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  • Top 6 Best Aux Cables Compared
    •  #1  Anker Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable
    •  #2  iVanky Auxiliary Audio Cable
    •  #3  Oldboytech AUX Cable
    •  #4  Syncwire Auxiliary Cable
    •  #5  KabelDirekt Auxiliary Cable
    •  #6  AmazonBasics AUX Cable
    • How We Decided
  • Best Modern Buyer’s Guide
    • The Most Important  Cable Features to Consider

We just spent an entire day going over dozens of products to help narrow down your choices for the best aux cables. Our list includes only those with hi-tensile cords, superconductive connectors, durability, and of course, the best connectivity. Considering all the factors that affect performance, the Anker Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable is our top choice among all of them.

Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable (4ft /…


iVANKY Aux Cable 4ft [Hi-Fi Sound, 2-Pack],…



oldboytech 2 Pack AUX Cord, 3.5mm Audio Cable…


The sleek Anker Premium Aux Cable boasts of superior sound output, incredible tensile strength, remarkable 10,000+ bends, ultra-slim extensions for a superb fit, and superconductive 24K gold-plated connectors. Right behind its heels is the iVanky Aux Cable, whose soft TPE cable cord is just a tad below Anker’s aramid-fiber cord when it comes to tensile strength and durability.

Top 6 Best Aux Cables Compared

 #1  Anker Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable

20,318 Reviews

Our #1 Pick is the Anker Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Anker Aux Cable nabbed our top spot because of its superior sound conductivity from 24K gold-plated contacts, 10,000+ bend lifespan with its reinforced Aramid-fiber cord, and universal compatibility.

Read Full Review: Anker Premium Auxiliary Headphones iPhones


  • 10,000+ bends
  • Superb connectivity
  • Reinforced Aramid-fiber cable


  • Incompatible with some iPhones/Beats
  • Tends to be loose on flush-mount jacks

Made by the leading manufacturer of high-quality audio connectors, the Anker Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable tops all the choices in our list. Its 24K gold-plated connectors deliver premium connectivity and offer corrosion resistance. These contacts are the same as the ones used in high-quality headphones like Bose and Sennheiser. Complementing the durable connectors is a 4-ft aramid-fiber reinforced cable with a high bend lifespan of over 10,000 bends. Its 4 feet aramid-fiber makes it one of the strongest audio aux cable available. If you want the best sound experience, then you need to visit our best central channel speaker guide. 

More than just an aux cable for speakers, the Anker Premium Auxiliary Cable is compatible with a wide range of media-playing devices including phones, laptops, car stereos, and MP3s. The Anker 3.5mm premium gold plated auxiliary cable has a superb fit with ultra-slim extensions that can be used with almost any phone or tablet case. They will also work with the best in wall speakers.

 #2  iVanky Auxiliary Audio Cable

14,061 Reviews

Our #2 Pick is the iVanky Auxiliary Audio Cable

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: This aux cable has excellent compatibility with various devices, an amazing 15,000+ bends lifespan, thin cable connectors for better fit, and a copper shell for crisp sound.

Read Full Review: iVanky Auxiliary Compatible Headphone Speaker


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Flexible, tangle-resistant TPE cableIntelligent step-down design


  • Might be prone to static electricity

Enjoy crisp clear sound with the iVanky Auxiliary Cable. Its gold-plated connectors with pure copper shell reduce signal disruptions for lossless transmission. They also have an innovative step-down design that provides a secure fit even when phones are in cases.

The iVanky 3.5mm aux cable is compatible with a wide range of devices including your MP3 player, car stereos, headphones, smartphones, and speakers. You won’t even have to worry about constantly switching from one device to another as it also has among the highest bend lifespans with 15,000+ bends. So whether you use the best in ceiling speaker or anything else, it will last..

 #3  Oldboytech AUX Cable


23,518 Reviews

Our #3 Pick is the Oldboytech AUX Cable

Award: Best Quality

WHY WE LIKE IT: This aux cable gets the best quality award with its 24K gold-plated connectors, pure silver wire core, premium metallic housing, nylon-braided cord, and beveled step-down design.

