Best cam: Top 100 Center Attacking Midfielders (Best CAM) on FC 24

Top 100 Center Attacking Midfielders (Best CAM) on FC 24

A Center Attacking Midfielder (CAM) is an offensive midfield player who is normally positioned between Central the Midfielder and the Striker.

Among the Center Attacking Midfielder on FC 24, Lionel Messi has the highest rating followed by Bernardo Mota Carvalho e Silva in second and Bruno Miguel Borges Fernandes in third.

Below are the Top 100 Players whose Best Position is Center Attacking Midfielder on FC 24.

1. 91 91 2,190
2. 88 88 2,210
3. 87 87 2,331
4. 86 89 2,172
5. 86 89 2,138
6. 86 86 2,295
7. 86 86 2,116
8. 85 85 2,106
9. 84 92 2,042
10. 84 91 2,041
11. 84 91 2,073
12. 84 90 2,084
13. 84 85 2,127
14. 84 84 2,146
15. 84 84 2,114
16. 84 84 2,231
17. 84 84 2,069
18. 83 89 2,051
19. 83 89 2,101
20. 83 85 2,250
21. 83 84 2,214
22. 83 84 2,094
23. 83 83 2,015
24. 83 83 2,132
25. 83 83 2,176
26. 83 83 2,030
27. 82 87 2,036
28. 82 87 2,106
29. 82 86 1,884
30. 82 82 2,079
31. 82 82 1,969
32. 82 82 2,052
33. 82 82 2,056
34. 81 87 2,024
35. 81 87 2,009
36. 81 86 2,092
37. 81 86 2,181
38. 81 86 2,152
39. 81 84 2,098
40. 81 83 2,049
41. 81 82 1,930
42. 81 82 2,162
43. 81 81 2,122
44. 81 81 2,149
45. 81 81 2,108
46. 81 81 2,005
47. 80 89 2,042
48. 80 86 2,061
49. 80 85 1,863
50. 80 84 2,081
51. 80 84 2,160
52. 80 83 1,980
53. 80 83 1,981
54. 80 83 1,972
55. 80 81 2,136
56. 80 81 1,976
57. 80 81 2,121
58. 80 80 2,126
59. 80 80 2,026
60. 80 80 1,926
61. 80 80 1,911
62. 80 80 2,118
63. 80 80 2,106
64. 80 80 1,996
65. 80 80 1,834
66. 79 89 1,913
67. 79 88 2,100
68. 79 87 1,827
69. 79 86 2,026
70. 79 86 1,869
71. 79 86 2,129
72. 79 86 2,115
73. 79 86 1,837
74. 79 85 2,011
75. 79 84 2,018
76. 79 84 1,832
77. 79 84 2,064
78. 79 83 2,083
79. 79 82 2,020
80. 79 82 2,078
81. 79 82 2,051
82. 79 82 1,966
83. 79 80 2,011
84. 79 80 1,993
85. 79 80 1,947
86. 79 79 2,085
87. 79 79 2,117
88. 79 79 1,912
89. 79 79 1,974
90. 79 79 1,888
91. 79 79 2,070
92. 79 79 1,898
93. 79 79 2,032
94. 79 79 2,006
95. 79 79 2,006
96. 79 79 2,171
97. 79 79 2,066
98. 79 79 2,128
99. 78 88 2,049
100. 78 86 2,051
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FIFA 23 best midfielders, including best CAM, best CDM and best CMs in FIFA 23

The best Midfielders in FIFA 23 are an important part of your team, granting you the ability to cut through your opponent’s attack and invade their side of the field.

Below, we’ve listed the FIFA 23 best midfielders, which includes the best FIFA 23 CAM, the best FIFA 23 CMD and the best FIFA 23 CM ranked in order of their Overall rating.

Make sure you investigate the specifics, such as Tackling and Positioning for CDMs, to ensure you get exactly what you want out of each player. We also have individual pages for the best wingers, midfielders, wonderkids, and fastest players.

On this page:

  • FIFA 23 best CAM – the best Central Attacking Midfielder in FIFA 23
  • FIFA 23 best CDM – the best Defensive Midfielders in FIFA 23
  • FIFA 23 best CM – the best Central Midfielders in FIFA 23
  • Other things to know about picking the best FIFA Midfielders 23

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team | Official Deep Dive Trailer | FUT 23.

