Boost phone compatible: Boost Mobile Bring Your Own Phone: Plans from $5/mo

Boost Mobile Bring Your Own Phone: Plans from $5/mo

What phones are compatible with Boost Mobile?

Phone compatibility checker

Enter EMEI number

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Changing phone carriers used to be confusing and expensive, but when you switch to Boost Mobile you’ll find affordable bring your own phone plans that can save you hundreds of dollars on your cell phone bill.

Boost Mobile makes it quick and easy to purchase a SIM card kit online and get your new plan up and running within a few days.

We’ve summarized the details below to help you find the best BYOD plan with Boost Mobile.

Boost Mobile 5GB

AT&T & T-Mobile networks

5GB 4G/5G data


Boost Mobile 1GB – 12 Mths

AT&T & T-Mobile networks

1GB 4G/5G data


Boost Mobile 2GB

AT&T & T-Mobile networks

2GB 4G/5G data


Boost Mobile Unlimited Data

AT&T & T-Mobile networks

Unltd 4G/5G data


Bring your own phone to Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile BYOP plans





Boost Mobile

AT&T & T-Mobile




Boost Mobile

AT&T & T-Mobile



Boost Mobile

AT&T & T-Mobile



Boost Mobile

AT&T & T-Mobile


$12. 50/mo


Boost Mobile

AT&T & T-Mobile



What are the benefits of bringing your own phone?

Bringing your own device to a low-cost carrier plan offers a number of benefits;

  • Lower prices: with affordable plans, you can save up to $600 a year with an MVNO.

  • Keep your number: there’s no need to change your number, low-cost carriers make it easy to port it across.

  • Flexibility: there are no contracts with these prepaid plans, so if your needs change, you can cancel or amend your plan.

  • Easy to switch: it’s simple to switch providers, just pick your plan, and your SIM card kit will be sent to you in the post.

  • Quality coverage: powered by the same major US networks, you’ll get the same coverage on the nationwide 4G LTE network that you’re used to.

Boost Mobile has a range of low-cost plans available whether you’re looking for unlimited data, family plans, unlimited talk and text, or a basic plan, there’s something for everyone.

Boost Mobile phone compatibility

The quickest way to check if your phone is compatible with Boost Mobile is with our IMEI checker.

If your current phone is not compatible, you can still find some affordable prepaid phones online with a range of handsets, from basic cell phones to the latest smartphones.

If your phone was purchased with a plan with AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile, you’d need to check the phone is unlocked. Phones purchased with the big three are locked to their network, but once the contract ends, as long as the phone has been paid off, they’ll unlock the handset for you.

What are the benefits of Boost Mobile?

  • Quality coverage: Powered by the T-Mobile or AT&T network, you can expect the same nationwide coverage. To see if AT&T or T-Mobile’s network is the best coverage in your area, check out the Boost Mobile coverage map.

  • Value for money: Boost Mobile SIM cards offer value and simplicity. Although you’ll find the same features and coverage as a plan direct from T-Mobile or AT&T, Boost Mobile could save you up to $600 a year.

  • No contracts: As a prepaid carrier, you won’t have to sign a 12 or 24-month contract. So if you’re not happy with your plan, you can amend or cancel at any time, as there are no restrictions keeping you locked in.

  • Phone and plan bundles: If you’re interested in purchasing a new cell phone, you can find a range of the best Boost Mobile phones to choose from. Offering the same phones as the major networks, Boost Mobile phones offer more affordable payment options.

  • Bring your own phone: If you don’t want to upgrade your phone, you can easily bring your own with Boost Mobile bring your own phone plans. You’ll just need to check your cell phone is fully compatible.

  • Easy set up: Being online-based, it’s quick to choose and purchase your Boost Mobile SIM starter kit. Once your SIM card’s arrives, it’s easy to set up, and you’ll be able to activate your plan with a few simple steps.

  • Unlimited talk & text: Most MVNOs provide unlimited talk and text with their plans.

  • 4G LTE coverage: Operating on the T-Mobile or AT&T network, you’ll receive their 4G LTE data speeds.

  • 5G high-speed data: If you have a 5G eligible device, you can access the fast 5G network (where it’s available) at no extra cost with Boost Mobile 5G plans.

  • Unlimited data: Depending on your data usage, Boost Mobile unlimited plans offer unlimited services at half the price of an AT&T or T-Mobile unlimited plan. Including unlimited talk, text, and data.

  • Multiple lines: Most prepaid carriers offer a discount for additional lines purchased, making Boost Mobile family plans a great money-saving option when buying more than one line.