Read Full Review: Oldboytech Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones


  • Incredible connectivity and durability
  • Tangle-free nylon-braided cord
  • Stylish metallic housing


  • Loose fit on some devices

Listen to music with no distortion using the Oldboytech Auxiliary Cable. Its 24K gold-plated jacks provide superconductivity, while its enameled pure silver wire seamlessly transmits high-quality stereo audio. The beveled step-down design of the connectors ensure a superb fit and universal compatibility. The 24k gold-plated 3.5mm auxiliary cable is a good fit for multiple devices, including phones with 3.5mm ports, laptops, and mp3 players, among others.

Its 4-ft nylon-braided cord offers flexibility and ensures durability. Plus, its 15,000+ bend lifespan is among the highest on our list, providing a much higher quality than generic cables. The tangle-free Oldboytech AUX Cable is a good choice for those looking for quality cables. The quality sound and design make these a great choice for the best home theater systems.

 #4  Syncwire Auxiliary Cable


33,484 Reviews

Our #4 Pick is the Syncwire Auxiliary Cable

AwardBest for Cars

WHY WE LIKE IT: With a length of 6. 5ft, the Syncwire Auxiliary Cable is the longest in our selection, making it suitable for use in cars. This is best even from the back seat.

Read Full Review: Syncwire Auxiliary Headphones Stereos Smartphones


  • A very durable nylon sheath
  • Solid audio quality
  • 3-year warranty


  • Incompatible with some iPhones/Beats
  • Tends to be loose on flush-mount jacks

The 3-year warranty gives enough assurance of the durability and quality of the Syncwire Aux Cable. It has a tangle-free nylon-braided cable with a TPE jacket that has a lifespan of more than 15,000 bends. This aux is not just long in life, but it’s also long in actual length. At 6.5ft, it can easily connect devices from the backseat. Syncwire offers universal compatibility and is a good fit for devices with standard 3.5mm ports.

Its connectivity is also amazing. This cable features a military fiber core enclosed by enameled copper wires to ensure seamless transmission of Hi-Fi tone. Lastly, polished gold-plated connectors eliminate signal loss and minimize distortions. Try these with the best subwoofers for great sound.

 #5  KabelDirekt Auxiliary Cable


7,738 Reviews

Our #5 Pick is the KabelDirekt Auxiliary Cable

Award: Best for Smartphone

WHY WE LIKE IT: Designed with thin ends, the 24K gold-plated connectors of the KabelDirekt Auxiliary Cable are optimized for smartphones.

Read Full Review: KabelDirekt Gold Plated Auxiliary Stereo Smartphone


  • Optimized for smartphone cases
  • 99.99% OFC copper core
  • 3-year warranty


  • Incompatible with Skullcandy headphones
  • Only 3ft long

Aside from its universal compatibility, the KabelDirekt Auxiliary Cable has been optimized for use with smartphone cases. When you’re on the go, simply plug this into your smartphone without having to remove its case. You also won’t have to struggle with the cord since it’s made of flexible PVC.

Superior connectivity is delivered through 24K gold-plated connectors and an oxygen-free copper core. At only 3ft long, this is shorter than the other aux cables in the list. However, it’s still long enough to connect your headphones to your smartphone tucked in your bag or pocket.

 #6  AmazonBasics AUX Cable

73,523 Reviews

Our #6 Pick is the AmazonBasics AUX Cable

Award: Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: This pick is best for those looking for a reliable auxiliary cable on a budget. Even at its low price point, it provides good connectivity and works with any 3.5mm audio jack or AUX-in port.

Read Full Review: AmazonBasics Stereo Audio Cable Meters


  • Universal compatibility
  • Static-free performance
  • 1-year warranty


  • Silver coating wears over time

Even at such an affordable aux cord price, AmazonBasics Stereo Auxiliary Cable doesn’t skimp on features. It has gold-plated connectors for a static-free transmission and minimal signal loss. Its dual shields and polished metal molding ensure resistance to corrosion for a longer lifespan.

The connectors also have a beveled step-down design for secure connection with a wide range of devices including most smartphones, portable speakers, car stereos, MP3 players, and tablets. The 4-ft cable affords enough flexibility for use on the go or inside your car. AmazonBasics offers a limited 1-year warranty for this aux cable. If you need a way to keep all of your cables organized, also take a look at one of the best cable ties for your home.

How We Decided

The six items on our list are the best aux cables in the market today. Aux cabling is a technology that involves simple mechanics so choosing one is fairly straightforward. Still, you’d want to consider some features to ensure that you get only the best aux cables.

