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Affresh Cooktop Cleaner is specially formulated to cut through tough, cooked-on residues that can linger on your cooktop. Non-abrasive cleaner is safe for all glass and ceramic cooktops. Use monthly or as needed to polish your cooktop with a streak-free shine.

  • No.1 recommended by: Whirlpool, KitchenAid and Maytag brands (Affresh brand products are owned and distributed by Whirlpool Corporation)
  • Cuts through tough cooked-on residues for a streak-free polished shine
  • Affresh cooktop cleaning kit polishes your cooktop to keep it looking like new
  • Affresh cooktop cleaner helps remove soil build-up and cooked-on spills without scratching or harming cooktop surfaces
  • Affresh cooktop cleaning kit includes a non-abrasive cleaner that is safe for all glass and ceramic cooktops
  • Use Affresh cooktop cleaner monthly or as needed to keep your cooktop looking like new

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS ONLY – WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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Part Information

Affresh® cooktop cleaning kit (part number W11042470) includes a scraper and 5 scrub pads that remove buildup and cooked-on spills without scratching or harming your cooktop surfaces. It also includes 5 ounces of a non-abrasive cleaner that’s safe for all glass and ceramic cooktops.

Use affresh® cooktop cleaning kit W11042470 monthly or as needed to polish your cooktop and keep it looking like new.

Affresh brand products are owned and distributed by Whirlpool Corp.

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THE BEST hob cleaners

To keep your hob as beautiful as it was when you bought it, you need to take care of it. How to clean a glass ceramic surface? You can use special detergents, for example, from well-known manufacturers (Electrolux (Electrolux), Bosch (Bosch)), other cleaners, as well as home remedies. Let’s talk about the best cleaning products for glass ceramic hob.


  1. Manufacturer’s advice on how to clean glass ceramic surfaces
    • Hob care
    • How not to clean glass ceramics
    • Hob cleaners
  2. Rating of the best glass hob cleaners
    • Electrolux
    • Hob Cleaner

    • Bosch Hob Cleaner
    • Unicum Glass Ceramic Hob Cleaner
    • Cleaner for plates Synergetic
    • Cleaner for glass ceramics Shumanit Bagi
    • Cleaner for glass ceramic Dr. Beckmann
    • Cleaning kit for glass ceramic surfaces Topperr
    • Cleaning spray for glass ceramics GraSS Azelit
    • Spray expert for the kitchen Lemon freshness Mr. Muscle
  3. Homemade Hob Cleaners

Manufacturers’ Tips for Cleaning Glass Hobs

The glass-ceramic surface is most commonly used in induction hobs and modern electric and gas hobs. Tempered glass, which differs in its characteristics, is outwardly identical to glass ceramics – the care for these types of surfaces is similar.

Before we talk about the best cleaning products for an induction hob (and electric or gas hob on glass), here are some tips for caring for and cleaning kitchen appliances.

Glass surface care

It is recommended to wash the hob after each use to prevent oil drops, food pieces, any other dirt from sticking to the surface (it will be much more difficult to clean the hob afterwards). To clean the panel, you should wait for it to cool down.

Do not wait for the panel to cool down if the surface melts plastic, plastic bag, foil, rice starch, sugar and sweet food (jam, sugar syrup, etc.) – use the special scraper as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be almost impossible to get rid of pollution.

To reduce the need to use special cleaners for the hob, do not cook on dirty burners or pots with a dirty bottom – hard-to-remove stains will appear. Cookware and burners should not be wet – it is better to wipe them dry and then turn on the hob and cook.

Light dirt can be removed from the panel with a damp cloth, and then the device should be wiped with a dry cloth to prevent lime deposits.

What should not be used as a cleaner for glass ceramic hobs?

Not all products and tools are suitable for cleaning glass surfaces. In order not to spoil the surface and not to break kitchen appliances, never use:

  • abrasives (e.g. baking soda, scouring powders),
  • metal sponges, brushes,
  • aggressive cleaning agents (e.g. stain removers, oven cleaners), diluted detergents ,
  • sharp metal objects,
  • steam cleaners or high pressure cleaners.

So how to clean the glass-ceramic surface, tempered glass panel according to the recommendations of the manufacturers of kitchen appliances?

Hob cleaner

Light dirt can be wiped off with a simple damp cloth or sponge. If the products are dry, sticky, manufacturers recommend using special cleaners for glass-ceramic panels.

To remove stubborn dirt, when a damp cloth or a special panel cleaner does not work, you can use a special scraper for panels on glass.

See the end of our publication for information on how to replace special cleaning products at home.

To prevent stains on the surface, use glass hob cleaners only after they have cooled down. For the same reason, all detergent residues should be removed from the surface.

Rating of the 9 best hob cleaners

For you, we have prepared a list of the best cleaners for cleaning glass ceramic hob from dirt.

