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Works just as described. Simple and easy to use. Total Gym surprisingly hides away easily. you can put it under your bed,in closet or anywhere else because once it is folded up it takes up almost little space. It also takes up little space when in use. low impact workout that you can easily adjust most settings with minimum effort.
The product held up well in every exercise I tried. I really liked how I could target other areas of the muscle groups while in motion of reps without having to get up, stop or do anything else besides change angles or the positioning of my arms. This was good for me because other home gyms required me to get up and readjust a lot more than i have to do when using Total Gym.
Ease of Use
Very simple to use. Quick and easy set up and breakdown.
It held up well with my 200 plus pound frame. I was amazed such a small machine could do this.
i found this product to be simple,yet very effective.




I should start off by saying that I am definitely not an exercise freak or very athletic at all.  I exercise because I want to stay in shape, but I certainly don’t enjoy it.  With that being said, I love the Total Gym.  Out of every piece of equipment that I’ve bought over the years (and there has been a lot!) this is the only thing I’ve kept and still use.  I have an older model, so I can’t really say anything about the specifics of the current models, but this really is the easiest, quickest workout I’ve ever done, and it actually works.  It pretty much works your entire body and even though it doesn’t give the same cardio as something like a treadmill, it can get your heartrate going.   I highly recommend it.

Philadelphia, PA



This is a great machine. I like that you don’t have to plug it in and you’re using your own body weight. I definitly feel the burn after just a few minutes at even a low level grade. The only problem is that it is a little unstable. If you’re alright light-weight, you shouldn’t have a problem. But, I am over-weight and I sometimes feel like the bench is buckling beneath me. A little scary! Despite this, I would recomend the machine because it accomplishes your final goal and is easy to use while watching TV.

Salt Lake City, UT


4. 3


Total Gym 1700 Club Review » Exercises, Accessories & Price

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“The greatest wealth is health.” Virgil

Staying healthy and keeping your body fit and fine is very necessary as a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Are you lazy to visit the gym for muscular and body shaping, or you don’t have time to go to the gym?

Whatever the reason is, it is solved by Total Gym 1700 Club a full home gym equipped with extraordinary accessories like different bars. You can perform all exercises with only one piece of equipment at home.

A multi-function glide board is a perfect solution for exercising strength and improving fitness in confined spaces. A worthy quality and excellent sturdy material machine are best for you to keep at home and save space along with time.

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Quick info:

  • Brand: Total gym
  • Color: black
  • Extra weight option: 75 pounds
  • Accessories: Exercise mat, Pilates bar, press-up bars, weight bar, dip bars, Exercise flip chart
  • Product Dimensions: 94 x 24 x 44. 5 inches
  • Weight: 69 Pounds
  • For upper and lower body muscles
  • Auto-lock height adjustment
  • Material: steel

Best for you to keep yourself perfectly shaped and healthier for the rest of your life. Best choice for you or any of your loved ones. Massive quality exercises with ease and convenience at your doorstep.

Best performance:

Total Gym 1700 Club full body exerciser is the fastest way to burn fat, work your whole body, and see yourself how you would like the most. Now you can have the perfect muscles you always wanted in much less time.

Massive exercises:

You are going to work the muscles of the Back, Waist, Abdomen, Arms, and legs, simply working your whole body in the comfort of your home. Do cardio and toning exercises to burn calories in the fastest, safest, and most effective way.

Home facility:

Doesn’t it make you want to hit a gym because everyone shares the same sweaty machines repeatedly? – With Total Gym 1700 Club, you make sure you exercise 7 days a week with your own care, hygiene, and peace of mind. Now you don’t need to travel long for body shaping and keeping healthy.

No space consumed:

Now space is not a problem, because precisely the machine folds easily to be stored wherever you want, in the closet, behind a door or under the bed. Quick and practical gym appliance for when you need it. Easiest to handle and use and then store.

Additional Exercise mat:

An exercise mat is very rare with this type of gym product but total gym care for you and your convenience. Now do not get worried about the scratches you get with the home gym on your floors just put the Total Gym 1700 Club on the exercise mat for more stable and better performance.