For our list, we primarily considered the materials used. Connectors are all gold-plated with copper or silver wire cores. These ensure superconductivity and corrosion resistance. We also made sure that the cables are durable by choosing those with hi-tensile fiber cords, nylon braided cords, or flexible PVC that have bend lifespans of 10,000 or higher.

Aside from the quality of materials, we also selected only those with universal compatibility. The six aux cables all work with multiple media-playing devices. Lastly, we considered brand reputation and their commitment to providing excellent customer support.

Best Modern Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important  Cable Features to Consider

  1. Quality of Materials
    Connectivity and then with that sound quality is highly dependent on the quality of the materials. For the clearest audio, look for 100% oxygen-free copper wires and 24K gold-plated jacks. Pure aluminum and copper-clad aluminum wires may be cheaper, but OFC and regular copper wires are undoubtedly better in quality. Both silver and copper jacks offer superior conductivity but are also prone to corrosion. This is why we recommend 24K gold-plated connectors.
  2. Compatibility
    Before you purchase an auxiliary cable, you must check its compatibility with your devices. Most devices use standard 3.5mm aux connectors, but there are some that don’t. To avoid compatibility issues, always check the specifications of the aux cable and the devices you’ll be using it with. For instance, an aux cable with mic can’t be used with some speaker models.
  3. Durability
    For durability, consider the bend life, which indicates the number of times the aux cable can be inserted and taken out of devices before its quality deteriorates. A bend life of 10,000+ is already higher than most standard audio cables, but 15,000+ is naturally a better choice.

How to Wire an Aux Cable to a Speaker

Wireless speakers may be known for their accessibility, but you can’t beat the audio quality and stability that wired connections have.  

Wiring an aux cable to a speaker is as easy as plugging one end into the speaker and then plugging the other into the device you’ll be playing audio from. Depending on the type of speaker, however, there may be additional steps you’ll need to take before and after wiring the aux cable. 

Continue reading to learn how to wire an aux cable to your speakers. 



Connecting an Aux Cable to Car Speakers

Video | pioneerelectronics

Make playing music from your phone to the car speakers quick and hassle-free by using an aux cable. 

You can access the car speakers through the built-in audio system on the car’s center console. It typically comes with an assortment of buttons and knobs to control the radio and speaker, but our main focus here is the input jack for the aux cable.

Follow the steps below to wire an aux cable to your car speakers. 

1. Look for The Input Jack or Port

Start connecting an aux cable to your car speakers by looking for the input jack or port.  

Video | Dannys DIY Garage

The input jack or port is usually found on the audio console face, under the console, or hidden under a removable panel. Luckily, the port or panel it’s hidden under is usually labeled as “aux” while the port itself should look like a typical earphone jack found on a phone or laptop.

2. Plug the Aux Cord into the Car Speaker

Once you locate the input jack, plug one end of the aux cable into the port – whichever end you use doesn’t matter since the aux cable works both ways.

3. Connect the Phone or Audio Device to the Speaker

The next step is to connect your phone or the device you’ll be playing music on to the car speakers. 

Plug the other end of the aux cable into your device’s audio jack. Depending on the car you’re using, the console may automatically detect the connected device. Otherwise, you’ll need to manually change the audio channel to “Aux”. Test out the audio signal by selecting a song or audio clip on your device that should play through the car’s speakers.

Connecting an Aux Cable to Wireless Speakers

They may be called wireless speakers but you can certainly use an aux cable for more stable connectivity. 

1. Determine if Your Wireless Speakers Support Aux-Input Connection

You can easily determine if your wireless speaker is aux-input compatible by checking it for an audio jack. 

Video | Tech Gadgets Chatter

Look for a small audio jack that’s labeled with “Aux” or “Audio In”, this is usually found near other input jacks such as the charger port. Most wireless or portable speakers are designed to be Bluetooth compatible rather than functioning as an aux cable speaker, so it’s important to check the speaker before proceeding. Fortunately, just checking if the wireless speaker has an aux input is enough to confirm this. 

2. Connect the Aux Cord to the Speaker and Audio Device

Video | UpStream Charlie

Plug the aux cord into the speaker then connect the other end to the device that you’re going to play audio from.

