7 in tvs: UHD 4K Smart TV RU7100 65″ – Specs & Price

UHD 4K Smart TV RU7100 65″ – Specs & Price

See more detail in stunning 4K

See all your favorite entertainment as it was meant to be seen. Enter the world of 4K, where every show, season, and scene is upscaled  with enhanced picture clarity. Plus, a smart guide lets you quickly find what you want to watch.

RU7100 Key Features

Optimized picture performance with 4K UHD Processor

A powerful processor optimizes your TV’s performance with 4K picture quality.

Experience stunningly enhanced detail with HDR

See shades of color that reveal more detail than HDTV can deliver.

Search less, enjoy more on your Smart TV with Universal Guide

Our simple on-screen guide is an easy way to find streaming content and live TV shows.

A sleek, slim design that fills your space

Modern and slim, the sleek design naturally fills the contours of your space with refined design.

Many Spectrums of Color

with PurColor 

Enjoy a wide range of color fine-tuned to deliver a vibrant picture.*

*Wide Color Gamut capable TV vs Samsung 2017 FHD TV. 

Powerful picture quality

4K UHD Processor   

A powerful processor optimizes your TV’s performance with 4K picture quality.

Real 4K UHD Resolution

See what you’ve been missing on a crisp, clear picture that’s 4X the resolution of Full HD.

UHD Dimming

Samsung’s UHD Dimming dynamically fine tunes the deepness of the blacks, to the brightness of the whites, for a picture with sensational contrast.

Revealing Colors


See shades of color that reveal more detail than HDTV can deliver.   

See the bigger picture

Screen sizes up to 82″

Samsung offers a range of larger than life 75″+ class TV’s that take on-screen entertainment up a level. Immerse yourself in a cinematic experience where your favorite movies, shows, sports, and games appear larger than life.

Slim and Modern

Slim Design

Modern and polished, the sleek design naturally fills the contours of your space with refined design.

Search less, enjoy more

Smart TV with Universal Guide

Our simple on-screen guide is an easy way to find streaming content and live TV shows.

All in one

with OneRemote

The sleek and slim OneRemote automatically detects and controls all compatible connected devices and content.⁴

Samsung UHD TV meets the new Apple TV app

Apple TV

Now for the first time ever, you can buy, rent, and watch the newest movies, plus subscribe to and watch Apple TV channels on your Samsung UHD TV with the new Apple TV app. Just click the Apple TV app icon and dive right in.*

*Apple and Apple TV are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. The content within the screen are simulated images and are for demonstration purposes only.

Seamless connections

Samsung TV works with other smart devices

Amazon Alexa

Smart Speakers

Samsung UHD TV works with Alexa so your life just got simpler. It’s easy to connect your Alexa-enabled devices. With Samsung UHD TV’s compatibility, have Alexa turn on your TV, change channels, control volume, and more.*

*AirPlay and Alexa functionality are available on all 2019 and later Samsung smart TVs. Amazon, Alexa, and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Available on 2018, 2019 and later smart Samsung TVs. Google and related marks and logos are trademarks of Google LLC.

Google Assistant

Smart Speakers

Samsung UHD TV works with the Google Assistant to make your life easier. Change channels, adjust the volume, control playback and more with just your voice.*

*AirPlay, Alexa and Works With functionality not available at launch and will be coming soon to 2019 Samsung Smart TVs. Amazon, Alexa, and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.
 Google and related marks and logos are trademarks of Google LLC.

AirPlay 2

With AirPlay 2 built in, you can stream or share content from Apple devices to the big screen. Effortlessly play videos, music, photos and more from your iPhone, iPad and Mac on your Samsung UHD TV.*

*AirPlay, Alexa and Works With functionality not available at launch and will be coming soon to 2019 Samsung Smart TVs.

Samsung RU7100

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Samsung UHD TV, from finish to function, a thoughtful design that amazes.

Samsung 7 Series TV Review 2023

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Table of Contents_

  • Why We Like It – Samsung 7 Series TV
  • Performance/Display/Resolution/Refresh
  • Sound
  • Smart Features
  • Ports/Expandability
  • Value
  • Samsung 7 Series TV Wrap Up

Our #1 pick for the best curved TV is the Samsung 7 Series TV. Its UHD processor upscales old shows into 4K, and there are millions of shades of gorgeous color. Curved TVs make for immersive and exciting action and are sure to be the talking point of your living room. Let’s review one of the best TVs you can find from Samsung.

3,222 Reviews

Samsung 7 Series TV

Even with a curved screen, the Samsung 7 Series TV has a wide viewing angle, so you can watch your favorite movies from any seat in the living room. We love Samsung’s clean cable solution that helps tuck away cords in the back of the TV. If you only have the space for a 55-inch TV, check out our Samsung Curved TV 55-inch 4K review to see if it also meets your other needs as well.


