Best ac in window: Best Window Air Conditioners 2023

The 9 Best Window Air Conditioners of 2023

Our top pick will keep you cool and comfy on the hottest days


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Sage McHugh

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Updated on 06/20/23

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Reviewed by
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The Spruce / David Hattan

A reliable air conditioner is a must-have on hot summer days. Simpler and less expensive to install than an HVAC system, a window-mounted unit is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to effectively cool off your space.

To help you reach that ideal indoor temperature, “air conditioning systems transfer heat energy from inside your home to outside your home … [this process] cools and dehumidifies the indoor air,” says Traci Fournier, Vice President of Operations at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. As you’re considering options, you should factor in the BTU, or British Thermal Units, which is the measurement for your machine’s cooling capacity. There are lots of air conditioning guides available, including one here at The Spruce, to help you determine what’s best for your room or your space.

We rolled up our sleeves (metaphorically, though it can get hot without an A/C!) and thoroughly researched dozens of units from a range of window air conditioner brands, evaluating each model’s cool area, size, features, efficiency, and overall performance, The end results represent a variety of categories, sizes, and features—plus, all of them that are easy to set up, simple to use, and effective at keeping you cool.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:

Midea 10,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner at Amazon

Best Budget:

GE Air Conditioner at Amazon

Best for Small Rooms:

Toshiba 5,000 BTU Mechanical Window Air Conditioner at Home Depot

Best Quiet:

Haier 6,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner at Amazon

Best Smart:

Windmill Air Conditioner at Amazon

Best Design:

Soleus 6,000 BTU Saddle Window Air Conditioner at Amazon

Best for Sliding Window:

Frigidaire 10,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner at Amazon

Best for Large Rooms:

Whirlpool 24,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner at Wayfair

Best with Heat:

LG 12,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Heat at Home Depot

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What We Like

  • Energy Star certified and highly efficient

  • U-shaped design allows you to open window

  • Smart-home enabled

  • Very quiet operation

What We Don’t Like

Running at a maximum of 42 decibels, the Midea Smart Inverter Window Air Conditioner sets itself apart from the competition with its exceptionally quiet operation. Its U-shaped design reduces the noise coming from the compressor, which is located outside the window. This means you can sleep, relax, or watch TV without being disturbed while the AC is in use. 

With a rating of 10,000 BTU, this unit is suitable for cooling rooms up to 350 to 550 square feet. And with a CEER (Combined Energy-Efficiency Ratio) rating of 15 and Energy Star certification, the Midea U-Shaped AC is one of the most efficient options on this list. According to the manufacturer, it provides more than 35 percent energy savings, thanks to its advanced DC inverter technology. This air conditioner comes with a remote control, plus it’s smart-home enabled for convenient, hands-off operation. It can be controlled via the Midea Air app or voice-controlled using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

A quick-snap bracket is included for easy installation. However, it’s important to note that this unit can only be installed in hung windows (with a bottom window that slides upward). The benefit of this unit’s design is that you can open and close the window while it’s installed, allowing fresh air in on cooler days. It also obstructs less of your view. For added peace of mind, there is an anti-theft mechanism that locks the window once it’s closed. The Midea U is definitely pricier than other models, but we’ve named it our Best Overall window air conditioner because you can’t beat its ultra-quiet operation and smart-home compatibility.

Price at time of publish: $449

Dimensions: 19.17 x 21.97 x 13.46 inches | Cooling Area: 550 square feet | BTU: 10,000 BTU | Weight: 56.9 pounds | Window Size: 22 to 36 inches wide | Energy Star Certified: Yes 


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What We Like

  • Ideal for smaller rooms

  • Simple, adjustable controls

  • Multiple temperature settings

  • EZ mount kit included

What We Don’t Like

The GE Mechanical Air Conditioner effectively cools smaller rooms and comes with a very reasonable price tag. You’ll have to forgo some of the helpful features you’ll find on more expensive models, but this unit is easy to operate and install. With 5,000 BTU, this air conditioner is best suited for rooms up to 150 square feet. With two cooling modes and 10 temperature settings, you can adjust the climate exactly to your liking.

Featuring two manual dials, the design is fairly rudimentary, and it lacks the convenience of a remote control. Despite its lack of bells and whistles, this air conditioner gets the job done. An EZ mount kit and fixed chassis allow for easy installation in a double-hung window. Plus, the filter is both removable and washable, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

One potential drawback to this air conditioner is that it isn’t energy efficient, nor is it Energy Star certified. It also lacks an energy-saving mode, which you’ll find on many of our other picks. On the whole, however, we think it’s a reliable and affordable choice for cooling smaller rooms like bedrooms, guest rooms, and home offices.

Price at time of publish: $183

Dimensions: 15 x 16.44 x 12.56 inches | Cooling Area: 150 square feet | BTU: 5,000 BTU | Weight: 36 pounds | Window Size: 13.38 to 21.88 inches wide | Energy Star Certified: No


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What We Like

What We Don’t Like

If you can forgo digital controls and special features, this window air conditioner from Toshiba is a great choice for a small space. With 5,000 BTU, this unit can cool rooms up to 150 square feet. It has seven temperature settings, as well as two speeds and cooling modes, which can all be adjusted using the manual dials on the front of the machine. Although the controls are fairly rudimentary, operation couldn’t be simpler. We read some complaints that this unit can lose its cooling power over time, so be sure to take advantage of the manufacturer’s one-year warranty if you encounter any problems.  

Another benefit to this air conditioner is that it’s compact and lightweight, making it easy to install into a window. An installation kit is included for added convenience. Thanks to a removable and washable filter, this unit is easy to maintain. One caveat to this AC is that it operates at 56 decibels, which is slightly louder than the average window unit. Depending on your sensitivity to noise, it might not be the best choice for a bedroom or living space–especially if it’s in close proximity. 

