions – a real lifesaver.

Forza Mobile Phone Tripod with Flexible Legs is your go-to companion for photography and video shooting. It is fixed on the cabinet door, battery, fence and tree branch, allowing you to take interesting pictures under any conditions. Its compact size makes it easy to carry around with you. In a suitcase, it generally fits in your pocket.

The Forza tripod features flexible legs that take on any shape and fully adapt to any situation. You can even mount the product on the steering wheel of a car to record a message to YouTube channel subscribers.

Adjustable phone holder. The design must be strong and securely fix the device. Well, if this part has a rotary function.