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Why The Perfect Pool Height is 4ft (5 Reasons)

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If you’re thinking about getting a pool, there are a lot of variables to consider. You need to balance the size, composition and aesthetic of your outdoor space with what you want and need from your pool. You need to think not only about what will look great but what will keep you and your family safe in play or while exercising. About what will ensure easy pool maintenance and ensure that your pool is a fit for your purpose.

One such variable is the height / depth of your pool.

There is much debate among pool owners as to which is the perfect height for a household pool. Some will swear that 3 feet is all you need while some will swear that you need a height of at least 6 feet to get the most out of your pool. Well, we know a thing or two about pools. Heck, they’ve been our livelihood since the ‘60s. And our decades of experience have taught us that (as long as nobody in your family is training to be an olympic diver), 4 feet is the perfect height for your pool.

5 Reasons Why You Want a 4 Ft Pool

1. It’s perfect for young kids

When you have young children, it’s understandable that you’d want to get them in the pool as early as possible. This can help to create an affinity with the water. As your children grow, their relationship with your pool will take on new dimensions. It will start off as a place where they can splash, paddle and have fun. In time, they will most likely want to invite friends over to play in the pool with them or throw pool parties to commemorate birthdays and other special occasions. As they get older they may want to swim on a competitive basis or as a means to stay fit and healthy.

Still, by keeping your pool height at 4ft, you’ll ensure that it is not too deep for them to approach even at a young age. Deeper pools, however, can be prohibitive to very young children as they may worry about sinking. A 4 ft pool can ensure that your child’s relationship with your pool gets off to the best possible start, yet is able to fulfil their changing needs as they get older.

2. It’s just enough water to keep clean

It’s a popular myth that maintaining a pool is a lot of hard work. While it’s true that pool owners need to be diligent, owning a pool is far from a burden. That said, cleaning out detritus from a pool that’s 6-9 ft deep can be a challenge. A 4ft pool height, however, allows for just the right amount of water to keep the pool nice and easy to clean. You can see foreign objects at the bottom with greater clarity and fish them out easily.

3. It’s just right for all kinds of swimming

The whole family will likely use the pool for different reasons. Your little ones will, at least in their younger years, use the pool predominantly for splashing and doggy paddle. As they grow up, however, they’ll become more proficient swimmers and want to use the pool to improve their fitness and endurance.

Likewise, you and your spouse may well use your pool as a crucial part of your health and fitness regimen.

The good news is that whatever kind of swimming you need to practice, a 4 ft pool height is more than adequate to meet your needs. Even large adults can immerse themselves completely at 4 feet and the depth allows for all kinds of different strokes.

If you’re worried about the length and breadth of your pool not being enough to get a great workout, we highly recommend Bow Swim. This is a sturdy and highly effective tool that will allow you to concentrate on improving your swimming without needing to spend so much time on turns if you have a more diminutive pool.

4. It’s deep enough to absorb the force from jumping in

When jumping into your pool, it’s important to do so feet first. However, you still need a pool that’s deep enough to absorb the impact from child, teen and adult bodies alike. A 4 ft pool is sufficient to ensure that the whole family can jump in (not dive) safely.

5. It’s a great height for all kinds of games

The pool’s not just for solo swimming. It’s a highly social place where the whole family, neighbors and friends can gather for all kinds of aquatic games. Whether you’re playing for fun, fitness or as part of a pool party, your pool height should be perfectly balanced to ensure that everyone gets to join in.

Here’s some of the more popular games:

  • volleyball
  • basketball
  • water aerobics
  • marco polo
  • water polo

The 4 ft pool is perfect for all kinds of fun water games. And because the water isn’t too deep, the whole family (however small) can join in the fun.

Let the games begin!

The perfect height for just about anything!

Again, with the exception of diving, a 4 ft pool height is safe and appropriate for just about any water-based activity for the whole family. A 4 ft pool is safe and easy to maintain and will serve you well for decades.

Final thoughts on pool height

Of course, while we believe that 4 ft is the optimal pool height, we are more than happy to create a custom liner that will allow you to go deeper if you prefer. You may want a pool that starts out at a 4 ft depth then slowly slopes to a dept of 5 or 6 ft. Alternatively, you may want to opt for a “Baja shelf” which drops sharply from the shallow to deep end.