Price at time of publish: $179

Dimensions: 12 x 16 x 15.4 inches | Cooling Area: 150 square feet | BTU: 5,000 BTU | Weight: 43.7 pounds | Window Size: 23 to 36 inches wide | Energy Star Certified: No


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What We Like

  • Lowest setting generates just 44 decibels of noise

  • Four operating modes, including a dehumidifier setting

  • Energy Star certified

  • Sleep and energy saver modes

What We Don’t Like

  • No smart features

True to its name, the Haier ESAQ406T Serenity Series is ultra-quiet. It operates at just 44 decibels on its lowest setting, and it has a compressor blanket to suppress noise. With a 6,000 BTU rating, this unit can effectively cool rooms up to 250 square feet. It has four operating modes including cool, energy save, fan, and dehumidify. The dehumidifier can remove up to 1.5 pints of moisture per hour. Other convenient features include a full-function remote control, a digital display, and a 24-hour timer. Despite all of its bells and whistles, the Haier ESAQ406T doesn’t have smart features—but it’s a stellar performer nonetheless. 

With Energy Star certification and an EER rating of 12.2, this air conditioner runs very efficiently. Even better, you can maximize its efficiency by putting it in energy saver mode. The mesh filter is washable and easy to access via the front panel. You’ll also receive a reminder when the filter needs to be cleaned. User reviews for this unit are overwhelmingly positive, but some reported issues with longevity. The air conditioner comes with a one-year limited warranty for some peace of mind.

Price at time of publish: $384

Dimensions: 12.44 x 21.25 x 18.13 inches | Cooling Area: 250 square feet | BTU: 6,000 BTU | Weight: 55.6 pounds | Window Size: 26.06 to 39.25 inches wide | Energy Star Certified: Yes


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What We Like

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

The Windmill Air Conditioner offers smart capabilities for ultra-convenient operation. Not only can it be programmed through your smartphone, but there are also voice control features available with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. When we put this AC to the test in a real-life home environment, we were impressed with how well it cools an apartment and how quietly it runs. We also appreciated how convenient it was to control the unit remotely using the app. 

While we didn’t report any major issues with navigating the app in our at-home tests, some reviewers have suggested that the app isn’t super intuitive. This air conditioner offers three cooling speeds and three fan speeds. With an 8,300 BTU rating, this unit is ideal for cooling rooms up to 350 square feet. To ensure clean airflow, the air is filtered twice through an antimicrobial mesh filter and activated carbon insert. This AC also features an auto-dimming LED display that won’t be a distraction in a dark bedroom. 

Unlike bulkier units, the Windowmill’s sleek design and cosmetic side panels create a seamless aesthetic in any home. This air conditioner comes with a pre-assembled installation kit, resulting in a simple setup process. Eco-conscious consumers will appreciate the fact that it’s Energy Star certified. Considering its relatively small cooling capacity, the Windmill Air Conditioner is on the pricier side, but it is a stylish appliance with smart home capabilities. 

Price at time of publish: $415 

Dimensions: 19.4 x 19.3 x 13.2 inches | Cooling Area: 350 square feet | BTU: 8,300 BTU | Weight: 71. 3 pounds | Window Size: 23 to 36 inches wide | Energy Star Certified: Yes


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What We Like

  • Saddle shape is easy to install and doesn’t block window

  • Extremely quiet

  • Temperature-sensing remote control

  • Available with or without Wi-Fi

What We Don’t Like

The Soleus Saddle Window Air Conditioner has a unique design that makes it incredibly easy to install. No tools are required; all you need to do is slide this saddle-shaped air conditioner over your windowsill. (Just note that the maximum sill clearance is 11 inches, so be sure to take measurements before purchasing.) Unlike traditional window units, this air conditioner barely blocks your view, and you can open and close the window while it’s in place. This unit comes in two sizes—6,000 or 8,000 BTU—and it’s available with or without Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Because the compressor is located outside, the Soleus operates between 38 and 49 decibels, which is significantly quieter than standard window air conditioners. This unit has three operating modes: auto, sleep, and dry. In dry mode, it functions as a dehumidifier, removing up to a whopping 30 pints of moisture per day, according to the manufacturer. The temperature-sensing remote is another major selling point. This feature allows the AC to adjust its settings based on where you are located in the room. Just remember to keep the remote near you. However, if you live in a particularly humid area, you may need to drain this unit manually.

Price at time of publish: $530

Dimensions: 21 x 31 x 18 inches | Cooling Area: 275 square feet | BTU: 6,000 BTU | Weight: 80 pounds | Window Size: 24 to 48 inches wide | Energy Star Certified: Yes


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What We Like

  • Also compatible with casement windows

  • Versatile cooling options and dehumidify mode

  • Full-function remote control

  • 24-hour timer

What We Don’t Like

It can be a challenge to find an air conditioner to fit horizontal sliding windows, but the Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 fits the bill. With its tall and narrow profile, this unit is specifically designed for sliding and casement windows. Its 10,000 BTU rating allows it to cool rooms up to 550 square feet in size. It has three fan speeds for cooling, as well as an auto, energy saver, and sleep modes for optimal comfort at any time. Plus, its adjustable louvers let you focus the air in the direction you want it. 

A full-function remote allows you to control the AC from across the room, and a 24-hour timer provides even more flexibility. One potential downside to this air conditioner is that it is not Energy Star certified, so it’s not one of the most efficient options in our roundup. On a positive note, it can perform double duty as a dehumidifier, removing up to 3 pints of moisture per hour. The washable filter tilts out for easy maintenance, and a check filter alert will appear when it needs to be cleaned. 

Price at time of publish: $619

Dimensions: 23.5 x 14. 5 x 20.25 inches | Cooling Area: 550 square feet | BTU: 10,000 BTU | Weight: 72 pounds | Window Size: 21.5 to 40 inches tall, and at least 15.5 inches wide | Energy Star Certified: No


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What We Like

  • Three cooling speeds, plus auto, eco, and sleep modes

  • Energy Star certified

  • 24-hour timer and remote control with LCD display

What We Don’t Like

Kicking out a whopping 24,000 BTU, the Whirlpool Window Air Conditioner delivers enough power to cool large rooms up 1,500 square feet. With Energy Star certification, this unit is surprisingly efficient, so you can cool your large space without breaking the bank. This air conditioner has three cooling speeds, as well as eco, auto, and sleep modes. Eight-way louvers on the front panel allow you to direct the air for better airflow. The AC comes with a full-function remote that can adjust all of its settings. It’s also equipped with a 24-hour timer for hands-off control. 