Electrolux Hob Cleaner

Can clean old stains, soot, does not leave streaks. In addition, Electrolux Hob Cleaner will help protect glass ceramics from further contamination by polishing and forming a protective film on the surface. There are a lot of good reviews about this cleanser.

Bosch Hob Cleaner

The kit includes Bosch Hob Cleaner, a scraper and a cleaning cloth. This set will be especially beneficial for those who have not yet purchased a glass ceramic scraper. The detergent also polishes the surface of the plate.

On sale you can also find Bosch hob cleaner without additional tools.

Unicum 9 glass ceramic cooker grease remover0051

This is an excellent cleaner for induction cooktops. Removes stubborn stains, burnt fat.

Synergetic Stove Cleaner

Helps remove stubborn grease. Means for cleaning the hob, stove Synergetic biodegradable.

Shumanit Bagi cleaner for glass ceramics

Concentrate perfectly cleans the glass ceramic surface, copes even with difficult dirt.

Glass ceramic cleaner Dr. Beckmann

Gently cleans dirt, removes deposits and polishes.

Topperr Glass Ceramic Care Set

Set includes scraper, microfiber cloth and induction hob cleaner (glass ceramic). The cleaner contains silicone that forms a protective film.

GraSS Azelit glass ceramic cleaner

Specialized cleaner for glass ceramic and induction cookers. Removes grease, protects against re-soiling, rinses off without streaks.

Expert Kitchen Spray Lemon Fresh Mr. Muscle

Cleaner for glass-ceramic stoves and other surfaces, including tiles. Dissolves grease and disinfects.

How to clean the panel using folk remedies

How to clean the glass ceramic surface at home? You can use various folk remedies for cleaning hobs. All detergents must be removed from the surface after cleaning so that new stains do not appear.

Soap solution

Wet a cloth or sponge with warm soapy water and clean the induction hob or electric hob with it. Rinse off the solution, wipe with a soft dry cloth.

Vinegar and water

Mix table vinegar 9% and water in a ratio of 1 to 1. The solution can be poured into a spray bottle or simply moistened with dirt. After a few minutes, remove dirt and grout with a damp cloth, then wipe dry. The vinegar solution will help clean the glass panel and remove metallic stains.

Ammonium chloride

Use 50 ml of ammonia and 200 ml of water to prepare the next glass ceramic cleaner. Spray the solution gently on the surface of the device, leave for 10 minutes. Then rinse off the solution and wipe with a soft, dry cloth or tissue.

Do not forget about the safety rules when working with ammonia and consider contraindications.

Vegetable oil

Sunflower or olive oil will help to remove dirt and clean the hob. By the way, vegetable oil perfectly removes the adhesive trace left by the labels. Apply oil to areas with adhered fat and leave for a while (10-30 minutes). The oil will soften the fat, after which the dirt and the oil itself must be washed off with soapy water.

To maintain an attractive appearance of kitchen appliances, they must be cleaned and washed in a timely manner, using cleaning products and tools recommended by the manufacturer. We told you about cleaning products for glass ceramic and tempered glass hob, which will be useful in the daily care of electrical appliances and help remove old dirt.

How to clean glass ceramic hob

Shopping and spending

Victoria Zorina

shines on the hob

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In order for the hob to serve for a long time and look neat, it is better to buy special products.

Which one depends on the surface of the plate: glass-ceramic, enamel or metal. I’ll tell you about the basic set for each type, useful little things and how to properly clean the burners and grates.

For convenience, I have divided the types of surfaces and hob elements:

  • Made of glass ceramic and tempered glass
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Enamelled surface
  • Grilles for gas stoves
  • Burners

Glass ceramic and tempered glass top

Glass-ceramic is a durable material, but demanding to care for. If you drop a pot or other heavy object on such a surface, the surface may be scratched, cracked or chipped. Small scratches can be treated with a mixture of baking soda and water, and for serious damage, it is better to contact a repair shop.

If the slab is cracked due to a defect and it is still under warranty, try to return the money for it or exchange it for a new one.

How to clean. The best option is to buy a special product in the form of a spray marked “for glass ceramics”. It is convenient to spray, it will definitely not spoil the surface and effectively clean it from dirt. After application, such products form a thin, safe film on the surface of the slab. It gives the hob a shine, and next time the glass ceramic will be easier to clean. You can also use a cream instead of a spray.

Consumer rights in the store

Examples of such products: Topperr, Dr. Beckmann, Electrolux.

Cleaning agent can be removed from the hob with an ordinary soft foam rubber sponge or a more expensive and pleasant to the touch sponge for glass ceramics. There is not much difference in efficiency between them.

It is convenient to remove the cleaning agent from the glass-ceramic or glass plate with a cloth or microfiber cloth, which is designed for glasses and mirrors. In its description, the word “glass-ceramic” is often found.

Also handy is the melamine sponge, which acts like an eraser: by erasing the dirt, it shrinks. Cut off a piece from the sponge, moisten well with warm water and wipe the stain. Do not wipe glass ceramics with a dry sponge – you can scratch it.