  • Promo codes: To see current savings, you can compare Boost Mobile deals and promo codes. However, these deals change regularly.

Boost Mobile coverage

Operating on the AT&T & T-Mobile network you’ll receive access to the same nationwide 4G LTE coverage at an affordable price. To make sure it’s the right fit, you can use your ZIP code to check the cell phone coverage at your address.

Boost Mobile features

Network AT&T & T-Mobile
Data Speed 5G & 4G LTE
3G Network GSM
Bring Your Phone
Keep Your Number
Credit Check
Contract No – prepaid
Taxes/fees included
WiFi Calling
Visual Voicemail
Multi-line Discounts
Multi-month Discounts
International Roaming

How to switch to Boost Mobile

Switching to Boost Mobile is easy, but you’ll want to check a few things first. You’ll need to make sure your current phone is unlocked, meaning it’s not tied to a specific carrier, and that it’s compatible with the Boost Mobile network. You can find out if your phone’s compatible quickly using your IMEI number.

If your current handset is not compatible there are options to purchase a new phone through Boost Mobile that won’t leave you out of pocket.

Boost Mobile SIM card activation

It takes a few easy steps to get your phone set up with a Boost Mobile low-cost plan;

  1. Check your phone’s compatibility and unlocked

  2. Choose and order your Boost Mobile SIM card kit online

  3. When it arrives, pop your SIM card into your phone and follow the activation instructions

Boost Mobile BYOP FAQs

What phones are compatible with Boost Mobile?

Most unlocked phones that were made in the last few years will work with Boost Mobile, but you can use your phone’s IMEI number to make sure it’s compatible.

Can I use my own phone with Boost Mobile?

Absolutely. All low-cost carriers encourage you to bring your own phone to help you save even more money on your cell phone plan.

Is it cheaper to bring your own phone?

Yes, if you don’t need or want to upgrade your handset. Bringing your own device can save you the additional cost of a new phone that would be added to your monthly bill.


With affordable plans, no commitment and only paying for what you need, bringing your own phone to Boost Mobile gives you plenty of bang for your buck and can save you up to $600 per year.

Most unlocked phones made within the last few years should be compatible, but if your phone doesn’t work with the Boost Mobile network they do offer a variety of new handsets to choose from.

If you’re unsure that Boost Mobile is a good fit, you’ll find plenty of money saving deals by comparing the best MVNOs across all networks.

Boost Mobile info

Founded 2001
Headquarters 6591 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92618
Employees 201-500
Customer service (866) 402-7366
Website Boost Mobile’s Website
Wikipedia Boost Mobile’s Wikipedia
Facebook Boost Mobile’s Facebook
Twitter Boost Mobile’s Twitter

Is my phone compatible with Boost Mobile?

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
(Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

Best answer: Boost Mobile now supports the T-Mobile and Sprint networks for coverage. Most unlocked phones will work on one of Boost’s networks, though many Sprint devices aren’t compatible.

New plans use T-Mobile’s network

With T-Mobile’s purchase of Sprint, Dish now owns Boost Mobile and has begun pushing customers toward what it’s calling the Expanded Network based on T-Mobile. For most people, this network will offer greater speeds and more consistent coverage than its old network. It also comes with T-Mobile 5G support with a compatible phone.

Boost Mobile now supports most unlocked phones compatible with T-Mobile’s network which includes most of the best Android phones. Still, if you’re unsure, you can check your IMEI on Boost’s website before signing up. Boost Mobile will also be able to tell you which network will work with your phone in a Boost Mobile store if you’re still unsure.

What does this mean for the Nationwide Network?

Boost Mobile was formerly owned by Sprint and its older Nationwide Network still uses Sprint’s infrastructure. Still, most Sprint phones will not work with Boost Mobile. Some phones can be ported out by request but Boost Mobile will not guarantee any services will work besides voice, SMS texting, and data. If you are looking to make the switch to Boost Mobile and don’t want to buy a new phone, you’ll need a fully unlocked phone. If you are looking for a new phone, there are a lot of great Android phones to choose from.

If you already have a phone that you know is unlocked, you can check its compatibility on Boost Mobile’s website or by bringing it into a Boost Mobile store.

Phones must be unlocked

If your phone is locked to a carrier but compatible with Boost Mobile, you have to get it unlocked before you can activate it on Boost. You need to contact customer support to get it unlocked. You should do this while you still have an active account if at all possible.