At 67 decibels, the Whirlpool is one of the loudest options on our list, which is no big surprise considering its size. If you are sensitive to noise, you might want a quieter option. This air conditioner includes a mounting kit for simple installation in a window. Just keep in mind that this unit is heftier, both in overall dimensions and weight, than other options. We recommend having help on hand to maneuver the 130-pound unit into place. The filter is removable and washable, requiring minimal maintenance, and you will receive an alert when the filter needs to be washed or replaced. Note that this unit requires a 230-volt outlet for operation; it will not operate with a standard 120-volt outlet. (If you’re looking for more information on AC voltage ranges, we offer an explainer on the basics of 120/240/250-volt air conditioner circuits on The Spruce. )

Price at time of publish: $825

Dimensions: 18.7 x 26.9 x 26.4 inches | Cooling Area: 1,500 square feet | BTU: 24,000 BTU | Weight: 130.1 pounds | Window Size: 30 to 41 inches wide | Energy Star Certified: Yes


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What We Like

  • Ideal for year-round use

  • Three operating modes, including heat and dehumidify

  • Smart features

  • Remote control and 24-hour timer

What We Don’t Like

This versatile air conditioner from LG has multiple heating, cooling, and dehumidifying modes, keeping you comfortable year-round. It delivers 12,000 BTU of cooling power and an 11,200 BTU heat output, making it an ideal choice for spaces up to 550 square feet. There are two settings for all three modes—fan, cool, and heat—to help you achieve the right temperature in the room. Other convenient features include a remote control, a digital control panel, and a programmable 24-hour timer.

To top it all off, this air conditioner is Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled through the LG ThinQ app using your smartphone, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. A slide-out chassis and included installation kit make it fairly easy to set up. The filter is washable, and a light will indicate when the filter needs to be cleaned. It’s important to note that this powerful air conditioner requires a 230-volt outlet. It will not work with a standard 120-volt household outlet.

Price at time of publish: $599

Dimensions: 14.96 x 23.62 x 22.05 inches | Cooling Area: 550 square feet | BTU: 12,000 BTU | Weight: 89.1 pounds | Window Size: 27 to 39 inches wide | Energy Star Certified: No 

Final Verdict

The Midea Smart Inverter Window Air Conditioner earns our Best Overall title, thanks to its quiet operation, impressive energy efficiency, and convenient smart-home features. Although it’s pricier than other models, it’s a standout among the competition. If you’re looking for a more affordable unit, consider our Best Budget pick, the GE 5,000-BTU Mechanical Window Air Conditioner. It’s only suitable to cool rooms up to 150 square feet, we love that it’s easy to install and operate.

The Spruce / Sarah Vanbuskirk 


A window AC is a cost-effective, nonpermanent type of air conditioning system. These units can be easily installed in a single- or double-hung window, though some models are specifically designed for sliding or casement windows. Most window units are inserted into a partially open window and have expandable side panels to ensure a proper fit. Unlike traditional window units, a U-shaped air conditioner has an indentation that allows you to open and close the window and get fresh air without uninstalling it.

On the other hand, a saddle-shaped air conditioner that fits over a sill offers some unique advantages: You can open and close the window while the unit is installed, and it won’t sacrifice much of the view. Our choice for Best Design, the Soleus 6,000 BTU Saddle Window Air Conditioner, is easy to install, allows the window to open for fresh air, and barely obstructs your view.

Unit Size

Before installing a window air conditioner, you’ll want to make sure that it fits properly in your window. Start by measuring the height and width of the window’s opening. Of course, you also need to factor in the size of the AC itself; be sure to refer to the product’s specifications for its exact dimensions. Most units will specify the minimum and maximum width, as well as the height of the window that they can fit in. It’s a good idea to have at least two inches of extra space on either side of the air conditioning unit in order to extend the baffles. Our Best Smart pick, the Windmill 8,300 BTU Window Air Conditioner, has cosmetic side panels to create a more attractive, seamless appearance in your space. 

Room Size

“Getting the right unit is essential to keeping your room cool without breaking the bank,” says Bailey Carson, Home Care Expert at Angi, a network of certified home repair pros. “If you get a unit that is too small for the room, it won’t be strong enough to keep the space cool. If your unit is too large, you’ll end up paying for size and power you can’t use.”

To find the right size window air conditioner for a room, you’ll need to review the cooling power of each unit, which is measured in British Thermal Units, or BTU. Larger spaces require a higher-BTU air conditioner. “For rooms that are 150 to 500 square feet, look for an AC unit with 5,000 to 14,000 BTUs,” says Carson. “For rooms larger than 500 square feet, opt for something with 18,000+ BTUs.”

Care & Maintenance

You should clean your window air conditioner regularly to keep it in good working order. Part of routine maintenance is cleaning or replacing the filter as recommended by the manufacturer. Many air conditioning units have an indicator light to remind you when the filter needs to be cleaned.

If you intend to remove your window AC at the end of the season, you should drain any condensation before storing it. This will prevent mold and mildew from growing inside the unit. Our Best for Sliding Window choice, the Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 10,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner, has a washable, tilt-out filter for easy maintenance, as well as an alert to notify you when the filter needs cleaning. 

Energy Star Certifications

Air conditioners with an Energy Star certification offer the latest technology to ensure efficient operation. With better sealing and insulation materials, these energy-saving air conditioners can lower the cost of your electricity bill. Five of our picks come with this certification, including our recommendations for Best Overall, the Midea 10,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner, and Best Smart, the Windmill Air Conditioner. You can refer to Energy Star to determine which window air conditioners provide the best energy efficiency rating. The higher the CEER rating, the more efficient the window air conditioner.

Noise Levels

An air conditioner’s noise level is measured by its decibel (dB) rating. Most window air conditioners emit anywhere from 33 to 67 decibels, with 56 decibels being the average. Of course, noise is a subjective concept, and it will vary depending on the proximity of the air conditioner and how large the room is. If you’re sensitive to noise, or using the AC in a bedroom, look for a unit that offers a sleep mode or compressor that sits outside the window to reduce noise. For context, our pick for Best Quiet, the Haier Serenity Series 6,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner, runs at 44 decibels.

The Spruce / Sarah Vanbuskirk


  • A window air conditioner’s cooling capacity is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). The BTU rating indicates how much energy is used to remove heat and moisture from the air, and effectively cool down a room. Square footage directly correlates to the BTU rating, and the BTU should be appropriate for your room size. You can refer to The Spruce’s window air conditioning chart to determine the amount of BTUs required to cool your space.

  • “Window units can use up to 1,500 watts of electricity on average,” says Traci Fournier of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. “Per month, you can expect a window A/C unit to cost more money than a central unit.” Angi estimates that it can cost anywhere between $50 and $135 to run an 8,000 BTU window air conditioner all day, depending on the state you live in. Of course, your exact energy bill will vary according to the AC unit’s size, BTU consumption, wattage, energy efficiency, and time in use, as well as your local cost per kilowatt hour (kWh). A window air conditioner that’s Energy Star certified will use less energy and reduce electricity costs.

  • According to Fournier, most window AC units last seven to ten years. “Just like most household appliances, the lifespan of a window air conditioner will depend largely on maintenance and proper care,” she adds. Therefore, you should perform all of the necessary maintenance recommended by the manufacturer to improve longevity. This may involve cleaning and replacing filters, as well as draining condensation as needed or between seasons.

This article was written by Sage McHugh, a freelance writer and product tester for The Spruce. For this roundup, she considered dozens of window air conditioners, carefully evaluating their size, cooling area, features, efficiency, and overall performance. McHugh also took hundreds of customer reviews and write-ups from third-party websites into account. For expert insight on air conditioners, she interviewed Traci Fournier, Vice President of Operations at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.

Camryn Rabideau, a freelance writer and product tester for The Spruce, contributed additional reporting for this article. While researching window air conditioners, she spoke with Bailey Carson, Home Care expert at Angi, for insights on selecting the best model for your home.

6 Best Window Air Conditioners in 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Every product was carefully curated by an Esquire editor. We may earn a commission from these links.

Editor-Favorite Air Conditioner

Windmill The AC

Editor-Favorite Air Conditioner

Windmill The AC

$628 at

  • Stylish
  • Easy to install
  • Connects to your smartphone
  • High price, more of an investment

Style meets function with the Windmill, which is our top pick. The machine looks good, can connect to your smartphone, and most importantly, does a great job of cooling a room.

You may say, “An air conditioner is just an air conditioner,” but Windmill really wins out on little touches. You can choose a white glove delivery service that’ll bring it up your stairs (if you live in a walk-up apartment) and install it yourself, or during checkout you can schedule a TaskRabbit to come and do the whole thing for you. It also comes with a cover for winter, so it won’t collect dust when you’re storing it during the cooler months. The brand is also committed to energy efficiency, better for both your wallet and the planet. Its EcoRewards program will automatically reduce energy use during heatwaves, saving you from having an energy bill spiking.

Plus, in its most recent launch, the rolled out added its new largest unit, as well as interchangeable colored grills. Now you can get a 10,000 BTU AC, which will cool up to 450 square feet. And, you can chose from four grill colors, which are compatible with all of Windmill’s 2.0 units.

Room Size 450 square feet
BTUs 10,000
Dimensions 13.3″ x 19.3″ x 22.5″

Most Stylish Air Conditioner

July Air Conditioner

Most Stylish Air Conditioner

July Air Conditioner

$459 at

  • Stylish
  • Customizable colors
  • Purifies the air
  • Pricey

A true minimalist will appreciate the style and simplicity that July has to offer. The brand’s Instagram-worthy look comes with a smooth customizable front that you can match to your decor. Options range from a handful of muted colors to wood or fabric paneling.

There’s also an air purifying option. You can buy filters for the machine, and your AC will be pumping the purest air possible. The brand also offers installation—at an added cost, of course—but you at least have the option to make it easy.

    Room size 350 square feet
    BTUs 8,000
    Dimensions 18” x 20” x 15”

    Most Advanced Air Conditioner

    Hisense Window Air Conditioner

    Most Advanced Air Conditioner

    Hisense Window Air Conditioner

    $443 at

    • Multiple modes
    • Good for big rooms
    • Features a dehumidifier
    • Not the most stylish

    The Hisense is all about specs. While it doesn’t offer that sleek minimal front, it is definitely one of the more good-looking options that still has a more “old-school” look. But you will forget about the style when you hear its features. At 10,000 BTUs, it is ideal for larger rooms. What makes it really stand out: there are three different running modes. There’s a cooling (the obvious AC) mode, a fan feature, and even a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier is perfect for those in hot and sticky climates. We especially love the fan feature though, because sometimes that’s all you need.

    Room size 450 square feet
    BTUs 10,000
    Dimensions 22″ x 24″ x 18″

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    Best Space-Saving Air Conditioner

    Soleus Air Over The Window Sill Air Conditioner

    Best Space-Saving Air Conditioner

    Soleus Air Over The Window Sill Air Conditioner

    $550 at Amazon

    • Doesn’t take up the whole window
    • Connects to your smartphone
    • Runs quiet
    • Doesn’t fit all windows

    If you want something that doesn’t take your view away from you, well, someone thought of that, too. This bestseller from Amazon doesn’t work for every type of space, so make sure to check your measurements first—but if it does, it could be perfect for those who hate losing their window space. The design is bottom loaded, both inside and out, so from the indoors, you don’t feel like it’s taking up a ton of space. There are a handful of models ranging from 6,000 to 8,000 BTUs, and the newer models are also smartphone enabled, so you can control it from anywhere.

    Room size 375 square feet
    BTUs 8,000
    Dimensions 18.7″ x 28.9″ x 15″

    Midea U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner

    Midea U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner

    $419 at Amazon$379 at Walmart$399 at Home Depot

    • Incredibly quiet
    • Nice variable speed fan
    • Still allows you to crack your window
    • Not the strongest, compared to units at similar BTUs

    Midea makes an AC in a shape similar to Soleus, but the result is a whole lot different. What you get from this U-Shaped air conditioner is near silence. The shape allows the hot side to sit fully behind your window, so it functions more like a built-in unit. On top of that, Midea has one of the best inverter systems we’ve seen. Instead of cutting on and off over and over, this unit does a great job of getting your room cool and maintaining temperature with the fan at a lower speed.

    And on top of all that, the shape of this unit actually allows you to slightly open your window. You obviously can’t throw it wide open, but on those days when it’s nice enough to not run the air conditioner, you can crack the window and catch a breeze.

    Best Air Conditioner For Big Rooms

    Frigidaire Frigidaire Room Air Conditioner

    Best Air Conditioner For Big Rooms

    Frigidaire Frigidaire Room Air Conditioner

    Now 10% Off

    $494 at Amazon$745 at Walmart$599 at Home Depot

    • Good for large spaces
    • Runs quiet
    • Wifi-enabled
    • Pricey

    If it’s power you want, this is it. The largest model in this roundup comes in at 12,000 BTUs (isn’t it funny, you feel like a BTU expert now). It can cool up to 550 square feet, making it a powerhouse contender for a living room, or those lucky enough to have a large bedroom. On top of that, it’s wifi-enabled, runs quiet, and is even energy-saving. The biggest hangup is the price tag, but we all know, you get what you pay for.

    Room size 550 square feet
    BTUs 12,000
    Dimensions 19.45″ x 23″ x 13.9″

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    How to shop for a window air conditioner

    Window air conditioner units are specifically made for those who live in a house or apartment without an AC system built into the walls. While there are some freestanding AC units out there, the models made for windows are always more efficient, clean, and space saving. It’s the only way to replace central air conditioning.

    Some things to consider when buying one: the noise, the price, the style, and the BTUs. Mostly straight forward, but if you’re not exactly sure what BTUs are, don’t worry, that’s normal.

    Companies use the British Thermal Unit (BTU) as a standard measurement rating for air conditioner power outlets. While these all plug into the wall, the number of BTUs will tell you the the power of the machine and how much square footage it can cool. Normal thresholds vary from 6,000 to 14,000 and cover rooms from about 250 to 550 square feet. We would suggest around 10,000 BTUs for a larger living room or one-bed apartment, and around 7,000 BTUs for a larger bedroom or studio.

    Luke Guillory

    Associate Commerce Editor

    Luke Guillory is the Associate Commerce Editor at Esquire.

    TOP-12 best models and which one to choose

    Window air conditioners are compact, economical, easy to operate and, on top of that, they are inexpensive. Unlike split systems, they consist of one working side (monoblock) and do not require complex installation.

    Therefore, when installing the device, it is quite possible to do it on your own, without resorting to the services of a specialist.

    Taking into account the opinions of experts and ordinary users, we have compiled a rating of the most reliable and high-quality models for 2023.

    Some of them can operate in ventilation and dehumidification mode, others have a built-in on-off timer.

    And the most successful options combine many useful functions.

    Rating TOP-12 best window air conditioners in 2023

    Place Name Price
    TOP 3 best window air conditioners by price/quality for 2023 9
    2 Gree GJC18AC-E3NMNC1A Call for price
    3 General Climate GCW-05CM Call for price
    TOP 3 best window air conditioners with ventilation mode 6

    2 TCL TAC-07CWA/I
    3 Gree GJC09AA-E3NMNC1A
    TOP 3 best dehumidifying window air conditioners
    1 Gree GJC07AA -E3NMNC1A Call price
    2 General Climate GCW-24CR Call price
    3 Gre e GJC24AC-E3NRNC2A Ask price
    TOP 3 best window air conditioners with timer
    2 General Climate GCW-18HR Ask price Gree GJH09AA-E3NRNB9A Get the price


    • Top 12 best window air conditioners in 2023
    • How to choose a window air conditioner in terms of price / quality?
    • TOP 3 best window air conditioners by price/quality for 2023
      • General Climate GCW-07CR
      • Gree GJC18AC-E3NMNC1A
      • General Climate GCW-05CM

      9016 0

    • TOP 3 best window air conditioners with ventilation mode
      • Gree GJC12AF-E3NMNC1A
      • TCL TAC-07CWA/I
      • Gree GJC09AA-E3NMNC1A
    • TOP 3 best window air conditioners with dehumidification mode
      • Gree GJC07AA-E3NMNC1A
      • General Climate GCW-24CR
      • Gree GJC24AC-E3NRNC2A
    • TOP 3 best window air conditioners with timer
      • Gree GJh22AF-E3NRNB9A
      • General Climate GCW-18HR
      • Gree GJH09AA-E3NRNB9A
    • Which company to choose?
    • Conclusion
    • Customer Reviews
    • Useful video

    How to choose a window air conditioner in terms of price / quality?

    In order to choose the most efficient, productive air conditioner, it is important to consider the following parameters :

    • Equipment power and room area . The higher this figure, the more efficient the cooling process will be (most window air conditioners do not support the heating function). This parameter directly depends on the size of the room or study where the window air conditioner will be installed. So, for a room with an area of ​​\u200b\u200babout 20 square meters. m (or a little more) will be enough power of 2000 watts.
    • Maximum airflow . This parameter determines the rate of cooling / heating of the room and is measured in cubic meters.
    • Noise level . Too noisy air conditioning can cause irritation and spoil the rest (especially at night). Therefore, the lower this indicator, the more comfortable the operation of the device will be.
    • Additional operating modes . In addition to the cooling function, some units work as a dehumidifier and/or fan.
    • Energy/efficiency class . If the letter “A” or “A +” is indicated in the instructions, the device consumes a minimum amount of electricity. Other Latin letters (B, C, D, etc.) mean a lower class and, accordingly, imply a higher consumption of electricity.
    • Useful options/versatility . Most modern air conditioners have a built-in on / off timer, are able to carry out self-diagnostics, automatically restart the device, etc. Such models are more expensive, but they are much more useful in everyday life.

    These are the main points to consider before purchasing the product.

    TOP 3 best window air conditioners by price / quality for 2023

    Good quality window air conditioners have a corresponding price. They can be budget, or they can cost more, but at the same time they have a large set of additional functions. Here are the best devices in this category.

    General Climate GCW-07CR

    General Climate GCW-07CR monobloc window air conditioner operates in cooling and dehumidifying mode . It is designed for rooms with an area of ​​\u200b\u200bno more than 20 square meters. m. Management is carried out using the remote control (included), the on-off timer is valid for 24 hours.

    The latter allows you to set the exact time to activate or deactivate the device. The energy class is the highest (A).

    In dehumidifying mode, the machine absorbs about 0.8 liters of liquid per hour.

    This is not much, but the desired effect can be achieved in a day. This option is relevant in case of high humidity in the room or cellar / basement in the country, including after heavy rainfall or flooding.