  • Cable management system
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Samsung’s Universal Guide is really convenient


  • Amazon reviewers had trouble with Samsung customer service


A fantastic 4K Ultra HD TV, the Samsung 7 Series comes with PurColor for a more lifelike picture. The 4K UHD processor upscales older content into near-4K picture quality, and it’s HDR compatible, meaning your favorite shows and movies will never look better. But, if you do have questions about other resolutions, such as what is an LCD TV, we have the answer in another guide.

But, 4K UHD looks much better than your standard 1080p full HD TV. With a motion rate of 120 (60hz refresh rate), you’ll watch super smooth sports and enjoy video games with very little input lag. You can learn more about refresh rates and how they affect your experience with our article on what is Hz on TV. If you are interested in what is TV resolution, then you need to look no further. You can also check out our comparison of 4K vs 8K if you are curious about what TV may look like in the future. Our many guides can help you understand it.

However, if you play a lot of FPS games, you may want a faster refresh rate, like the 240Hz in our Samsung GN65Q6FN review. And Samsung’s Ultra Slim Array makes blacks deeper and colors pop for a beautiful contrast. Compare the Samsung 7 Series to the Samsung Electronics UN65MU7500. You can also compare the Samsung 7 Series to a different brand with our LG UN7300 review.

Related: Also, get to our Samsung 7 series curved 65 QLED review.


The Samsung 7 Series has speakers that sound surprisingly good for being built-in. If you do want deeper bass or higher audio levels, however, you will have to connect an external sound system or connect a soundbar via Bluetooth. Additionally, you can also learn how to connect an external hard drive to a TV to stream additional movies. Moreover, you can compare this to another model with our Samsung Q7F review.

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Smart Features

This Samsung smart TV is a great addition to any home theater. Samsung’s Universal Guide conveniently pulls listings from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more into one convenient place, so you’ll be watching your favorite shows in just seconds. It’s also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant devices. Plus, you can also learn how do I mirror my phone to my TV so you can project from your phone.

With built-in wifi, you’ll have easy access to the internet. Connect to Samsung SmartThings to access your entire smart home. To check out another great Samsung model, read our Samsung UN75TU8000FXZA review. Or, if you prefer a different OS, you can check out our OLED55B8PUA review for an option that uses WebOS, or our TCL 43-inch TV review, which uses Roku.

To learn about more smart features, read our guide to a Smart TV with ethernet vs WiFi.


This Samsung TV has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports for flexibility in connecting all of your gadgets; plug in your DVD player, cable box, gaming consoles, and more, all at once! Follow the simple steps to hook up your DVD player to the TV, and you’ll be ready to watch all of your favorite movies in no time. Moreover, it works with the Samsung One Remote Control to control all compatible devices connected to the TV, so you don’t have to worry about losing multiple remotes. For another great option, you can read our Samsung QN75Q80TAFXZC review. However, if you need more connectivity, check out our Sony XBR55X900F review, which has 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports.


The Samsung 7 Series is similar in price to the Samsung RU7300 but is overall a great value for your money. The gorgeous picture quality and easy-to-use smart features make the price definitely worth it, and its energy saver mode will certainly help your electric bill.

Samsung 7 Series TV Wrap Up

Samsung TVs have some of the best displays on the market, and the 7 Series is no different. The 4K UHD upscaling technology will make even older movies and shows look amazing, and you’ll love watching sports with its smooth refresh rate. Other smart TVs don’t have such easy-to-use smart features as the Universal Guide. This Samsung LED is fantastic, but if you’re looking for higher-end Quantum Dot technology, check out the Samsung 7 Series Curved 65 QLED.

Error code 7 on LG TV: how to fix?

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LG fault codes indicate problems. 7 error is related to satellite TV Tricolor. Experts will help you figure out how to solve a problematic situation.

Contents of this article:

  1. Satellite and TV equipment errors – causes
  2. How to proceed?
  3. Instructions for installing the card

Satellite and TV equipment errors – causes

Tricolor TV equipment during video transmission failures show problems with different codes.

“7” indicates that there is no access to watching TV channels. Usually it is provoked by problems with the SMART card, but there are other reasons that provoke the appearance of a failure.

Displaying “sevens” on the TV screen may occur due to:

  • problems in the device settings;
  • incorrect installation or breakdown of the SMART card;
  • non-payment according to the tariff plan;
  • incorrect installation of the TV antenna;
  • bad weather.

You can try to fix the problem yourself.

How to proceed?