Whatever your need when it comes to designing and installing your pool, we’re here to ensure that your pool is the perfect fit for your family. Want to know more about our services, facilities and events? Click Here to get in touch with us today.

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15 best above-ground pools in 2023

Anyone who loves to laze in the sun, swim a few laps or just cool off in their favorite swimsuit when summer’s hottest rays are on full display has likely dreamed of installing an in-ground pool in the backyard. But expense, maintenance and having the actual space to do it also likely prevent that dream from coming true. So why not invest in the next best thing: an above-ground pool.

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From shallow, inflatable options to those with built-in benches to large metal-framed models that can fit the whole family, plus a few neighborhood pals, above-ground pools are not as complicated as their in-ground siblings, but considerations should still be made before deciding if they’re right for your property, says Dan DiClerico, home expert at HomeAdvisor, a site that sources local professionals for home projects.

To assess whether your home is ready for a splash zone any bigger than a blow-up baby pool, we looked to DiClerico for advice and rounded up some top picks from top-rated brands and bestsellers.


First and foremost, DiClerico says, survey your space. “Make sure the pool will fit in the yard without violating any zoning regulations,” he says. These will vary by community, but according to him, pools generally need to be at least 5 feet from property lines and a certain distance from the main house, maybe 12 or 15 feet. Plus, proximity to power lines and underground utilities is a factor, and many communities require permits for installing a pool.

“You need to do all the due diligence, checking with your local zoning board and building department, before making any kind of purchase decision,” DiClerico advises.

Once you’ve figured out the municipal logistics, you also must consider whether your landscape is suited for a pool. “Does your ground slope or are there large trees or rocks in the way?” DiClerico says. “You may have to pay to have these removed or relocated.”

And remember, some communities have codes regarding tree removal. Soil stability may also be a factor, depending on the size of the pool you’re considering. “If the soil is very soft and sandy, you may need to amend it before putting in the pool,” he says.


We’re just being thorough here, but the installation of a pool — even an above-ground one — may affect your homeowner’s insurance. Check with your carrier about coverage, restrictions and rates. “In general, houseguests are covered for injuries that may occur while using the pool, but the pool itself is not covered by any damage that might occur,” DiClerico says. “Many providers will require you to put up a protective fence or childproof gate before they’ll even consider coverage.”

“The obvious advantage of above-ground over in-ground pools is cost,” says DiClerico. According to HomeAdvisor’s True Cost Guide, most people spend between $1,000 and $4,000 on above-ground pools — $2,500 on average — compared with an average of $50,000 for an in-ground pool, the costs of which can easily run into the six figures if you add luxury features like a hot tub and waterfall.

For an above-ground pool, the lower end, budget-wise — up to about $1,000 — will limit your size and shape. “For $1,000, you’re not going to get more than a basic 12-foot round with zero add-ons or accessories,” DiClerico says. “As you go up in price, pools get larger and more diverse in shape, including rectangular, oval and hexagonal.” The largest, higher-end above-ground options, measuring in the neighborhood of 20 feet by 40 feet, will ring up at around $4,500.

And just how much do you need to spend? Think about how you want to use the pool, DiClerico recommends. “If you just want a personal place to relax and cool down, a basic round will do,” he says. “If you want it for entertaining or for the kids to play in, you’ll need a larger pool with a surrounding deck for lounging and additional safety features, including a fence and removable ladder to keep unattended children from accessing the pool.”

As you’re figuring out your budget, factor in some of the add-ons — pool kits, liner, sides, edging, pump and ladder — that may bump up the total price.


The above costs don’t include installation, which, if you hire a professional to do it for you, may run you upward of $1,000, DiClerico advises. An experienced DIYer may be able to handle installation with the help of a few handy friends, possibly in a few hours or a day, depending on the size and scope of the pool.

Decide beforehand if you want someone else to do the install, and ask up front about terms and costs. If you’re having the pool installed, be sure the work as well as the pool is warranted, and make sure you’re clear on the terms.


“At this price point, you’re dealing with inflatables — think kiddie pools for grown-ups,” DiClerico says. “They’re affordable and very DIY-friendly but not meant as a permanent solution.”