  • Sprint customer care: 1-888-211-4727
  • Verizon customer care: 1-800-922-0204
  • T-Mobile customer care: 1-877-453-1304
  • AT&T customer care: 1-800-331-0500

Data options

Boost Mobile

Simple plans with plenty of data
Boost Mobile offers some great data options on the T-Mobile network with support for older phones on the Sprint network.

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Samsung and Google agree to increase the compatibility of each other’s smart home devices

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10/13/2022 [11:26],

Pavel Kotov

On the eve of Samsung’s annual developer conference, the company spoke about the features of the work of Matter-compatible smart home devices on smartphones and tablets of the Galaxy series: the Korean manufacturer has combined its ecosystem with products from the Google Home series.

Image Source:

Samsung SmartThings and Google Home interoperability is based on the multi-admin feature, a key part of the recently approved Matter specification that all certified products must support. Due to this, devices belonging to the ecosystem of one manufacturer can work correctly and be controlled by the means of another.

However, Samsung and Google decided to take things a step further by offering batch addition of devices from the partner ecosystem: for example, by opening the SmartThings app, the user will be able to add to the list all Matter-compatible devices registered and configured by the Google Home ecosystem and vice versa. Matter’s basic multi-admin feature will be rolled out to the Samsung platform in the coming weeks, with advanced integration with the Google ecosystem coming early next year. But for now, Matter-compatible devices from other ecosystems will have to be added one by one, and if there are a lot of smart gadgets in the house, this task can become somewhat time consuming.

Samsung also noted that in the future it is possible to conclude similar agreements with developers of other popular ecosystems, such as Amazon and Apple – the company is open and happy to cooperate in the future, just working with Google is the first and obvious step for the Korean manufacturer.

SmartThings devices have previously been able to work in the Google Home environment, but before this was implemented through cloud APIs, which, among other things, required signing in to accounts in both ecosystems. With Matter, such manipulations are not required – devices will be able to communicate locally and be controlled through the Matter controller. The role of Matter controllers will be played by Galaxy series devices and some other Samsung smart home components, including Family Hub refrigerators; Google also said that Matter controllers will be its smart speakers, displays and Android phones. However, for the operation of a smart home, one controller is enough.


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Using Hearing Aids with iPhone

You can use hearing aids and audio devices with the MFi logo with your iPhone and customize their settings.

Pair your hearing aid with iPhone

If you don’t have any hearing aids in Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Aids, you need to pair them with your iPhone.

  1. Remove the battery cover from the hearing aid.

  2. On iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth and make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

  3. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices.

  4. Close the battery covers on your hearing aids.

  5. When the device name appears under MFi Hearing Devices (this may take up to a minute), tap the device and confirm pairing.

    Pairing may take a minute. Until this process is complete, do not attempt to stream audio or otherwise use your hearing device. When the pairing is completed, you will hear a series of short beeps and a long beep, and a checkmark will appear next to the name of the hearing device in the device list.

It is enough to pair with the device once (an otolaryngologist can help you with this). Your hearing aid will then automatically connect to iPhone when you turn it on.

Setting parameters and checking the status of the hearing aid

  • In Settings. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices > MFi Hearing Aids.

  • Use accessibility shortcut. Triple-click the side or home button (depending on iPhone model).

  • Via Control Center. Tap the Hearing control. (If the Hearing control isn’t visible, add it to Control Center.)

  • On the lock screen. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices > MFi Hearing Aids and enable On Lock Screen. The following actions are available on the lock screen.

    • Battery check.

    • Adjust the volume and sensitivity of the external microphone.

    • Select the hearing device (right, left, or both) for streaming audio.

    • Live listening control.

    • Calls and media can be transferred to the hearing device.

    • Ringtone playback on hearing devices.

Using your hearing aid with multiple devices

If you have paired your hearing aids with multiple devices (i.e. iPhone and iPad), the hearing aids will automatically switch from one device to the other when you play audio or answer calls on iPhone.

Changes to hearing device settings on one device are automatically synced across all your devices.

  1. Sign in with your Apple ID on all devices.

  2. Connect all devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

Enabling Hearing Aid Compatibility Mode

Hearing Aid Compatibility Mode can reduce interference and improve sound quality with some hearing aid models.

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices.

  2. Turn on Device Compatibility.

For iPhone hearing aid compatibility ratings, see the Apple Support article About iPhone Hearing Aid Compatibility Requirements.

Hearing aid compatibility ratings are not a guarantee that a particular hearing aid will be compatible with a particular phone. Some hearing aids may be compatible with phones that do not comply with the FCC hearing aid compatibility guidelines. To make sure your hearing aid and phone are compatible, you should test them before purchasing.