How to choose a hob

The glass-ceramic scraper with a metal blade will cope with old burnt food stains. Please note: its name should contain the words “for glass ceramics”, then it will definitely not scratch the surface.

If you want to save money, buy a scraper kit with replacement blades and change them when the scraping efficiency decreases.

How not to. I do not recommend overpaying for funds marked “eco”: they are usually less effective. Do not buy napkins and rags for more than the product costs: their effectiveness is often a marketing ploy.

The glass-ceramic sponge must not be metallic or with a hard abrasive layer, as on dish sponges: scratches may remain on the surface.

Universal scrapers, razors, car glass scrapers are not suitable for cleaning the stove.

What to buy:
🧽 Soft sponge — from 10 R
🧽 Melamine sponge — from 10 R
🧽 Cloth for glass ceramics — from 115 R
🧽 Scraper for glass ceramics — from 111 R
🧽 Glass ceramic cleaner — from 150 P

Metal surface

The surface of the stainless steel plate is strong and difficult to damage or scratch. But it also has its own peculiarities.

How to clean. It is better to choose a special tool for metal surfaces. The product with chlorine may leave stains.

If the spots are old, apply the product on them and leave for 10-15 minutes for it to work.

Examples of such products: Sanitol, Clean Kitchen, Lyme Anti-Fat.

Sponge must not be hard or abrasive – the metal may be scratched. A regular sponge for dishes or cleaning will do. A melamine sponge will help remove old stains. To make it last longer, do not use it as a whole, but cut off a piece and wipe the stain with it.

The metal surface is not picky about the material of rags and napkins, you can use any.

What to buy:
🧽 Melamine sponge – from 10 R
🧽 Wipes – from 15 R
🧽 Soft sponge – from 26 R
🧽 Chlorine-free cleaner – from 35 Р

Enamelled surface

Easy-care enamel , but even with careful handling, scratches and chips may appear on the surface. In this case, you can paint the surface with heat-resistant paint, but this is not easy. If you do not have experience in such work, it is better to contact a household appliance repair shop.

How to clean. Any universal product is suitable for enamel. Do not use aggressive products for metal or tile: they usually say that they are not intended for enamel.

Examples of such products: Magic Power, Meine Liebe, Synergetic.

Enamel sponge can be anything but metal or melamine: these can scratch the enamel.

A good choice is an ordinary sponge for dishes or an enamel bath, you can use the simplest one. To wipe the enameled hob, any cloth or cleaning cloth will do.

When cleaning an enameled surface, apply the product and wait a few minutes. The dirt should absorb the detergent – then it will be easier to clean it off.

What to buy:
🧽 Viscose and polyester cloth – from 15 R
🧽 Foam sponge – from 20 R
🧽 Cellulose sponge – from 91 R
🧽 Clean cleaning agent for enamel – from 110 R


Grids on the stove are enameled steel and cast iron.

How to clean. In addition to hand washing, steel grates can be steam cleaned and washed in a dishwasher if they are removable and there is no explicit prohibition in the description of the stove.

For the cast iron grate, it is better to use a soapy solution, such as soap or dishwashing liquid.

Cast iron grates can be cleaned with a steam cleaner. Removable grates can also be washed in the dishwasher, but do not abuse them so as not to spoil the cast iron.

Another good method is to burn cast iron on gas. If the grate is removable, it can be ignited directly above a working gas burner. If the grate is not removable, a gas burner will come in handy. For it, you need to buy a small gas cartridge and connect it according to the instructions. After calcination, the remains of dirt and soot can be easily removed with a damp cloth. If you are afraid to use the burner, it is better to clean the grates manually.

How not to. All-purpose cleaners may be too aggressive for cast iron. Do not wipe the cast iron with a hard or steel wool, so as not to spoil the coating. It is better to take a soft sponge.

What to buy:
🧽 Gas cylinder – from 65 R
🧽 Burner – from 115 R
🧽 Steam cleaner – from 1032 R

Burners on gas and electric stoves e

Hobs on stoves also get dirty during use. And if on glass-ceramic burners can be cleaned together with the entire surface, then on gas and old electric stoves with “pancakes” they need to be given special attention.

How to clean. Electric hotplates are often made from cast iron. Therefore, they must be cleaned in the same way as cast iron grates: with soapy water or a steam cleaner.

Gas burner consists of an aluminum burner and a cast iron or steel cover. These burners are easy to clean with products for metal and cast iron. To do this, turn off the stove, remove the burners and covers and carefully clean with a sponge. It is not recommended to wash the parts of the gas stove in the dishwasher.

Another way to shine your burners is to buy a burner cleaning pen. There are universal options for electric and gas stoves, there are only electric ones.

What to buy:
🧽 Pencil for burners — from 50 R
🧽 Cleaner for metal surfaces — from 115 R
🧽 Steam cleaner — from 1032 R

Important rules for cleaning the hob

  1. Only clean when the surface is cold to don’t get burned.