Atwood gc6aa-10e: GC6AA-10E DSI 6 Gallon RV Trailer Water Heater DSI LP Gas/Electric 961 – United RV

Atwood Water Heater Model GC6AA-10E Parts

Tune-Up Kit #1 120VAC / Element Kit Contents:  

  • Item#24 Element w/ Gasket 92249

  • Item#28 Thermostat / ECO 91447

Tune-Up Kit #2 Gas / Burner Contents: 

  • Item#28 Thermostat / ECO Kit 91447

  • Item#33 Thermal Cutoff 93866 NLA → (Use New P# 94398)

  • Item#5 Electrode (New Style) 93868

Tune-Up Kit #3 120VAC / Element Kit #1 + Gas / Burner Kit #2 Contents: 

  • Item#28 Thermostat / ECO Kit 91447 

  • Item#33 Thermal Cutoff 93866 NLA → (Use New P# 94398)

  • Item#24 Element w/ Gasket 92249

  • Item#5 Electrode (New Style) 93868


Atwood Water Heater Model GC6AA10E Exploded Parts View Links

Item#1 Flue Box Assembly 90960

Item#2 Door Grill, New Style 92640 NLA

Item#3 Access Door, Colonial White 91514 NLA

Item#3 Access Door, Polar White 91502

Item#3 Access Door, Black 91507

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Item#4 Ignition Board, OEM Version 91365

Item#4 Ignition Board, After-Market Version 91365MC

Item#5 Electrode (New Style) 93868

Item#7 45° Elbow Fitting 91044 (Non-Stocked Item)

Item#8 Gas Valve Only 93844 NLA  (Use New P# Link 92078 In This Application)

Item#8A Gas Valve Bracket 94787 NLA → (Use P# Link 92080)

Item#9 Orifice Holder 91563 (New P# 92065)

Item#10 Orifice 92743 (New P# 92742)

Item#11 Main Burner 91638

Item#12 Door Hardware Kit 91858

Item#13 Corner Brackets 91928 (Non-Stocked Item)

Item#14 Ring & Gasket Kit 96010

Item#24 120V Element w/ Gasket 92249

Item#28 Thermostat / ECO Kit 91447

Item#29 Drain Plug Kit 91857

Item#30 1/2″ Pressure Relief Valve 91604

Item#30 3/4″ Pressure Relief Valve 90028

Item#31 12V Combination White Switch 91230

Item#33 Thermal Cutoff 93866 NLA → (Use New P# 94398)

*Not Shown* 130° Thermostat 91470

*Not Shown* Adjustable Thermostat 93105

*Not Shown* Gas Line Grommet 92610

*Not Shown* Wiring Harness 93315 (New P# 92077)

*Not Shown* Relay 93849

*Not Shown* 120VAC Junction Box 91222

Suburban Replaces Atwood GC6AA-10E | SAW6DE | 6 Gallon RV Water Heater DSI & 110V | 5321A |

by Suburban

Limited stock

$884. 00 USD

$769.00 USD


Product Description:
Suburban 6 Gallon RV Water Heater Direct Spark SAW6DE

Replaces These Atwood Water Heater Models:

Requires Additional Products: Water Heater Power Switch

Suburban Water Heater On/Off Switch – Black
Suburban Water Heater On/Off Switch – White
Suburban Water Heater On/Off Switch – Cream
You MUST purchase both the Water Heater and a Water Heater Power Switch for a complete system! These are sold as separate part numbers

Built just like longer lasting residential tank water heaters.

Take advantage of campsite or generator power to heat water.

Slows combustion process to transfer more heat to water in tank.
Replaces aluminum tank RV water heaters
Longer lasting, residential style porcelain lined steel tank
Repositionable module board provides installation flexibility
Backed by a 2 year limited warranty and the tank is backed by a 3 year tank limited warranty – the best in the RV industry 3 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY BUG
Assembled in the USA by Suburban, the leader in RV water heaters
Suburban Advantage Water Heater doors are available. Sold Separately.