Need helping picking players? Check out our pages on best players overall, best Premier League players, fastest players, wonderkids, best strikers, best wingers and best defenders. Don’t forget – Chemistry has been reworked for FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 best CAM – the best Central Attacking Midfielder in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 sees Bernardo Silva of Manchester City take the top spot for Central Attacking Midfielder, with Thomas Muller of Bayern Munich retaining the taking the second spot it this year’s entry. FIFA 22’s number one CAM, Bruni Fernades, drops to third, and players like Martin Odegaard, Lorenzo Pellegrini, and Piotr Zielinski jump up hundreds of ranks from last year to make up the top 15 Central Attacking Midfielders in FIFA 23.

Below, you can find the top 15 players for CAM in FIFA 23:

Bernardo Silva’s stats in FIFA 23. Image credit: EA Sports.

Rank Player Club Rating
1 Bernardo Silva Manchester City 88
2 Thomas Muller Bayern Munich 87
3 Bruno Fernandes Manchester United 86
4 Marco Reus Borussia Dortmund 85
5 Nabil Fekir Real Betis 85
6 Martin Odegaard Arsenal 84
7 Mason Mount Chelsea 84
8 Lorenzo Pellegrini Roma 84
9 Kai Havertz Chelsea 84
10 Alejandro Gomez Sevilla 84
11 Piotr Zielinski Napoli 83
12 David Silva Real Sociedad 83
13 Lucas Paqueta West Ham 82
14 Steven Berghuis Ajax 82
15 James Maddison Leicester City 82

FIFA 23 best CDM – the best Defensive Midfielders in FIFA 23

Joshua Kimmich of Bayern Munich finally gets that number one CDM spot in FIFA 23, with Casemiro jumping up a few spots to take second place. One of the most notable newcomers to this years list is Sandro Tonali of AC Milan, jumping an impressive 739 spots in the Overall rankings to be the tenth best CDM in this year’s FIFA entry.

Here are the top 15 CDM players in FIFA 23:

Image credit: EA Sports

Rank Player Club Rating
1 Joshua Kimmich Bayern Munich 89
2 Caemiro Manchester United 89
3 N’Golo Kante Chelsea 89
4 Fabinho Liverpool 87
5 Rodri Manchester City 87
6 Marcelo Brozovic Inter Milan 86
7 Sergio Busquets Barcelona 85
8 Declan Rice West Ham 84
9 Franck Yannick Kessie Barcelona 84
10 Sandro Tonali AC Milan 84
11 Thomas Partey Arsenal 84
12 Wilfred Ndidi Leicester City 84
13 Konrad Laimer Leipzig 83
14 Pierre-Emile Højbjerg Tottenham Hotspur 83
15 Fernando Sevilla 83

FIFA 23 best CM – the best Central Midfielders in FIFA 23

As well as beeing the fourth best player in FIFA 23 overall, Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City is still the best Central Midfielder in FIFA. Toni Kroos of Real Madrid maintains his second place postion, and his club teammate Luka Modric climb up one spot to take the third ranking this year. The most improved CM in FIFA 23 goes to Jude Bellingham, jumping 412 in the Overall rankings to finish the list at 15.

You can find all the top CMs in FIFA 23 below:

Image credit: EA Sports

Rank Player Club Rating
1 Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City 91
2 Toni Kroos Real Madrid 88
3 Luka Modrić Real Madrid 88
4 Frenkie De Jong Barcelona 87
5 Marco Verratti PSG 87
6 Leon Goretzka Bayern Munich 87
7 Thiago Liverpool 86
8 Sergej Milinković Lazio 86
9 Nicolò Barella Inter Milan 86
10 Parejo Villarreal 86
11 İlkay Gündoğan Manchester City 85
12 Paul Pogba Juventus 85
13 Jorginho Chelsea 85
14 Pedri Barcelona 85
15 Jude Bellingham Borussia Dortmund 86

If you’re just getting started in FIFA 23, check out our Ultimate Team best starter teams page. You can improve your team by trading and spending FUT Coins – some of which can be earned by completing Milestone Objectives. It’s also a good idea to learn how Squad Battles and Champions work in FIFA 23. We also have an OTW tracker and RTTK tracker.

