360 dash cam for car: Best 360 Dash Cam for Cars

Best 360 Dash Cam for Cars

Protect your car with a 360 dash camera, smart wireless features,
easy setup, and elegant design.

Vezo 360 Film

360 Degree Video and Photo

The Vezo 360 car dash cam has got your back.
And everywhere else really.

Most common car accidents happen at the sides of the car, but a regular car video camera can only record either the front or the back. Vezo 360 dash cam utilises dual wide angle lenses to record all around your car in seamless 360 degrees, covering all possible angles. Now you can stay fully protected with the Vezo 360 car camera.

Dual wide angle
lens system

High Detail Imaging

All angles in all the more detail.

Vezo dash cameras 360 degree high-quality imaging system ensures sharp videos and photos even in the most demanding situations. Each camera lens has a bright f/2.0 aperture with a wide 180-degree field of view. Its image processor uses 3D noise reduction, multi-exposure HDR, and backlight compensation to capture every detail. Large 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor enables high quality imaging and allows clarity even in low light situations.

Fast low-light

Multiple exposure
for clear images

Accurate noise

CMOS 1/2.3″

Automatic Accident Detection

We’re here for you 24/7.

Using accelerometer and magnetometer sensors, the Vezo 360 cam car is able to detect even the smallest accidents. Thanks to its internal battery, the 360 cameras for cars remain ready to record if an accident happens to occur while you’re away and the car’s ignition is off. With the optional 4G capability, Vezo 360 dash cams for cars can also instantly send a 360 video clip of the accident to your phone.

Motion sensors
enable automatic

Internal battery
for constant

Optional live
notification and
live view

Driver Awareness

Don’t drive under the
influence of sleep.

Sleep-deprived driving is one of the leading causes of accidents. To prevent this, Vezo 360 car cam utilizes smart facial recognition to know when you’re tired. Whenever you yawn or start dozing off you’ll get a warning sound, letting you know that you need some rest. With Vezo 360 car dash cam, you can stay safer and it helps you to become a more responsible driver.

Sleep prevention
alarm feature

Wireless Connectivity

Look ma, no wires!

Transferring the dash cam for car records using its microSD card is so yesterday. Vezo 360 car mounted camera can transfer photos and videos wirelessly to your phone using its dedicated software application. You are always connected to storage devices because they support 4G LTE. Additionally, it guarantees that you get prompt notifications when something goes wrong on the mobile app. Even more, a reason to purchase Vezo 360 dash camera.

Loop Video Recording

Nothing to lose.
Everything to keep.

Vezo 360 camera for cars functions like any other 360 car cam, only smarter. Its loop recording prevents data loss from its memory card. When the memory is full, it gets rid of the oldest video in order to keep the newest saved. Vezo 4k dash cam cloud storage service ensures that all of your data is permanently backed up.

Loop recording
to prevent
data loss

Up to 256GB
memory card

Cloud storage
for permanent
data backup

LED Ring Light

An ounce of prevention
is worth a pound of cure.

Vezo 360 camera for cars doesn’t just record crimes. It prevents crime from happening
in the first place. Bright LED ring light at the front remains on at all
times, clearly visible from outside in all angles.

Unique Mount Design

Tailor-made installation.

Other 360 dash cameras are hard to attach and difficult to adjust. Vezo 360 camera for car uses specially designed mount that allows smooth angle and even height adjustments so that it cleanly installed in all cars. Magnetic mount makes it easy to install/remove microSD cards, or charge.

Camera Functionality

Here’s a secret, it’s also a
regular 360 camera.

Vezo 360 security cam for car can also be used just like any other camera 360 for car. Press the shutter button while attached on the mount to capture beautiful landscapes on road trips or fun interior selfies all in the comfort of your car. Or just take Vezo dash camera 360 off the mount and to take it with you outside. You can actually satisfy your craving with this 360 in car camera. With the Vezo 360 cameras for cars, you can take amazing 360-degree photos and share them online using the companion app.

Tech Specs

Let’s talk numbers.