Methods of dealing with various causes of the “seven” are different. Often, in order to correct the situation with the receiver, it is necessary to reset its settings to factory settings. Action algorithm:

  1. Open receiver settings.
  2. Enter the “About receiver” category.
  3. Click on the button “Reset settings” (sometimes “Factory …”).
  4. Wait until the device reboots.
  5. Select interface language.
  6. Select area and set time.
  7. Carry out parameter save.

On certain devices, access to settings requires a password. By default, this is the code set 0000. When it was changed by someone else, you will not be able to log in to the system yourself.

When the reset did not work, then you need to pay attention to the SMART card. It is important to check what the Tricolor-TV card of the current region costs, since cards for different regions of the state do not have compatibility. So, for example, the Center card will not function in the Ural coverage area. When improper equipment is used, it is correct to purchase a local card. Certain models of receivers come with built-in cards, so you will need to buy a receiver as well.

Instructions for installing the card

It is necessary to start the equipment and remove the smart card for 3-4 minutes, then carefully return it to the device.

In a situation where the actions taken did not give a result, you should contact the technical service center, where you can replace the faulty card. You cannot buy them at third-party points, because in this case the manufacturer does not guarantee their work.

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LG TV Error Codes – LG MAGAZINE Russia

LG TVs are in high demand among consumers due to their picture and sound quality and clear settings. But the LG TV, like any other TV, has malfunctions. Consider the most popular LG TV error codes:

  • Error 3 “Unable to find the DNS server.” First of all, check if the Internet is working on other devices. If this is the case, then you should set the DNS server manually in the TV settings. To do this, press the gear button on the LG TV remote control and go to the settings menu. Next, select “Network”, “Connect to a Wi-Fi network” and “Advanced settings”. Click on the “Change” button and manually register the DNS server “”.
  • Error 106. The most common error that occurs when connecting to a router. Occurs at a frequency of 5 GHz. In the router settings, you need to change the frequency from 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz.
  • Error 137. Another common error for LG TV. Occurs when the TV tries to connect to a wireless network. First of all, check if the network password is entered correctly. If true, then you should restart the TV and the router. If this does not help, then it is worth deleting the network from the memory of the LG TV and reconnecting to it.
  • Error 105 Occurs when there is no access to the Internet, or when address resolution set by DNS fails. Initially, you should reboot both the LG TV and the router. If it does not help, then you need to set the DNS address manually, as described above. Enter the address “” or optional “” is a public server from Google.
  • Error codes 101 and 102 indicate that a failure has occurred in the ISP’s back-end zone. In this case, it remains only to wait for the provider to establish work on its side.
  • Error 109 – network error, try reconnecting the TV to the Internet. Or try temporarily connecting to mobile internet.
  • Error 300 – appears on the LG TV screen also due to network errors. It does not matter if the TV is connected to the wireless Internet, or via a wire. It is necessary to disable IPv6 in the TV settings.
  • Error 6003 – occurs if the name of any of the channels contains brackets or quotation marks. After deletion, access is restored and the error code disappears. If it doesn’t, try updating the firmware.
  • Error 200 – usually occurs when trying to use the voice search on the control panel. You should disconnect the TV from the Internet for 5 minutes and then reconnect. If the error persists, then you need to update the TV software.
  • Errors 201 and 501 are accompanied by a no signal message. If this is not the case and there is a signal, then you need to switch from 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz. You can also reset your router settings.
  • Error 503 – occurs on the side of a particular application or web resource. It is worth waiting for the problem to be fixed by the developer.

In addition to the errors of the LG TV itself, there are a number of errors that do not depend on the operating system and model of the TV itself. Errors occur on the side of the television operator:

  • Error code 10001 occurs with the provider Rostelecom when trying to pay for a tariff plan or when trying to buy additional content. An error means that the money was not credited to the personal account. You won’t be able to fix it yourself, you need to contact Rostelecom support.
  • Error 20001 appears for users of the Wink prefix of Rostelecom subscribers. You should check the availability of the Internet and restart the router. You should also make sure that the cables are working and connected correctly. If we are talking about the Wink application (without a prefix), it is worth updating it.
  • Error 20003 requires a reboot of all devices: LG TV, Rostelecom set-top box and router. After that, you need to make sure that the Internet is working and update the Rostelecom application.
  • Error 60005 indicates that there is no network connection or an unstable connection to the Internet. You should check your router settings.
  • Error 503000 from Megafon providers is due to equipment failure, you need to issue a call to the wizard in the technical support of the supplier.
  • Error 6 on Tricolor TVs indicates that there is no network access. You need to reset the settings and reconnect. Another solution would be to update the Tricolor application.