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Designed for an Ideal Desktop

Are you still worried that computer displays cannot meet the outdoor needs? UPERFECT 18 inch PC monitor can meet all your needs for a desktop screen. 1.12 kg (2.47 lbs) weight has unimaginable portability. You can use 18 UMax for work, games, and movies or take it with you for outdoor, etc. No matter what you can imagine, 18 inch HDMI monitor can satisfy creativity beyond imagination.

Unburdened Computer Monitor

1080p HDMI monitor adopts three-sided narrow frame design, which are also 18 inch monitor. This 18 UMax has a smaller volume and is more portable. The bracket-free design not only save the space utilization, but also saves the trouble of installation and improves the user experience.  

Monitor Hidden in Your Bag

HDMI monitor weighs only 1.12 kg (2.47 lbs) and is as thin as 7 mm (0.28 inch), lighter and thinner than other desktop monitors. The integrated design of the body is very convenient to put in your bag, UMax PC monitor is more convenient to carry and saves space than monitors with a stand base.

Expand Narrow Screens

18 inch monitor can expand the screen of the device very well, so that the small screen can also be converted to a large screen easily. 18 inch large screen can better display work, games, learning, design creation and other content, providing great convenience for life and work.

Use as You Like

You can use this 18 inch monitor in different spaces, at different times, and for different needs, lay it directly on your lap to watch movies, and use the back stand to place it on the table to play games. When you use it in a fixed place, you don’t need to carry it outdoors. You can directly install 18 UMax HDMI monitor on the wall or on the bracket, which saves desk space.

Rotatable Stand Holder

This 18 inch monitor has a built-in stand on the back, which can be rotated 180°. You can adjust the angle of the bracket according to your own posture so that you can see the screen with the best vision.

VESA Save Your Space

There are four VESA holes (M4*4mm, 75*75mm) on the back of this device, you can install it on the wall or on a bracket for fixed use, 18 inch portable monitor with stand saves your desk space to put more devices, which can form a better collaboration with the computer.

Equipped with Adjustable Stand

Portable monitor with stand is different from the above two use methods, the separately equipped Aluminum stand gives users more choices. 18 inch monitor with HDMI has three adjustable angles, allowing users to adjust to the most comfortable angle when working, which can improve user’s work efficiency.

If you want to buy the adjustable stand separately, please click here.

Enjoy Contents with One Cable

The 18 inch portable monitor HDMI display has a user-based thoughtful design, and the rich interfaces make users no longer worry about device compatibility issues, allowing the 18 inch monitor with HDMI to fully utilize its value and increase its investment value.

Portable Monitor HDMI Compatible

Built-in mini HDMI port. At present, most devices are compatible with HDMI interface, which greatly expands the scope of application of 18-inch HDMI monitors and doubles the user experience. 18 inch HDMI monitor is suitable for common laptops, computers, game consoles and other equipment.

Portability Brought by Rich Ports

Most computer displays do not have USB-C port, but this 18-inch PC monitor has type-c and mini HDMI interface. 18 inch monitor with HDMI which can easily realize signal transmission with various devices, such as Computer, Laptop, Phone, PS4, PS5, Switch ,Tablet, Camera, Camcorder, DVD player, etc. 

Enhance Usage Experience

UPERFECT 18 inch PC monitor features an Ultra-thin IPS Panel with 178° viewing angle at 1920×1080 Full HD resolution. 1000:1 contrast ratio makes the display more vivid, 18-inch portable monitor HDMI display can make the content of the computer clearly and vividly displayed.

Work Smart

18 UMax not only can be used for computer but also laptop, especially meeting screen sharing, which can improve work efficiency. Portable monitor HDMI display is a good work partner

Realistic Colors

1080P computer monitor with 100% sRGB has 16.7M (8bit) colors, allowing you to fly in the world of colors, experience the visual impact brought by colors, and restore the most real color world.