3540 x 1920

Advanced H.265 HEVC Compression
Flexible Rate Control



180 FOV

7-Layer Clear Glass Lens

Image Sensor

CMOS 1/2.3″

BIS Sensor
Machine Vision High Dynamic Range



Octa-Core Processor
Computer-Vision SOC


3-Axis Accelerometer

3-Axis Magnetometer

Image Signal Processing

3D Noise Reduction

Backlight Compensation
Multi-Exposure HDR


Bluetooth 5, IEEE 802.

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n


Up to 256GB

microSD Card Slot


PPP Based GPS Module


Built-In Microphone


Mobile Application



Supported Accessories

Battery Pack
Hardwire Kit
Extra Mount Kit


microSD Card

Charging and Power

USB Type-C


85mm x 80mm

Without mount




iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, iPhone 7 / 7 Plus, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, Android 6.0 above

70mai Dash Cam Omni First 360° Rotating US/CA/UK/AU – 70mai Official Store





Industry’s First 360° Design

Empowered by a stepping motor, the Omni’s rotates smoothly across 340°. Combined with a 140° lens FOV, Omni becomes the first 360° rotating dash cam with no blind spot full-view and minimized image distortion. Smoothly panning the lens around to monitor all directions around your car.

AI Motion Detection

Omni is equipped with powerful parking surveillance. By utilizing its upgraded AI Motion Detection algorithm, the dash cam is able to identify humans around your car, detect their motion, and precisely target their location. If people who approach remain suspicious and close to your car, Omni spontaneously follows and records their movements with 360° surveillance. 

Superb Night Vision

Omni’s embedded F1. 5 large aperture brings out more light and the new PureCel®Plus-S HDR technology delivers best-in-class low-light performance as well as excellent color performance under ultra-high contrast conditions such as when exiting tunnels into bright sunlight.

60 FPS Dynamic Vision

Omni is able to record 60 FPS videos, which can pick up important details such as license plates more clearly during fast driving or in bumpy conditions.

Voice Control

The Omni is equipped with voice control for added convenience. By giving simple voice commands, the camera performs the corresponding actions without turning your attention away from driving. 
*Voice control is currently available in English only.



Product Size: 51. 5×51.5×93.2mm

Image Sensor: OS02K10

Lens/Aperture: 2G4P+IR/F1.5


FOV: 140°

Battery: 300mAh

Working Temperature: -10°C – 60°C

Video Resolution: 1920*1080

Screen Size: 1.2 Inch IPS


Built-in GPS: YES

24H Parking Monitoring (Hardwire kit is not included)

Emergency Recording





Loop Recording

Time-lapse Recording

Route Track

Superior Night Vision

Online Guide>



A must for installation of dash cam or move your dash cam to a new car.
*1 pack is included in the package

The 70mai hardwire kit is required for 24H smart parking surveillance and time-lapse recording during parking mode. 

Reduce surface reflections on your windshield or intense sun also protect your lens. 

*Before purchasing, please note that the tinting film on the front windshield will impact the functionality of CFL filters.


*Before purchasing, please note that the tinting film on the front windshield will impact the functionality of CFL filters.

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with motion sensor and recording

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  1. 360 degree recorder in the car
  2. 360 degree recorder in the car with motion sensor
  3. Surround view with 24/7 recording
  4. 9000 5 Installation and connection of the 360 ​​degree DVR

  5. DVR selection criteria
  6. Top 360 dash cam rating
  7. What to expect from the new Mercedes GLB
  8. BlackVue DR 490L-2CH
  9. Daocam Combo wifi 2ch
  10. Vezo 360

Nowadays, there are many accidents on the roads every day. To prove your innocence in an emergency, a video recorder will come in handy. He will record everything that happens. But the standard model captures far from everything that happens. The collision may be from the side or from behind. In such a situation, a DVR with all-round visibility and round-the-clock recording is suitable.

360 degree recorder for car

In fact, a 360-degree view is achieved with the help of several cameras installed on the car. There are models in which 2 cameras are built in at once. Thus, the registrar records both the salon and the street at the same time.

You can display an image both from 1 camera and from all at once. You can also record from 1 or more cameras.