Chemistry has been completely changed in FIFA 23 too and don’t forget about the wide variety of Skill Moves, and make sure to claim your Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond rewards in FUT while you can!

Finally, if you need help building the perfect team, we have pages on the best players overall, best Premier League players and fastest players. Along with FIFA 23’s best lengthy players, wonderkids, best strikers, best wingers, best midfielders and best defenders.

Other things to know about picking the best FIFA 23 Midfielders

As we hinted at above, picking midfielders in FIFA 23 involves exploring the finer details, with different factors becoming more or less important depending on the mode and formation you’re playing.

Below you can find things to bear in mind:

  • For Career Mode, potential is important too – Some players have higher built-in potential for growth than others, and if you’re planning on playing at least two seasons of Career Mode then it’s going to have a major impact on your squad. It’s also a great way to pick up a bargain, too, so if you’re keen on finding some youngsters take the time to go over our detailed list of the best FIFA 23 potential wonderkids and young players, which includes some of the finest young midfielders in the game.
  • For Ultimate Team, remember you can use Chemistry Styles – Chemistry Styles, if you didn’t know, add up to a whopping 90 points to your player’s attributes, spread according to the Style you choose.
  • Think about your style of play when looking at stats – We mentioned this briefly above, but certain midfielders will work better in certain formations and styles.

Have fun in FIFA 23!

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02 Today, you won’t surprise anyone with a smartphone with four cameras. Phones with a good camera, designed specifically for photography, received a special name – camera phones. What you need to know when choosing a smartphone in 2021? We’ve compiled recommendations from top experts and consumer ratings agencies from around the world to help you figure out which phone has the best camera.

Last year, smartphone manufacturers maximized the possibilities of software and hardware. The ranking of smartphone cameras is led by Apple, which released the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max family with new lenses. Their smartphone cameras feature fast aperture, 2.5x optical zoom and advanced touch-shift stabilization. Apple has raised the bar to an all-time high. Competitors that produce phones with a camera “like an iPhone” largely copy the “apple” technical and hardware solutions.

How to choose a phone with a great camera

Comparison of smartphone cameras takes into account many technical parameters. By increasing the number of telephoto modules, manufacturers achieve a more complete coverage of operating modes. Today, top phones with a good camera can take portraits, landscapes and macro photos, use zoom, as well as dozens of effects. As a rule, in a block of several modules, each camera for a smartphone has its own specialization and a different focal length. One module takes care of the zoom effects, the depth sensor defocuses the background, the others are responsible for panoramic wide-angle shots.

Two modules allow you to create spectacular portraits against a blurred background. The third, as a rule, add a wide-angle module. Quad cameras have an additional module for macro photography.


Aperture is a diaphragm that is located inside or behind the lens and consists of opening “petals”. The smaller the number in the aperture characteristic, the more light enters the sensitive sensor, which directly affects the depth of field of the image and exposure. The aperture ratio expresses the ratio of two parameters: the focal length to the size of the inlet. In the specifications, it is indicated by a fraction: “f / 1.4”, “f / 2”, “f / 2.8”.


Stabilization refers to a system that compensates for camera shake and allows you to get a clear picture even in difficult shooting conditions. It can be optical, electronic and hybrid.

Auto focus

In some models, only the main camera on the phone is equipped with auto focus. In others, auxiliary cameras are also equipped with an autofocus system.

Hardware and software features

Modern smartphones with a good camera allow you to retouch photos. With software beauty settings online, the skin color, the shape of the eyes, lips and face are corrected. Applications in the phone smooth out visible skin defects and cope with simple post-processing of photos no worse and much faster than professional desktop photo editors.

What does the number of megapixels affect?

Smartphones with the best cameras can do a lot of things that until recently were considered exclusively the prerogative of cameras. The developers have achieved this not by increasing the number of pixels and their sizes, but by improving the algorithmic image processing codes.

Number of pixels

A large number of pixels is not the only requirement for great pictures. When comparing smartphones with 5-megapixel and 12-megapixel cameras, the difference will be visible in pictures taken in low light, and in portraits taken in bright light, it will be almost imperceptible. The phone with the best camera in this case would be the variant with the larger photosensitive cell. Its photosensor in the same lighting conditions will capture a clearer, better and more detailed picture.