Recovery Chart 01

UNIT DIMENSIONS: 12.50″ h X 16.125″ w X 17.625″ d
CUTOUT DIMENSIONS: 12. 625″ h X 16.25″ w
Suburban Advantage Water Heater Configurations: Select the parts below for your configuration:

Suburban: SW=Suburban Water Heater, D=DSI, E=110V Electric,  M=Heat Exchange, P=Pilot

6 Gallon Door: Polar White 6279APW

Black 6279AEB

Suburban D & DE ON/OFF Switches: Switch – Black 232229

Switch – White 233495

Switch – Cream 232795

Suburban DEL ON/OFF Switch: Switch – White 232882

Anode Rod: Suburban 11563

Butyl Tape: Butyl Tape 88-9021

Add Extra Warranty: 12 Months 1P66

24 Months 2P66

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Atwood 91365 Circuit Board Heaters reviews and specs…

5-minute repair of a faulty gas igniter

Sfl R. Richardson

Level 1

721 Reviewed

43 Karma

Our standard Atwood 6 gallon gas/electric HWH stopped sparking on the pilot. The gas valve worked, but the control panel had just given off a high-pitched screech as the igniter was about to explode. The 110V side was still working and the grill lighter worked as a short term solution on the gas side. I disassembled the ignition unit, cleaned it, checked the integrity, it still does not work. The new lighter didn’t work either. Replacing the board with this device fixed everything. A little…



  • Hooks

Very bad purchase!

Eric W. Webb

Hong Kong, Baltimore

1 Level

677 Review

43 Karma

This Atwood board replaces the Atwood board in the new Atwood water heater purchased in January 2019. The board failed a little over a year ago, there was no fire. Adding this board was easy, took less than 5 minutes and fixed the issue. Let’s see how long this one lasts. I didn’t want to go to the store to have it diagnosed under warranty offered by Atwood, it wasn’t worth the hassle. I would have bought a much better Dinosaur Electronics UIB64 ignition board but it wasn’t in Prime and I didn’t want to…



  • Crumpled

Control board part number

Ryo F. Flora

Level 1

1251 Reviewed

44 Karma

. This part number cannot be found on any seller profile! No cross-references to other part numbers for the new board were found. An Atwood GC10A-4E hot water unit was crossed with an Atwood control board that I ordered. #91365. They sent me MPD Dometic part number 93305. It was a crappy shoot, but I took a picture. This worked and solved my problem. The gas block lights up, but goes out after 7-8 seconds. Remake 4 barrels, then lay them out. Tricky business, these campers, I think…



  • . Obsolete

Saved my hike

George M. Mendoza

New Zealand

Level 1

650 Review

37 Karma

I was told that I would have to wait 6 weeks at my camper service center where I bought my camper to get a warranty replacement for this part. I read a lot of complaints on the forum about the failure of this part in new 2018 and 2019 motorhomes and trailers. I was told that the price was twice the price of this part. came for the night. very quickly I was concerned that it looked a little different. set and crossed fingers. Electricity and gas are now working (gas does not catch fire), very happy …


  • Pleasant


Perfect replacement

Tony A. Addis

1 Level

795 Review

58 Karma

At first I thought my board was faulty, I called Atwood and told them I ran a diagnostic test and the board failed. They gave me the part number of what turned out to be this board. They said I would need an edge connector, but I waited very quickly for the board and found it came with one I didn’t need. I could tell my cable jack would fit easily. While waiting for the board to be sent, I realized that I had a good one. Thermostat was open during testing…


  • GOLS certified


  • Slightly wrinkled

Atwood is not the best helper for water heaters, spare parts and Accessories

John B. Bones

Turkey, Ankara

Level 1

664 Review

58 Karma

I tried half a dozen of these boards. I contacted Atwood for technical assistance, but they didn’t. They sent me a replacement board, but they won’t connect me to the wiring diagram or tech support. I feel like I fried these boards because of the high voltage, but they don’t follow the instructions. High voltage from my tractor when charging the battery (14. 4V) when connected to a trailer and the water heater is on. Also, my trailer dropped from 24V to 12V, it worked…



  • Expensive

Known defective circuit boards

Onur D. Donovan

Georgia, Tbilisi

Level 1

701 Review

40 Karma

I bought this product to replace the original PCB in my 2017 Fleetwood build. This is a different version of the original but is said to be compatible with Atwood gc6aa-10e. Insert the part and briefly turn on the gas, then turn it off again. Progress from what it was before, but still not working properly. Desperate, spending hours trying to figure out what’s going on and then days of waiting for the role. Called the mobile RV technician and he confirmed it as I told him…


  • Dope 🔥