Surround View Benefits:

  • The main benefit is driving safety. While driving, the driver has several blind spots. Cameras eliminate this problem.
  • By setting the all-round view, the driver is protected from auto-setting.
  • Ease of parking.

Disadvantages of all-round visibility:

  • Expensive system. Installing several cameras, sensors and connecting them into one system is very expensive.
  • If a car owner wants to install a system that covers the entire area around the car, then the cameras need to be set up correctly. Here you will need the intervention of professionals. Doing it yourself is not the best idea.

Multi-channel connection

360 degree recorder in the car with motion sensor

There are variants equipped with a motion sensor. When a moving object enters the registrar’s field of view, it starts recording. Thus, the memory is not clogged with unnecessary videos.

Don’t skimp on a DVR with a motion sensor. With its poor performance, it may not work at the right time.

Surround view with 24/7 recording

In order for the DVR to record around the clock, it is desirable that it be equipped with night shooting. It is also worth understanding how looping works.

Working in cyclic shooting, short recordings lasting 1-15 minutes are obtained. If there is not enough memory, the oldest entry is deleted.

Simply put, any recorder can record around the clock with enough memory. You can always expand the volume with an SD card or connect an external hard drive.

Large capacity microSD card

You also need to provide the recorder with a power source, most often it is a car battery, less often a separate source.

To save energy and memory, it is better to take a model with a motion sensor. Recording will start when motion is detected outside.

There are DVRs with a 360-degree swivel camera. They do not capture the entire space, but they can be turned in the right direction for shooting.

How a 360 degree view is formed

Installing and connecting a 360-degree dashcam

How to install the 360-degree dash cam for a car depends on the type of car. If it is represented by a standard single model, then it is mounted on the windshield.

If this is a system consisting of a front view camera and a rear view camera, then it is mounted on the windshield in front.

The rear video camera is mounted on the license plate light, bumper, trunk handle or license plate frame.

When the system consists of four cameras, it already provides all-round visibility. The front and rear view cameras are mounted as in the second option. Side cameras are usually mounted on side mirrors.

Camera data is transmitted either by wire or Bluetooth. The image is displayed on a regular or non-standard multimedia system. Or on a separate monitor, which can be a rear-view mirror with a built-in display.

Power is connected directly from the on-board network. This is the most reliable option. Also, power for the rear camera can be laid from the lights of the car. The most suitable voltage is 12V.

Rear view camera installation

DVR selection criteria

Choosing the right option is quite difficult. To simplify this process, it is worth following several criteria.

Selection criteria:

  • Video resolution. In modern realities, Full HD (1920 × 1080) is considered the minimum resolution. In the low price segment, there are devices with HD resolution (1280 × 720), but you should not expect a good image from them.
  • Components that make up the instrument. Image quality depends on three main components – a matrix, a processor, and a lens. High-quality processors are produced by Ambarella and Novatek. You can consider the models of SilverStone. Good matrices are produced by Sony or OmniVision. The lens must be glass, with at least five lenses.
  • Autonomous operation. Recorders are not designed to operate from the built-in battery. It is needed to save video clips after disconnecting from external power.
  • It is desirable that the device be equipped with a shock sensor. It reacts to the collision and saves the record protected from overwriting. It is desirable to set the sensor to the minimum sensitivity. Otherwise, light shocks will be taken as an accident, and the memory will quickly fill up.

There is a Super HD resolution (2304 × 1296). Shooting is carried out in Full HD, then it is programmatically stretched to Super HD.

Before buying, you need to see examples of video shooting on a specific device. So you can understand how the device is suitable.

Top 360 DVR Ranking

The following are car video recorders that have won the attention of users.

BlackVue DR 490L-2CH

BlackVue DR 490L-2CH

Car DVR with two cameras that record in Full HD 360 degrees. The image is of good quality even in poor lighting conditions.

The device captures images even when the car is parked. This function is activated automatically 10 minutes after the vehicle stops moving.

Equipped with a 3.5″ touch screen. It greatly simplifies the management of the functions of the registrar. Equipped with a shock sensor. Equipped with a Sony STARVIS matrix. Supports memory cards up to 128 GB.

Daocam Combo wifi 2ch

Daocam Combo wifi 2ch

Comes with 2 cameras. Filming is in Full HD Resolution.