Immersive Enjoyment

Portable monitor HDMI display built-in dual 1W 8Ω speakers, allowing you to have a great audio experience while on the movie, and a 3.5mm headphone jack for plug-and-play connectivity to a variety of multimedia devices.

More Powerful

Beyond Your Imagination



7mm Slim 




100% sRGB

Color Gamut

Type c & mini HDMI

OSD Menu

Easy to Adjust

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UBag – 18 to 19 Inches Laptop Bag Portable Monitor Seleve Case


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UAdapter – Lightning to HDMI Adapter Sync Screen for iPhone, iPad, iPod

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My mobile phone is Samsung S20, can I use this 18-inch display?

Yes, it can perfectly match samsung dex through type c.

I often travel on business, but it is inconvenient to work with a mobile phone. Is it convenient to work with a mobile phone with this monitor?

If your mobile phone supports the USB3. 1 protocol, it is very convenient to use. You only need a type C cable to realize the small screen to large screen.

I often use a mouse and keyboard for work, can this monitor be connected to a mouse and keyboard?

Yes, this 18-inch monitor is equipped with a Micro USB-B OTG port, which can be connected to a mouse and keyboard.

What ports does this monitor have?

There are five ports, 2 × Full-Featured USB Type-C (for Audio&Video Input & PD Power Input&Output), 1 × mini HDMI for Audio & Video Input, 1 × USB Type-C OTG for USB Drive or Keyboard and Mouse, 1 × 3.5mm AUX for audio output. You can connect it to your phone, laptop, switch, PS4, PS5,etc. 

Can I make the monitor display differently when plugged into my laptop?

Yes, after the laptop is connected to the monitor, press window+p to select the working mode of the monitor, you can choose the expand mode, so that the two screens will display different content.

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ITC TS-F185T – Ultra Slim 18.5″ Retractable Monitor

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  • Description
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ITC TS-F185T Ultra-thin 18.5 inch Retractable Monitor

Retractable Monitor ITC TS-F185T uses intelligent control technology, has intelligent application terminal, original design, one key operation can automatically raise the LCD screen, and other actions. It will provide a beautiful workplace, space saving, ease of use. With anti-theft and anti-dust system. Can be widely used in conferences, hotel office rooms, study studios and other occasions to meet customer system development and office automation requirements. It is one perfect assistant to your office and study.

ITC Features TS-F185T

  • High definition ultra-thin touch display and built-in design, no exposed cable, no backplane, no exposed screws, provide a nice touch screen overall look.
  • Built-in lifting microphone with automatic straightening function, if the microphone is bent, it will automatically straighten when closed and will not be damaged.
  • The equipment adopts all-aluminum structure, the display frame and chassis are made of aluminum alloy, which makes the equipment exquisite, light, beautiful.
  • Equipment surface finish bright anodised.
  • Equipment panel thickness only 3mm, width only 70mm, small footprint.
  • 17.3 inch ultra-thin touch screen LCD, up to 1920 1080P resolution, clear and bright display, adjustable backlight design to prevent eye fatigue caused by too bright or too dark light.
  • Support HDMI and VGA dual channel input, when there is only one input signal, the screen will automatically recognize this signal, these two input signals can be switched manually from the panel keypad at the same time, when there is no input signal, the screen will automatically enter power saving mode.
  • The device can be centrally controlled by central control software, can be controlled by the main computer, one key can make the whole device in the room go up or down.
  • Built-in pass-through output socket, can supply power to the terminal to reduce the wire on the terminal socket, make the cable more inconspicuous.