That means at the end of swim season, you will need to deflate and store the pool. And watch out for sharp objects, including small rocks kicked out by your lawn mower, that could cause permanent damage to a less pricey option.

Sun Squad 10-Foot-by-22-Inch Deluxe Rectangular Inflatable Above-Ground Pool

Sun Squad 10-Foot-by-22-Inch Deluxe Rectangular Inflatable Above-Ground Pool


If your basic need is a personal place to relax and cool down, a simple inflatable pool is a good option. From Target’s super-cute summer line Sun Squad, this is also one of the few blow-up pools out there that doesn’t resemble a kiddie pool. Ideal if you have a tiny backyard or are in desperate need of lying in a few inches (it’s 22 inches deep) of water every day.

$35 at Target

Sun Squad 7.5-Foot-by-27-Inch Family Above-Ground Pool With Bench


Ready to settle in for some quality time in the sun? The two-tier construction of Sun Squad’s inflatable above-ground pool features a large cushioned seat with a backrest for comfort and two cup holders to keep your drinks close at hand. Recommended for ages 6 and older, this model is on the shallower side, at 27 inches deep and 7 feet wide, and the perfect size for a family of three.

$45 at Target

Funboy Tie-Dye Mini Inflatable Pool

Funboy Tie-Dye Mini Inflatable Pool

Urban Outfitters

Feel like you missed out on the Summer of Love? Crank the “Woodstock” soundtrack up on Spotify and take a refreshing dip in this round, dual-tie-dye print inflatable pool. Made of 100% PVC vinyl and measuring 5.5 feet across and 14 inches high, it’s big enough for you and a friend to cool off in all season long. Groovy!

$55 at Amazon

Intex Swim Center Inflatable Family Lounge Pool


Perfect for adults and kids alike, here’s another inflatable pool that comes with a comfy built-in bench. At 7.3 feet across and 30 inches deep, it’s just the size for a small family.

$46 at Amazon

Intex Metal Frame Pool Set

Intex Metal-Frame Pool Set


Want to kick things up a notch from a kiddie pool but lack the space for a full-size above-ground model? Consider this metal frame set from Intex your happy medium. Easy to assemble, it comes with a 530-gallon-per-hour filter pump to keep water clean, along with one filter cartridge. Made using PVC material, it’s durable, measures 12 feet by 30 inches and gets thousands of rave Amazon reviews for its size, price and simple install. For added safety, invest in a pool ladder as well.

$164 at Amazon

EJ Blow Up Pool

Homech Family Inflatable Swimming Pool, 120 Inches by 72 Inches by 22 Inches


With triple-decked air chambers, this inflatable swimming pool holds up to two adults and three to five kids and can be inflated in under five minutes when using an electric pump. Measuring just under 10 feet by 6 feet and 20 inches deep, you can also rest easy knowing it’s made using lead- and BPA-free materials.

$61 at Walmart

Intex 8.

5-Foot-by-26-Inch Rectangular Frame Above-Ground Pool


Above-ground pools can be great if you’re looking for a place for your little ones to get more familiar with swimming before venturing out into larger bodies of water. With this rectangular pool, there’s plenty of room for you to join in and make sure they know the ropes.

$104 at Target

Intex 13-Foot-by-33-Inch Easy Set Inflatable Swimming Pool With 530 GPH Filter Pump


No tools? No problem. This easy setup Intex pool will have your whole family cooled off in no time. Plus, if you don’t want to keep your pool out all season, this one can be easily drained and stored away until the next scorching day rolls around.

$208 at Target

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“Spending up to $1,000 gets you into the category of structured above-ground pools,” says DiClerico. “They’re more durable than an inflated pool but might show signs of wear and tear after a few years.”

Steel Pro Above-Ground Swimming Pool


Ready to get a little wild this summer? Snag this safari print above-ground pool that comes with a corrosion-resistant steel frame, durable three-ply liner and built-in flow control valve. Super easy to set up, it measures 10 feet by 26 inches and comes with one repair patch.

$131 at Target

Summer Waves Elite Above-Ground Swimming Pool With Filter Pump and Deluxe Accessory Set

Summer Waves Elite Above-Ground Swimming Pool With Filter Pump and Deluxe Accessory Set


Who needs a pricey pool membership when you can set this highly rated baby up in your own backyard? At 14 feet across and 42 inches deep, there’s plenty of room for the family to cool off when the temps get red hot. The model also comes with a pool cover, filter pump, chlorinator filter cartridge and ladder.

$600 at Amazon

Summer Waves 16-Foot Round 48-Inch Deep Elite Frame Pool Dark Triple Basket Weave

The Home Depot

In a stylish dark triple basket weave print with a pretty blue honeycomb design on the interior, this pool set uses strong metal tubes in its sturdy metal frame and comes with a filter pump, filter cartridge, stepladder and repair patch.

$781 at The Home Depot

Intex 18-Foot-by-48-Inch Inflatable Round Outdoor Above-Ground Swimming Pool Set

Intex 18-Foot-by-48-Inch Inflatable Round Outdoor Above-Ground Swimming Pool Set


Your backyard is about to become the most popular spot on the block. Intex’s large, round, above-ground inflatable pool measures 18 feet by 4 feet, can be set up tool-free in about 30 minutes and fits up to eight people. The set includes a three-ply pool liner, filter pump, filter cartridge, ladder, ground cloth and debris cover — in other words, everything you need to make a big splash.

$416 at Target

Bestway nPower Steel Outdoor Oval Frame Above-Ground Swimming Pool Set


Looking for the perfect pool to create your own personal relaxation oasis? This oval-shaped pool from Bestway is a great choice for those whose yard might not service a traditional circle-shaped pool. Made with a triple-layered, puncture-resistant liner, all you need to worry about with this pool is getting it set up and ready for summer fun.

$783 at Amazon

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“As you move into this range, you see more hard-sided pools, with frames made from durable, weather-resistant materials like stainless steel or heavy-gauge, rigid PVC,” DiClerico says. “Pools in this range can easily provide a decade of service, though you may need to replace the liner at some point.”

And once you get to $2,000, besides maximum size — 25-foot diameters or more — DiClerico says pools in this price range will “feature top-quality design and construction, so they will look better in the backyard and last a lot longer, a few decades even, with proper care and maintenance.”

Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set

Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set


When you’re not messing around with your pool game, consider this large 24-foot-by-12-foot-by-4. 3-foot steel frame rectangular pool. Able to hold 8,403 gallons, it comes with a sand filter pump, ground cloth, debris cover and ladder, and, with high ratings and more than 1,200 reviews, earns raves for its durability, shape that allows for better swimming area and easy setup.

$1,950 at Amazon

Summer Waves Elite 20-Foot-by-48-Inch Above-Ground Frame Swimming Pool Set


Toss on your best swim trunks and suits because every day can be a pool party day with this 20-foot Summer Waves pool. Plus, this set comes with a pool filter, cover, ladder and galvanized steel frame made to hold up in all types of summertime weather.

$1,040 at Amazon

Once you’ve got your pool set up, let the games begin.

Sun Squad Hydro Spring Hoops Basketball


Calling all amateur basketball stars: Play a game of water pickup with this floating net that comes with a floating ball and carry case. Swish!

$24 at Target

GoSports Floating Water Polo Game Portable Goal


And what about a game of water polo too? A floating goal made with durable PVC and netting will keep the kids — and the grown-ups — well occupied during your next pool party.

$45 at Wayfair

Hishertoy 25 Pieces Diving Toys


What’s a pool without diving toys? All made of 100% nontoxic materials, this set includes 25 toys, including six diving rings, four pool torpedos and a storage bag.

$18 at Amazon

GoFloats Flamingo Pool Float

GoFloats Flamingo Pool Float


An Amazon top seller with more than 2,300 mostly 5-star reviews, this whimsical pink flamingo pool float, at 3 feet tall and 45 inches wide, is great for kids but also fits adults. It’s perfect for Instagram photo ops or just hanging out on lazy summer afternoons, and reviewers give it kudos for being easy to inflate and deflate.

$23 at Amazon

Funboy Butterfly Pool Float


20 best pool floats to carry you through summer

Sun Squad Fashion Pool Lounger


If we had to pick one spot to spend our time this summer, it would be atop this pretty silver and pastel-striped inflatable raft.