  • Glass lenses.
  • Matrix – Sony IMX307.
  • Screen size 3 inches.
  • There is a wireless Wi-Fi connection.
  • Supports memory cards up to 64 GB.
  • Has a motion sensor, shock and GPS, as well as voice prompts.

Equipped with a magnetic mount.

Vezo 360

Vezo 360

A very unusual model equipped with artificial intelligence.

The device detects the driver’s tired face when he bows his head and emits a warning sound to let you rest.

Has two cameras, shooting in 4K resolution. Equipped with 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi modules, as well as Bluetooth. In the event of an accident or hacking, it automatically sends a video to the owner’s smartphone.

Equipped with shock, motion and GPS sensors. You can install a 256 GB card. The mount is magnetic.

Through a special application, you can access the live broadcast.

The only drawback is the high cost of the model.

Watch this video on YouTube

360-degree AI DVR

Sleepy driver is the main cause of most car accidents. Wanting to rectify this situation, a team of young engineers and developers from the Korean technology startup ArVizon created the Vezo 360 dual-lens 4K video recorder, which not only captures a panoramic picture with a full 360-degree view, but also monitors the driver’s condition, warning him if drowsiness is detected.

Some details

Most people are prone to fatigue after a long day at work and often just fall asleep during the trip home. According to experts, sleepy driving is a key cause of most accidents. But now you can forget about this problem, because the Vezo 360 dash cam uses an intelligent face recognition system to determine the level of driver fatigue. Every time the driver yawns or drowses with their head bowed while driving, Vezo emits a warning sound to let the driver know they need to rest.

High quality 360-degree video

The Vezo 360 is a dual-lens dash cam capable of recording 360-degree 4K video. In addition, the gadget can be used as an action camera, and is also equipped with a module for connecting to 4G LTE networks. The Vezo 360 uses dual wide-angle lenses to capture seamless 360-degree footage, easily avoiding the main problem of most classic dash cams that only shoot from the front or rear, while most of the most common car crashes occur on the side of the car.

Both Vezo 360 lenses have an f/2.0 aperture and a 180-degree field of view. 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensors are responsible for capturing images with high sensitivity, which provides the necessary level of detail even in low light conditions. The GPU utilizes 3D Active Noise Reduction, HDR and Light Multiple Exposure, which combine to promise image clarity even in the most challenging environments.

Wireless and other features

In addition to the above features, the Vezo 360 recorder is able to connect to the Internet via 4G or Wi-Fi networks, as well as to smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth. Thanks to this, in the event of an accident or a car break-in, Vezo automatically sends the footage to the cloud storage, and also sends a notification to the owner’s smartphone. In addition, through a proprietary smartphone application, you can access a live broadcast, and the built-in GPS chip will help you find a car in a parking lot in real time.

The Vezo 360 DVR is equipped with an accelerometer and a magnetometer, which allow recording even the smallest accidents. And its own battery ensures that it is ready to shoot if an accident occurs while the driver is away and the car’s ignition is turned off.

Loop video recording on microSD

Video clips and photos are recorded on a microSD memory card up to 256 GB. When there is no free space left, the gadget deletes the oldest video using the file looping function. Thus, the possibility of losing the accident record is completely eliminated, moreover, the data can always be additionally copied to the cloud service.

Another feature of the device is a bright LED ring on the part of the housing facing the windshield. Thanks to him, Vezo 360 informs potential hooligans or hijackers that filming is underway, thereby preventing crime. The LED ring always remains on and is clearly visible from the outside from all angles.

Detachable mount and 360-degree camera function

Vezo 360 weighs only 150 grams and comes with a special mount that has the ability to smoothly adjust the angle and installation height, which makes it possible to install the DVR in absolutely any car without any problems. The device itself is connected to the mount through a reliable magnetic connector, which allows you to quickly and easily remove the gadget at any time and use it as a regular 360-degree camera. Also on the body is a shutter button, using which you can take panoramic selfies right in the car, instantly transferring pictures to your smartphone via Bluetooth. They can then be quickly shared from the app with friends on social networks or blogs.