Specifications ITC TS-F185T

  • Power consumption: TS-F185T
  • Screen: 16:9
  • Viewing angle: 89/89/89/89 (typ. )
  • Illumination type: 300 cd / ?
  • Signal input: VGA, HDMI
  • Screen resolution: WLED, 15K hours, with
  • LED

  • Environmental condition: -20 ? ~ 50 ?, relative humidity
  • Dimensions: 496 x 60 x 547mm
  • Screen size: 16:9, 1920 x 1080
  • Elevator window size: 497 x 62 mm (device with hole)
  • Workbench hole size: 510 x 70 x 3 mm (L x W x T) (device with hole)
  • Chassis size: 510 x 70 x 3 mm
  • Panel size: 434.5 x 21.5 mm
  • Adjustment angle: 0-30° Fully compliant with ergonomics, no view or face blocking
  • Touch screen support
  • Rise time: 28S
  • Brightness: 11mm
  • Viewing angle: AC 220V 50-60 / HZ
  • Display thickness: AC 220V 50-60 / HZ
  • Power supply: > 20 W



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Monitors 31 – 40 inches

The Monitor is an important part of any computer system. Choosing a monitor is very important, because the quality of the image, and therefore the comfort of the tasks performed, will depend on it. Whether it’s a gaming monitor, or a monitor for office work.
More recently, the choice of monitors was small.
The monitors differed little in appearance and had almost the same characteristics without giving a choice.
Now, due to the constant development of technology, everything has changed.
Monitors have become not only the usual means of transmitting information, but also convenient gadgets, with the help of which the performance of work tasks and the gaming process have become more comfortable.

A wide range of specifications allows you to choose the right monitor to solve any problem. Many manufacturers offer monitors that differ in appearance and feature set, which we will write in more detail below.

1. Monitor diagonal.

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a monitor is the diagonal.
For work in the office or in a store where there is no need to have a large monitor and work is not associated with complex tables or graphic editors,
suitable for monitors with a diagonal of 19″up to 24″. These are standard monitor sizes that are comfortable to work with for a long time.
If your tasks are related to working in graphic editors, working with large tables and other tasks that involve a large image coverage,
then monitors with a diagonal of 24 “and above are suitable for this, depending on your needs.
For gamers, monitors 24” or larger are suitable.
27″ monitors are often chosen by web designers, photo and video editors, animators and other graphics professionals.

2. Screen matrix type.

There are several popular types of screen matrices: TN, PLS, IPS (SFT), VA (MVA, PVA).
Matrix TN – Twisted Nematic. The advantage of the matrix is ​​that it has a fast response time and the price of monitors with such a matrix is ​​not high.
The disadvantages of the matrix in small viewing angles, poor color reproduction and low contrast.
The PLS matrix is ​​a modified version of the IPS matrix. This matrix was made in order to optimize the response time of the monitor.
Also, monitors with this matrix are cheaper than those with its predecessor, the IPS matrix.
IPS matrix (SFT) – created on the basis of the TN matrix, but radically has better characteristics.
It has fairly large viewing angles, and color reproduction is almost equal to natural colors.
Among the shortcomings, we can note the response time, which has increased significantly in relation to the TN matrix.
Matrix VA (MVA, PVA) – these matrices have low power consumption, large viewing angles and very fast response time.
Matrices of this type have the best contrast.

3. Monitor response time.

An important feature is the monitor’s response time.
The unit of this parameter is milliseconds (ms). The shorter the response time of the monitor, the faster the image on the monitor will change.
To be more precise, this is the time during which 1 pixel of the monitor can change.

4. Frame rate.

Each monitor has its own frame rate. unit
frequency measurements are hertz (Hz).
This indicator allows you to understand how many frames the monitor can
show for 1 second of time.
The higher this value, the clearer the monitor image will be.
For normal office everyday tasks, monitors with a frequency of
updates from 60 to 100 Hz.
If you plan to do graphic processing and other things, then
It is better to choose a monitor with a refresh rate of 100 Hz.
Choosing a gaming monitor – you should pay attention to the frequency
frame updates. As practice shows, monitors for games are
monitors with a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

5. Video outputs.

In addition to the basic parameters, monitors differ in video outputs. The main ones are VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort.
If your computer has a discrete Nvidia GTX and RTX graphics card, then a monitor with an analog VGA connector will not work for you.
All modern video cards have digital video outputs – HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort.