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1, 2, 3 Race!

Meet Push, Carry and Lift – 3 vehicle-friends who love to race each other and count! In each episode the 3 friends – tractor, dump truck and a crane – meet for a race, run into a “problem” and together find the solution, all while counting!
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ABC Galaxy

Meet Giggs & Hugg – two adorable friends that travel in their special scrap-like spaceship and explore the “ABC Galaxy”.
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Albert & Junior

Albert & Junior Albert is a curious three year old boy who relies on his best friend, Junior, to answer all the questions he has about the world.
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Baby Maze

“Baby Maze” is full of twists, turns and surprises and lovable animals find their way out of a maze.
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Baby U

BabyU is learning 101 for your little one! Everyone’s favorite BabyFirst characters have come together to help introduce basic building blocks for babies and toddlers.
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Big Box Adventure

The new Big Box Adventure show is all about creativity and imagination! Have tons of fun when our real-life big boxes turn into an imaginary castle, pirate ship and more.
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Black and White

“Black & White” is a series designed for the unique visual capabilities of BabyFirst’s very young viewers.
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Bloop and Loop

Join characters Red and Blue for bubbles of fun! In every episode of “Bloop and Loop”, these friends use their imaginations to think of objects and living creatures.
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Bob the Builder

For his show, Bob is undertaking a brand new challenge. He is going back to his roots as a small town builder for the charming harbour town of…
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Bonnie Bear

Together with her best friend, Mr. Gramophone, Bonnie Bear creates colorful paintings from sounds that she hears. In every episode, Mr. Gramophone has three different sounds of a common theme to play for Bonnie.
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Clay World

“Clay World” transforms ordinary clay into a creative world of fun!
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Color Crew

Meet the color crew – a lively bunch of crayons that explore all the colors of the world! Join them as they introduce basic colors in their very own special way.
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Color Crew Magic

Our new series brings back babyfirst’s most loveable characters – The Color Crew – with fun new adventures!
In this new season,
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Fred & Fiona

Fred and Fiona are fabulous friends and love to discover where things belong.
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GooGoo is an 18 month old baby, cute, curious with a very rich inner world. In each episode, GooGoo will encounter a funny…

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GooGoo and GaaGaa

GooGoo and GaaGaa are two 18 month old cute & curious babies, who are best friends and love to laugh!
In each episode, the two friends will encounter a funny shaped friend that will capture their attention, make them laugh and…

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Harry and Larry – Pros Who Help!

Introduce your child to our new series featuring Harry the Bunny and Larry the parrot, as they laugh, play and learn all about pros who can help us in everyday life.
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Harry the Bunny

Come along and play with Harry, a curious 3 year old bunny who loves exploring fun new things.
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When Hero Dad gets home, he changes into his superhero costume: rain boots, kitchen gloves,…
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Hide and Seek

“Hide and Seek” features two squirrels, Sammy and Eve, who invite young viewers to partake in their favorite game: Hot and Cold. First, each squirrel takes turns hiding an acorn from one another.
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Hoot Scoot & What

Three baby owls learn about the world one word at the time! Hoot Scoot & What, a beautifully 3D animated.
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Honk, Toot & Swoo-swoosh

Honk, Toot & Swoo-Swoosh are 3 adorable vehicle – friends who go through fun and exciting adventures.
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Joey’s Toy Box

Meet our playful kangaroo family where Joey, the baby kangaroo, and his mother take you on backyard adventures every fun-filled day. In each episode, Joey brings out a big box and looks inside to see what he can find.
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Larry’s Surprise eggs

Larry the parrot loves to laugh and have fun! His favorite thing of all is playing with surprise eggs and finding out what’s waiting for him inside.

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Li’l Vinnie’s Art

Vinnie, a talented yound painter, explores famous works of art and shares it with the budding artists in your home!
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Looi is a sweet, little kitty who just loves to make new friends.
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Mio Mao

“Mio and Mao” are two little kittens who are very curious about the world.
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Musti is a multi-colored outdoor and indoor world of trees, flowers, houses and familiar household objects.
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My Animal Friends with Robi

Robi is the cutest, funniest and most curious robot around! He loves to explore the world around him and meet new amazing animal friends…
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My Color Friends

GooGoo, GaaGaa, and Color Crew – BabyFirst’s most popular characters – are here to play together…
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My Pop Up Book

Pop-up books easily capture children’s imaginations by telling three-dimensional stories.
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Number Time

Join us for “Number Time”, our theatrical 3D counting  series, where your little one will learn the magic of numbers by counting various objects.
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Numbers Around the Globe

Follow different animals from around the globe on a counting adventure.
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Ookii’s World

Ookii the dinosaur reveals the world in his own unique, curious, and creative way.
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Peekaboo, I See You!

The game of peek-a-boo has entertained babies and toddlers alike for years and years!
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Petey Paintbrush

Petey Paintbrush is a quirky, free-spirited little boy-paintbrush that loves all colors! In each episode, Petey focuses on one color, paints pretty pictures and introduces new 3D versions.
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Picture Pad

“Picture Pad” embarks on a vivid and lively journey through a world of fresh and exciting colors.
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Pixies are magical 3-D puzzles that float through the air and form familiar shapes to the soothing instrumentation of soft music.
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Playtime With Al

Playtime with Al is the new fun series that’s all about interacting with your child and learning new things!
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One of the biggest challenges of the early learning stage is understanding the concept of parts that make up a whole.
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Rainbow Horse

With “Rainbow Horse,” families can saddle up and get ready to ride off with the rainbow horse on a magical journey of color, music and motion.
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Ready Dress Go!

Lee and Lucy are lively friends who love to play the game of dress-up with young viewers.
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Safari Scrapbook

Young children are fascinated by animals – the way they look, the sounds they make and their environment.
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“Sandman” is a soothing experience for both parent and baby.
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Scuba Dots

Little ones will follow the slowly forming shape in the magical underwater world of “Scuba Dots”.
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Shapes School

Shapes School” is a 3D animated series, that’s all about learning shapes! Every morning, all shapes come to school happily. Circle, square, triangle, rectangle, star, trapezoid, hexagon, oval – are all here!
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Shushybye Baby

“Shushybe Baby” takes little ones and their parents into the wondrous world of Shushybe, where the Shushies – who live in such villages as Nap Valley, Snore Shore and Slumber Heights – make childrens’ dreams.
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Whatever time it is Tizzy, Tog and Toot want to know all about it.
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Tales & Friends

Tales & Friends brings you the classical stories, specially retold and adapted for young children.
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Tell Me a Story

“Tell Me a Story” and Barnes & Noble bring the pages of Sterling Publishing’s children’s books to life, making reading aloud a multi-sensory experience.
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The Yoyo & Peanut Show

Yoyo & Peanut are two funny circus clowns who couldn’t be more opposite. Yoyo is tall and clumsy, while Peanut is short and assertive.
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The KneeBouncers Show

Discover the magic of play with the adorable characters of The KneeBouncers Show Using unique musical score to each episode, this non-verbal show brake any language barriers & appeals to children of all ages.
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The Notekins

Step into the magical world of music in “The Notekins”.
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The Monster’s Guide

Both monsters and regular kids can learn everything about their daily routine .
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Tillie Knock Knock

Tillie is a friendly neighborhood duck with a wonderful sense of humor and lots of friends.
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Larry is a cute and curious parrot with an appetite for learning new words.
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Wonder Box

“Wonder Box” invites young viewers inside a magical miniature world.
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Word Party

Jim Henson’s Word Party is an interactive pre-school show.

Featuring four adorable, animal friends – Franny the baby cheetah, Bailey the baby elephant, Kip the baby wallaby and Lulu the baby panda, as they sing
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Zumbini Time

Zumbini Time! The new live series that’s all about bonding with your child, while inspiring their basic motor, cognitive and social skills.
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Children’s television or television for children?

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Children’s television or television for children?

Anton Lomonosov
Director of the film school STEP, Zheleznodorozhny

Television for children and children’s television are currently different things, although there is a shortage there and there

TV for children are films-tales, films-stories for children, on the example of which the younger generation largely forms their ethical standards, outlook on life, moral and spiritual positions, simply draws knowledge. Children’s television, that is, TV made by the hands of children, is their own creative self-expression, a look at their contemporary life, nature, relationships between themselves, parents, and the world around them.

Now there is a lot of talk about children’s television and television for children. However, it is worth separating these two concepts. Television for children is programs created by adult professionals, work for which they receive money. It looks something like this: an aunt, who is abroad of Komsomol age, dressed in a frivolous flowered dress, with pigtails and hemp, like an older sister, communicates with purple, pop-eyed monsters, which, according to the director’s plan, represent the perky world of childhood. Periodically, this action is interrupted by advice for viewers or excerpts from clearly non-Russian cartoons.

Another, more successful content for children’s television is TV quizzes and sports competitions. But there is almost no direct communication between children and children from the TV screen, except for children with a frightened look, confusedly repeating words that are completely incomprehensible to them, written by someone unknown.

Unlike them, programs created by children for their friends, classmates and peers do not suffer from false or artificial themes. Children have a huge and inexhaustible choice of topics for a report, a film, a round table or a survey. And most importantly, these topics are of concern not only to the authors, but also to most of the children’s audience. It is not always easy for adults to find a common language with children, to penetrate into their vast and very interesting world and suggest a topic for transmission. It is better to listen to the children’s options, analyze them and then work with the guys together.

“I’ll do it myself”

Of course, give the child a camera and let one “on the big road”,
believing that a wonderful TV program is already ready, the idea is simply stupid. Many children already in school are interested in such subjects as the history of the visual arts, acting and speech technology. Additional knowledge of the operator course and the basics of journalism will help the children in creating programs for their peers. Naturally, it is necessary to involve a child psychologist. Close contact with parents is very important, especially those interested in
organization of leisure, training and career guidance for their children.

The technical base of modern cinema and television has changed significantly. The development of computer and digital technologies, the emergence of a large number of specialists in this field make it possible to introduce them to the most promising part of society – children and youth. Children easily master complex equipment and programs. For them, there are practically no problems inherent in “adult” specialists in the transition from one type of technology to another, from analog to digital. While still the head of a large department of video equipment, I noticed that the slightest changes in technologies, formats, the location of control buttons, the transition to a computer literally stupefied specialists who had been working with familiar analog technologies for a long time.

Regional cable network may be the screening location. The broadcast schedule of a children’s studio must be rigid: programs must be released at the same time, on the same day of the week. Children will not only sit in front of TVs themselves, but will also call their parents, friends, classmates – after all, they show their work, and they are also in the credits! Thus, the rating of children’s programs will increase significantly, which will increase the interest of advertisers in these programs.

As for the federal children’s TV channel, in my opinion, its programs should be tested on the basis of the regions. And then the best programs from the regions will be included in the air of the federal channel, promising authors and leaders should be invited to the center for training. And programs that are interesting should be subsidized from the federal budget.

Thus, programs for children will be created not only, say, in Moscow, but all over the country, in cities, villages, even villages. The whole of Russia will be covered, the interests of all children – of different incomes and social conditions, nationality and religion, traditions. With the distributed principle of content production, direct dialogue and efficiency in discussing any problems that concern children are possible. For correct and comprehensive television education, specialists must be selected and a production base created. The federal children’s television channel, represented by teenagers interested in creating TV programs, will receive not only endless creative potential, but also tremendous efficiency. The influx of Western standards with murder, violence and perversion tires the mind of an adult and negatively affects the youthful perception of reality. The harmonious development of the young film and television audience in the near future will undoubtedly influence the development of “adult” cinema and television.

Published: Magazine “Broadcasting. Television and radio broadcasting” #2, 2007
Visits: 21849

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Anton Lomonosov Director of the film school STEP

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Children’s television. Sociologist’s perspective

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