The more pixels, the more hardware resources are required to process them. Pay attention to the class and “freshness” of the hardware platform.

Sensor size

Unlike SLR cameras, it is physically difficult to integrate a large sensor into a phone. Smartphone manufacturers are looking for upgrades not so much by increasing its size, but by increasing the characteristics of light sensitivity and improving noise performance.

Image file size

In addition to pixel size, file size is important. The more dots-pixels fit in the frame, the more detailed the image will be. At the same time, the file size will increase and it will need more storage space. This can become a problem if the phone does not have enough memory.

How do you know which camera you need?

How do you decide which photo phone to choose? To do this, you need to consider potential shooting scenarios.

Occasional burst

For those who take photos from time to time, under the influence of the moment, a smartphone equipped with one or two telephoto modules with a 12 MP main camera will be enough. With the help of such a camera in good lighting, you can make high-quality portraits and successful plot shots.

For those who shoot often, but unprofessionally

Most of today’s users are amateur photographers. They use smartphones to take a photo of everything that falls into the field of view of the lens. Children, animals, food, holidays, selfies, architecture, tourist attractions, flowers and dew drops are captured in hundreds of pictures that are stored on the phone and posted on social networks. Models with cameras of 16, 24 or 48 megapixels will cope with such tasks.

For advanced users

People who are serious about photography are demanding on camera capabilities. Flagship quad-camera smartphones offer hybrid multi zoom, a 64-108MP main camera, and a host of advanced settings.

Smartphones with a good camera: popular models

We have selected several models named the best in various Ukrainian and foreign ratings based on the ratio of cost and technical characteristics, shooting capabilities and results, the number of orders and the number of positive reviews.

IPhone 12 Pro Max

None of the previous iPhones received so many updates. The advantages of the model are premium design and three outstanding cameras: wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle and telephoto. The world famous brand has equipped the 12 Pro Max with the longest telephoto lens. The wide-angle camera in the phone is equipped with a bright seven-element lens with f/1.6 aperture. The larger sensor captures more detail in dark areas of photos. Provides 2.5x zoom and optical stabilization. The cameras of this flagship gadget take excellent photos and videos in any light conditions.

Amazon price is $1400.

Google Pixel 5

The phone captures clear and bright images with excellent detail and contrast. Equipped with a wide-angle lens, portrait mode and night vision function. The camera allows you to shoot in almost complete darkness: from portraits to shooting the night starry sky. The smartphone has a function of automatic color and light correction. In portrait mode, additional lighting is activated to remove unwanted shadows. Smooth panning gives the video a professional cinematic effect.

Price at Walmart is about $900.

iPhone 12 Mini

Despite its miniature size, the capabilities of this smartphone are impressive. The Wide Angle Selfie Camera was developed by Apple specifically for the iPhone 12 lineup. The Wide and Ultra Wide cameras work with night mode, which allows you to take ultra-clear pictures with amazing levels of detail in low light. Night mode turns on automatically, guaranteeing sharp photos and beautiful vibrant colors. This miniature device allows you to take pictures in conditions that were previously considered impossible: for example, in moonlight. To get maximum detail, the smartphone has a multiple exposure analysis system. Smart HDR 3 balances the elements in the frame, bringing out details and rich colors.

Estimated price on is $700.

Sony Xperia 5 II

Sony positions its smartphone as a model for professionals. The Sony Xperia 5 II is equipped with controls and tools similar to full-frame mirrorless cameras in the Alpha family. The phone has a physical shutter button, autofocus, which detects and tracks the eyes of the subject, including pets. One of the best cameras on Android is controlled by three pre-installed applications. The core Xperia Android utility and two supporting apps, Photo Pro and Cinema Pro, give you complete control over all aspects of photography and video. It is the first phone capable of recording 4K video at 120fps.

Price – $950.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

This mobile phone offers the best camera for vlogging. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is aimed at those who have to shoot video reviews, test products, conduct video conferences, online lessons and workouts. The camera shoots excellent portrait videos. The developers made sure that during the shooting process, when a person looks directly into the camera, the background is automatically blurred, by analogy with professional cameras.

Price – $1300.

In foreign online stores you can find an excellent camera phone with a good discount, if you decide on the priority characteristics and follow promotions and sales.