    The appliance is installed not only in a plastic window (or wooden frame), but also in a wall.

    The outdoor air temperature ranges from +18 to +43 degrees. The weight of the equipment is about 33 kg.


    • cooling power – 2100 W;
    • noise level – 43 dB;
    • maximum airflow – 5.833 cu. m/min.;
    • ventilation mode – no.

    Value for money.

    Ease of use.

    Dehumidification mode.

    Presence of a timer.

    Few functions.

    Loud noise during operation.

    Gree GJC18AC-E3NMNC1A

    Window air conditioner from the largest Chinese manufacturer “Gree” works only in cooling mode, there is no heating function. But if necessary, it can be used as a dehumidifier or fan. Thanks to the built-in 24-hour timer, the device automatically turns on and off at the time specified by the settings.

    This allows you to save personal time and use a minimum of electricity.

    The fan rotates at three switchable speeds and is controlled by a remote control.

    If the slightest malfunction or network failure is detected, the device can restart itself, stabilizing the quality of service. Installation is quite simple and in most cases does not require contacting a specialist.

    Equipment weight – 55 kg . The warranty is provided for 3 years.


    • cooling power – 5300 W;
    • noise level – up to 52 dB;
    • airflow – 11.67 cu. m/min.;
    • heating function – no.


    Multiple operating modes.

    Auto restart option.

    Presence of a timer.

    Heavy construction.

    Loud noise.

    General Climate GCW-05CM

    General Climate GCW-05CM window air conditioner is equipped with a reliable compressor from the Japanese company Toshiba, which provides high-quality cooling of the room in a short time.

    The model is recommended for small rooms or offices with an area of ​​no more than 15 square meters. m. Additional functions and modes of operation are not provided. But the device is relatively inexpensive.

    Experts note the simplicity of design and ease of use of the device, and users rate it highly for its compactness and affordable price.

    The manufacturer provided the device with a clear display, but did not provide ventilation and dehumidification functions. But there are two available modes – “Hi cool” and “Low cool”.

    The first cools at a faster pace (but the volume is higher), the second is a little slower, and is suitable for relaxation or intellectual work.


    • cooling flow 1500 W;
    • noise level – 43 dB;
    • display type – normal;
    • ventilation / dehumidification mode – no.

    Value for money.


    Easy to use.

    Modest functionality.

    Makes a lot of noise during operation.

    TOP 3 best window air conditioners with ventilation mode

    Window air conditioners with ventilation mode create a ventilation effect in the room, make the air cleaner and fresher. We present to your attention the current models for 2023.

    Gree GJC12AF-E3NMNC1A

    Gree GJC12AF-E3NMNC1A monoblock window air conditioner is designed for medium-sized rooms (about 35 sqm). The air flow is evenly distributed over all areas, preventing “stagnation” and the appearance of unpleasant odors.

    The device provides intensive air conditioning and four-way air supply, including directly from the street.

    Thanks to the built-in “Mechanical” filter (plastic mesh), the device removes large particles such as pet hair, poplar fluff, dust, etc.

    The fan rotates at three adjustable speeds. Accordingly, the higher the set parameters (in terms of ventilation), the faster the cooling of the room will occur.

    The on/off timer is included and is designed for 24 hours of operation.

    And another useful option is the automatic movement of the vertical louvers, which guarantees a more voluminous airflow.


    • cooling flow 3500 W;
    • maximum noise level – 49 dB;
    • Airflow – 7.5cc m/min.;
    • auto-restart function – yes.

    Fast cooling.

    Availability of additional operating modes.

    Extended functionality.

    Multi-speed fan.

    Large dimensions.

    Loud noise.


    Window air conditioner with ventilation mode from the Chinese brand “TCL” is recommended for small rooms (about 20 square meters) . The main function of the device is cooling.

    In addition, the device can be used as a fan and dehumidifier. And if you need to create the most comfortable conditions for studying or relaxing, the device can be switched to night mode.

    Useful options: self-diagnosis and auto-restart . That is, the air conditioner independently detects technical problems and, if necessary, automatically restarts the device, without attracting the user’s attention.

    The model does not require complex installation and is easy to operate.

    It can be installed both in a window and in a wall. The main thing is that the device fits the parameters of the design that will serve as its support.


    • cooling power – 2050 W;
    • noise level – 49 dB;
    • self-diagnosis and auto-restart function – yes;
    • equipment weight 25 kg.

    Efficient cooling.


    Multiple operating modes.

    Availability of additional functions.

    Very noisy.

    Only suitable for small spaces. Gree GJC09AA-E3NMNC1A m . Thanks to the built-in timer, the device can be set to a specific time on and off.

    Additional operating modes – dehumidification and ventilation. The first is used in the summer-autumn period, when it often rains and flooding is possible (especially in a private house or in the country). The second is relevant in hot weather, when the room is stuffy and there is a lack of air.

    Useful functions: auto-restart (the air conditioner automatically restarts while maintaining the previous settings), 3-speed fan, dust and fine particle filtering, even air distribution.

    Maximum airflow is 5.83 cu. m/min. The weight of the equipment is 34 kg.

    The manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty.


    • cooling power 2640 W;
    • maximum noise level – 48 dB;
    • auto-restart function – yes;
    • additional modes – yes.


    Ventilation and dehumidification mode.

    Acceptable noise level.

    Extended functionality.

    Heavy construction.

    No heating mode.

    TOP 3 best window air conditioners with dehumidification mode

    Air conditioners with dehumidification mode are more relevant than ever in summer and early autumn. They absorb excess moisture in the room and prevent the appearance of fungi / mold. Below are the most reliable and efficient models in this category.

    Gree GJC07AA-E3NMNC1A

    Monoblock window air conditioner with dehumidifying mode from the largest brand “Gree Electric” is ideal for small apartments / offices with an area of ​​\u200b\u200bno more than 20 square meters. m. The model has a built-in 24-hour timer, which allows you to set the exact time to activate and turn off the device.

    Additional features: self-diagnostics and auto-restart, four-way air supply, warm start, airflow adjustment in the desired direction, etc.

    And the clear LCD display and removable washable panel provide simple and convenient operation.

    All elements of the equipment (compressor, heat exchangers, fan, electric motors, etc.) are placed in one housing.

    Equipment weight is 30 kg.


    • cooling power – 2150 W;
    • noise level – 44 to 48 dB;
    • number of fan speeds – 3;
    • maximum airflow – 5.83 cu. m/min.


    Multiple operating modes.

    Multi-speed fan available.

    Build quality.

    Insufficient power.

    Large construction dimensions.

    General Climate GCW-24CR

    The General Climate GCW-24CR Heavy Duty Window Air Conditioner is recommended for medium to large size apartments/offices .

    It guarantees fast and efficient cooling and can also be used for dehumidification and room ventilation. Control is carried out using an IR remote control (included). The operating temperature of the outside air is from +18 to +43 degrees.

    Fan rotates at three switchable speeds (parameters adjustable in settings) . The maximum airflow is 14.17 cu. m/min. The noise level ranges from 51-55 dB. The weight of the equipment is 70 kg.

    The air conditioner works only for cooling, the heating function is not provided by the manufacturer .

    Additional options (self-diagnosis, auto-restart, etc.) are also missing.


    • cooling flow power – 6760 W;
    • refrigerant type – R 410A;
    • dehumidification rate – 2.5 liters per hour;
    • heating mode – no.

    High performance.

    Several service modes.

    Easy to use.

    Build quality parts.

    Poor functionality.

    Loud noise.

    Gree GJC24AC-E3NRNC2A

    Gree GJC24AC-E3NRNC2A monobloc window air conditioner with dehumidification mode has high performance, therefore it is suitable for large rooms with an area of ​​​​about 60-65 square meters. m.

    Controlled by remote control. On/off parameters are set by a 24-hour built-in timer.

    Also used as a dehumidifier and fan.

    Thanks to the 4-way air supply, the effect of ventilation and freshness is quickly created in the room, stagnant processes and unpleasant odors are eliminated.

    One of the main advantages of this model is the presence of a mechanical filter, effective against wool, dust, poplar fluff, etc. There is an auto-restart function.

    Equipment weight is 68 kg.


    • cooling power – 6600 W;
    • noise level – 55 dB;
    • maximum airflow – 14.17 cu. m/min.;
    • 3 fan speeds.

    High performance.

    24 hour timer available.

    Multiple operating modes.

    Multi-speed fan.

    Large dimensions of the device.

    High price.

    TOP 3 best window air conditioners with a timer

    The presence of a timer means automatic switching on and off of the air conditioner (at a given time). Here are the best models in this category for 2023.

    Gree GJh22AF-E3NRNB9A

    Gree GJh22AF-E3NRNB9A Timer Window Air Conditioner has a compact size and is suitable for rooms with an average area (max. 35 sqm) .

    At any time of the year, it will help you quickly and effectively create a comfortable microclimate in an apartment, private house or office. The appliance operates in cooling and heating mode. And, as needed, it can be used as a dehumidifier and fan.

    Controlled by remote control (included) . The fan rotates at three speeds.

    Maximum airflow is 7.5 cu. m/min.

    The automatic restart option is included in the list of basic ones and is set in the equipment settings.

    The air is actively filtered from dust particles and the smallest debris.


    • cooling power – 3500 W;
    • heating intensity – 3500 W;
    • maximum noise level – 52 dB;
    • on / off timer – yes.

    Value for money.

    Rapid cooling and space heating.

    Remote control.

    Several service modes.

    Loud noise at night.

    Heavy construction.

    General Climate GCW-18HR

    Window air conditioner with a built-in timer from the Russian-British company “General Climate” has an automatic restart system, which is important in case of an emergency shutdown (for example, during network failures) .

    All settings are stored securely. The device is equipped with a compressor from the famous Japanese company “Toshiba”, so it guarantees high-quality cooling / heating, regardless of the season and weather conditions.

    Additional functions: two options for drainage, self-cleaning capability, anti-corrosion treatment of metal parts, self-diagnosis and auto-restart.

    Together, this allows you to create a comfortable microclimate in a short time, and provides ease / convenience of operation. Management is carried out using the remote control. The maximum airflow is 12.5 cu. m/min.

    1 year warranty.


    • cooling flow power – 5300 W;
    • heating intensity – 5300 W;
    • noise level – 42 dB;
    • recommended room area – 56 sq. m.

    Efficient cooling and heating.

    Extended functionality.

    Long service life.

    Sometimes very noisy.

    Price. Gree GJH09AA-E3NRNB9A

    AA-E3NRNB9A” . The device works for cooling and heating, and is also used for dehumidification and ventilation of rooms with an area of ​​​​no more than 25-26 square meters.

    Thanks to the timer, the user can set the desired on/off time. Management occurs by means of the remote control (with illumination at night).

    Additional options: the ability to automatically restart the device, the presence of a three-speed fan, air filtration from dust and other small particles (poplar fluff, pet hair, etc. ), automatic swinging of vertical blinds.

    The latter function creates a volumetric airflow and ensures that it circulates evenly throughout the room.

    Maximum airflow is 6.67 cu. m/min. The weight of the outdoor unit is 35 kg. Each buyer receives a 3-year branded warranty.


    • cooling power – 2640 W;
    • heating intensity – 2450 W;
    • noise level – up to 52 dB;
    • auto-restart function – yes.

    Performance and versatility.

    Multiple operating modes.

    Presence of a timer.

    Heating function.

    Build quality.

    Loud noise.

    Which company to choose?

    When choosing window air conditioners, buyers most often trust the largest Chinese brand Gree, the Russian-British company General Climate (founded in 2002 in London), the Chinese company TCL, etc. .

    They specialize not only in the manufacture of air conditioners, but also in other types of household appliances.


    Window air conditioners are simple and easy to operate, and do not require complex installation. They effectively cool the air in hot weather and heat it in autumn and winter. Like split systems, such devices have many built-in functions and additional modes of operation.

    The most important thing when choosing a model is to pay attention to the technical characteristics (power, noise level, etc.) and useful options like self-diagnostics and auto-restart. Then the money will not be wasted and the air conditioner will last for many years.

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    Useful Video

    From the video you will get an overview of the window air conditioner:0003

    selection criteria, features, pros and cons of wall, mobile, window, multi-split systems, an inexpensive alternative

    Hot summer often makes us hide in a country house to catch our breath and not get a heat stroke. But even under the roof of buildings it is quite hot … so you should definitely consider installing an air conditioner or a fan in the country to cope with the increased temperature.