For phones and similar handheld gadgets, the audio signal is automatically detected. However, you may need to manually connect them for laptops and other devices, this can be done by accessing the audio settings and setting the audio output to “Aux” or “External speaker.”

Connecting an Aux Cable to Other Speaker Sound Systems

As a rule of thumb, any speaker sound system with a 3.5 mm jack is compatible with aux cable wires. 

Audio jacks ordinarily function as either an input or output connection depending on the device it’s located on. For speakers, however, you can immediately assume that it’s an input connection if it doesn’t have a built-in interface to access audio files from – in other words, if the sound system’s main or only function is to act like a speaker then you can wire an aux cable to it. 

Wiring an aux cable to any sound system is a straightforward process of plugging in the cord. 

1. Locate the Input Jack on the Sound System

In most cases, the input jack is located on the main console that controls the peripheral speakers.

Video | futureman

You can easily identify the main console by looking for the device that contains the button and knobs for audio control. Look for a hole or port with the word “Aux” near it, this is the input jack for your sound system. For single-piece sound systems like a sound bar, the input jack is usually located behind or on the side of the device. 

2. Plug Aux Cable Into the Input Port and Connect the Audio Device

Video | Argos Support

Start by plugging the aux cable into the input port of the sound system. Connect the other end of the cable to your selected audio source such as TVs, monitors, phones, etc. 

3. Check Whether the Audio Output is Set to “Aux”

The audio should automatically play from the sound system after connecting the aux cable but, if not, check the settings of the audio source. Look through the audio settings and change the audio channel to “Aux.”

Different Types of Aux Cables

Video | sgaudiohive

Aux cables come in 3 types with each offering different types of connections.

Standard aux cables come in a 3.5 mm form, which refers to the length of the metal connector, with both ends serving as both input and output connectors. The key difference between different aux cable types is the number of black rings on the metal connector. These rings act as a divider on the metal connector, allowing each section to have a different purpose. 

1. TS Aux Cable

TS aux cables have one ring and purely function as an audio cable. 

TS aux cables are used for mono audio – which is when a singular audio channel is played on one speaker. A good example of this is a portable speaker wherein the sound only comes from one direction since there’s only one speaker. This is due to the ring on the metallic connector that separates aux cable functions into ground and audio. 

2. TRS Aux Cable

TRS aux cables have two rings and are used for stereo audio systems. 

TRS connectors are used for stereo audio systems, which use two audio channels – left and right. The most common examples of stereo audio are headphones, where the audio channels are split between the left and right ear, and surround sound speakers. Some TRS aux cables even come with additional devices that add volume control to the headphones or speakers. The dual-channel function makes TRS connectors the most common type of aux cable around.

3. TRRS Aux Cable

TRRS aux cables have three rings and combine stereo audio plus a microphone input. 

TRRS aux cables are commonly used in headphones that have an integrated microphone or speaker with an action camera mic. They’re rarely sold as a separate wire and instead are packaged with audio-recording systems or wireless headphones as a wired alternative. As such, you won’t need to use a TRRS connector if your speaker system doesn’t come with a microphone port. 


Making & Mending.

Mono vs Stereo: The Complete Guide – Audio Lab.

Video References


Dannys DIY Garage

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  1. What is this output for
  2. How to use
  3. How to turn on AUX
  4. Bluetooth adapter
  5. Cable
  6. How to make AUX
  7. On CD radio
  8. On original radio
  9. On a cassette player
  10. Problems and how to solve them
  11. Plays quietly
  12. Does not work

Knowing what an AUX is in a car radio, drivers will be able to expand the functionality of the system. The designation is located on the player or on the dashboard. The abbreviation AUX is the designation of the connector in the radio, which allows you to connect other sound sources.

What this output is for

Aux line output in the radio is required to connect a smartphone, tablet or mp3 player to the player. In this case, the sound will be transmitted through the car speakers.

In some cars, they are combined, and the car owner can connect the phone while answering the call. To do this, you can connect a microphone to the radio via AUX. Therefore, the panel on top of the Aux connector says “AUX IN”.

In operation, the output is a signal with an amplitude in the range of 0.5-1 V.

There is also an amplifier that transmits sound to the speakers.

Some drivers don’t know what the AUX input means. In this case, you can mix up 2 identical connectors. Below the output with the prefix “IN”, there is a plug labeled “OUT”.

AUX OUT – connector for audio output. Therefore, a wire is inserted into it to output music. This is what speakers are for. Unknowing motorists are faced with problems with sound output in the radio and do not know what Aux is. Therefore, if there are problems with the volume or a non-working player, they change it, but the problem may be that the device is connected incorrectly.

How to use

When an Aux connector is found on the car radio, the driver tries to determine what it is, how to use this function. The system can be found in many devices that reproduce sound. However, older cassette players or older versions of CD players do not have a line out. But this does not mean that a car enthusiast will not be able to connect a player or smartphone to play their music on the speakers.

To start listening to music in the car, you will need to determine how the playback device is connected through the Aux and start listening to music from other sources. If the radio has an AUX plug, then to start using you need a wire, where the jack size should be 3.5 mm. On the other side of the adapter there are several connectors for connecting an external device. If the corresponding output on the player is not found, then the owner of the car is able to make it himself. After connecting the playback device, you can listen to music.

How to enable AUX

If AUX was built into the car radio from the beginning, then the system will need to unlock it. To turn on the Aux radio as a device that sends a signal to the speakers, you must put the player in standby mode. To do this, press the SRC button, then enter the menu using MENU. You will need to hold the button until the system is activated. In the menu, scroll with the right control knob to switch the Aux. The car radio display may show AUX ON/OFF, which means whether the input is on or off.

After the radio shows that Aux is on, press the MENU button. This will help you log out and save the setting. Then you can connect the AUX wire to the radio.

Bluetooth adapter

To solve these problems, go to the device menu and check if the input is unlocked or not. Sometimes the problem occurs in the socket – this will require you to remove the radio and check the connection of the contacts.

  • Wires for the radio
  • Adapter for the car radio
  • How to unlock the car radio
  • How to connect the phone to the cassette radio
  • How to connect a USB flash drive via aux in the car

Tem Brilliant tube-like feel ELTRONIC 20-54 WAVE 300 / Eltronic Blog / Companies / iXBT Live

If only I
asked what is the external distinctive feature of the ELTRONIC 20-54 WAVE 300 column,
then I would answer that the concise and geometrically correct case is made of MDF, and
also an interesting design solution for lighting with color overflows. In a word, this
column for those who not only listen to music, but also have certain
requirements for the design of the playing device.

to consider a column is a strict parallelepiped 56 cm high, 56 cm wide
26 and a depth of 1 cm more. In the model range of the ELTRONIC brand, its dimensions
can rather be called medium than large, however, the acoustics are voluminous and
weighs 6 kg.

This is important
information for those who plan not just to put a music column in
corner of your own room, and take your music with you to organize holidays and
parties. The built-in 7.4V 2400 mAh battery is the ideal
a way to provide yourself with 5 hours of sound and good mood anywhere.

favorite musical compositions the speaker system can from a flash drive, you can still
use a memory card. Of course, there is the possibility of playing sound
via bluetooth, Aux wire connected to the gadget, standard and familiar
FM radio option.

columns, in accordance with the dimensions, medium. The sound will be heard well, but not
deafeningly. The nominal value is 30 watts, the column at the peak produces 300 watts.

As for
equipment, it is quite decent. The manufacturer put a block in the box
power supply, clear and simple instructions, aux cable for connecting to the phone,
speaker remote control and one wireless microphone for entertainment and

controls, like most ELTRONIC brand speakers, is located on top. On
represented by:

  • DC9/2.5A power port with battery charging indicator;
  • Input port for connecting signal from AUX cable;
  • USB port for connecting an external drive;
  • Input port for micro-SD memory card;
  • Wired microphone input;
  • The main volume control of the speaker, it also serves to turn the system on and off;
  • Microphone volume up and down buttons;
  • Buttons for increasing and decreasing the echo effect for the microphone;
  • The “BASS-” button, when pressed briefly, reduces the level of low frequencies, when held, it starts the microphone priority function;
  • The “BASS +” button, when pressed briefly, increases the level of low frequencies, when held, it starts looping the composition on repeat;
  • Buttons for switching tracks back and forth;
  • The PLAY / PAUSE button, with a short press, starts playback and pauses the track, and with a long press, it turns on the wireless connection function with the second speaker in the stereo system;
  • The “MODE” function switches playback modes, and is also responsible for choosing the dynamic backlight option.