    Unfortunately, we simply physically cannot consider all the offers of today’s market in order to choose the best option for giving, but it’s easy to make a brief overview of our own observations and types of air conditioners and fans. So, the best suggestions and options that will stabilize the temperature, and perhaps even adjust the humidity for our comfort!


    • 1 Group of air conditioners for summer cottage
    • 2 Wall air conditioner for summer cottage
    • 3 Multi-split system for summer cottage
    • 4 Mobile air conditioner for summer cottage
    • 5 Window air conditioners for summer cottage 901 60
    • 6 Which air conditioner to choose for a summer residence
    • 7 Fan for a dacha
    • 8 How to choose the best air conditioner for a dacha (video)

    Group of air conditioners for summer cottages

    There are three main groups of air conditioners and special systems on the market that cool or replace the air, humidify it, regulate the microclimate, and so on. But only one suits us for use in the country – a group of household air conditioners. Others – commercial and industrial air conditioners – do not fit into our parameters in terms of capacity, area of ​​coverage and cost, which is really high.

    The group of household air conditioners includes wall-type split systems, multi-split systems, window air conditioners and mobile air conditioners. Which of these types suits us the most, we have to find out right now!

    In advance, we can say that in any case there are brands that are able to serve rooms and houses ranging from 10 to 100 m2, deliver power from 1.5 to 8 kW, and are also practical and easy to maintain.

    Wall-mounted air conditioner for summer cottage

    Wall-mounted air conditioner or split system – the simplest and most standard option, which is well suited for a country house. It is also called home or household, as it is most often used in apartments.

    Installing it in the country takes only a few hours, but the installation must be entrusted to specialists, since incorrect behavior with the system can lead to unwanted malfunctions. A wall-mounted air conditioner in the country house is installed in any room, closer to the window and higher to the ceiling. He will be able to cool the room up to 60-70 m2, depending on the selected parameters. The indoor unit is mounted inside, the outdoor unit is mounted outside, also near the window. This allows you to reduce the length of inter-unit communications and costs.

    The air conditioner is controlled from the remote control and is designed for simple programming, air cooling. Other functions, such as ventilation, are not provided here, which means that if air replacement is necessary, another option should be considered.

    Multi split system in the country house

    This system involves several indoor units, and is great for a country house, if it has several rooms. A multi-split system is practically the same wall-mounted air conditioner, only with some differences.

    Each unit can be installed in a separate room, it is independent from others and can work independently. The system replaces several split systems and is convenient because it will not be necessary to place several outdoor units on the facade of the building. There is also a serious advantage – the indoor unit can be almost anything – cassette, channel, ceiling, floor.

    However, there is also a minus – this air conditioner for giving also does not work in terms of ventilation, but only regulates the air temperature.

    Mobile air conditioner for summer cottage

    Many people consider a mobile or floor standing air conditioner in the country the most practical option, and, in principle, it is so. This unit can be brought to the country in a car, and when leaving, take it home. The connection takes place independently, in any room, but here a difficulty immediately arises – the need to install an air duct. The air conditioner works on the principle of cooling the air in the room and outputting hot air through the duct to the street. Therefore, it must be installed near the window, as well as a special system must be mounted through an opening in the window block or wall near.

    There are today mobile air conditioners with two air ducts, the efficiency of which is much higher. But along with the useful action, the cost also rises, which is already very high. Two air ducts are needed in order to ensure the intake of air from the street, cooling with the help of the system, and the release of hot air to the street. Thus, the unit does not draw the air cooled by it from the room to the street, but works on independent circulation.

    The power of floor air conditioners is average, and it will be enough for high-quality work in one room or easy cooling of several. The system has many advantages, but there are also disadvantages, the main ones being the high price, the noise of the process and the need to install air vents.

    Window air conditioners for cottages

    A good and inexpensive option, although it is considered old. Many stores have long since abandoned window air conditioners, although they are quite effective for small spaces.

    Small size cooling system is inexpensive, installed in a window or wall, does not have long and expensive lines to connect. All that is needed during installation is to observe the level, high-quality fixation and tightness. After turning on, you can set the desired temperature by pressing the button or turning the knob and cool the air in the room with high quality. A huge plus is the ventilation mode, since the air intake comes directly from the street.

    The downside of the system can safely be considered noise, low power, as well as the requirements for cleaning the system. In principle, it is not difficult to carry out prevention and cleaning (as in any other air conditioner), but you can put up with noise! If the power of the air conditioner is not enough, it is worth turning on the cooling to the maximum, and setting the air flow rate to a minimum or averaging, then icy air will enter the room, which after a while will mix with warm air and give an acceptable temperature.

    Which air conditioner to choose for a summer residence

    Having paid attention to the most diverse systems and brands of air conditioners and having tried to install an air conditioner in the country with our own hands, we came to the conclusion that many characteristics do not correspond to those declared by manufacturers and dealers. In addition, a number of additional advantages or disadvantages are found, which you can learn about either on your own or from the reviews of other summer residents. So, if you choose an air conditioner for a summer residence, we would advise you to pay attention to the window system, which does not require high costs and installation costs. Such systems work out stably for 3-5 years without breakdowns, but then they require maintenance, often with the replacement of parts, which is no longer profitable.

    It is advisable to buy a split system or a multi-split system for summer cottages if the cottage-type house has good energy saving and tightness, its area is large and it will not be possible to cool it with a window. Then you should choose by power and manufacturer, consult with installers, communicate with friends who previously installed air conditioning in the country.

    Considering the variant of a mobile air conditioner, we would like to state right away that sometimes there are more frustrations from this machine than positive emotions. The air conditioner hums, cools only in front of itself, when it is turned off, the air heats up quickly, the system collects condensate, often does not remove it, and so on. Plus, it costs a lot of money. In general, it’s worth choosing here based on the budget and requirements, since, having so many shortcomings, the mobile system has its pluses.

    Country house fan

    Very often, and especially when the budget for the purchase of equipment is limited, we can forget about expensive purchases to the detriment of our own comfort and convenience, and come to simplified options. Yes, we are talking about fans, which can hardly be called a full-fledged replacement for air conditioners, but, nevertheless, they really save in extreme heat.