  • Stability: robust legs and an exercise mat for a more stable and firmer grip to the ground.
  • Adaptability: adjustable heights and extraordinary flexible movements of the glide board.
  • Easiest to use, store, assemble and disassemble
  • Compactness: Foldable to take up less storage space
  • Home gym: save time, money, and enjoy privacy, concentration, flexible schedule, and hygienic exercises.
  • Comfort: padded glide board and non-slip grips ensure comfort and performance.
  • Multifunctional: a massive number of exercises can be done with different accessories.
  • Durable: Highly robust and strong steel machine, that is simply unbreakable.


Make your muscles strong, body shaped, and fats melted with Total Gym 1700 Club, known for its quality and effectivity. A multi-function home gym is a perfect solution for exercising strength and improving fitness in confined spaces. But, if you want to highlight the elegance of the space, you need much more: the best materials, professional-level quality, and the best design- That is Total gym.

Uses your own body weight for your fitness. Now you don’t need to buy each gym product separately and place it at your home, rather buy this one only once and enjoy it for all. Highly qualified steel is used to make it remain with you forever. Different spaces are there in the total gym where you can easily put any accessory you want to. For instance, weight bars to hang extra weight. Enjoy the best sliding glide board that makes your resistance work against gravity to make your calories burnt.


Does the Total Gym 1700 Club include a DVD along with the guide a manual for instructions?

Yes, the package includes the DVD, manual, and an exercise chart for your complete assistance.

How many tall people can exercise in this Total Gym 1700 Club? Does it go with the five feet?

Yes, you can easily exercise on it without being cramped.

Is the Total Gym 1700 Club adjustable?

The place where you sit is the glide board can be adjusted along with the height. You can easily fold and store.

Is it possible to wash the Total Gym 1700 Club? Especially the glide board?

No, it is not recommended to wash the whole equipment. Rather you can clean it with a fabric, it can easily be cleaned. As far as the glide board is concerned, use a slightly wet fabric and then make it dry under the fan.

What is the Pilates bar used for in Total Gym 1700 Club?

The Pilates bar included in the package will help you in the maintenance of your balance and working the motion better.

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Bright Fit is a network of fitness clubs and gyms.

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Only from July 24 to July 30, children will have an exciting immersion in creativity!
We have prepared a variety of interesting activities for children – appliqué, modeling, design, drawing and even acting!
Monday 24. 07 Flower Day10:30 Bright colors 2-5 years19:10 Testoplasty 3-6 years
Tuesday 25.07 Happy Cow Day10:30 Shustrik with a Cow 2-5 years old 19:10 Design Studio 3-6 years old
Wednesday 26.07 Summer Riddles Day 10:30 Logorhythm for kids 2-5 years old 19:10 Art Studio 3-6 years old
Thursday 27.07 Bouncing Ball Day10:30 Testoplasty 2-5 years 19:10 Application 3-6 years
Friday 28.07 Water Day12:00 Drop Workshop
Saturday 29.07 Circus Day 11:30 Game lesson “Circus School” 2-6 years old 12:30 Art Studio 7-12 years old
Sunday 30.07 Friendship Day11:00 Sunday workshop
Come, it will be very interesting!

Your active summer with Master Jim “Olympic”!
Summer is the perfect time to transform. Take a step towards a healthy lifestyle and harmony today! Be a source of motivation and strength for yourself and others!⠀
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And much more, come for a tour of the club!
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The long-awaited summer has come, friends! And of course, we are in a hurry to offer you a selection of summer recipes.
Seasonal dishes and drinks, lightness and freshness, all this awaits you at the Simple Cafe, 1st floor, Master Jim “Olympic” f/c.

The Strength Training Center is a multifunctional center for your personal victories!
Classes in weightlifting, choreography, skiing are suitable for anyone who strives to improve physical fitness, improve health and achieve their goals.
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Rather, call the sales department and book a subscription: 205-60-09(from 10:00 to 21:00)

Dear parents! We have great news!
Master Jim “Olympic” opens a NEW set for the children’s swimming section.
When?Monday, Wednesday
• ‍9:15-10:00 “Amateurs”• ‍13:00-13:45 “Beginners”• ‍14:15-15:00 “Amateurs”
Trainings are held under the guidance of trainer Inna Valerievna Stepanova
Children will learn:
• stay on the water and are not afraid of it; • different styles of swimming;
They will get stronger physically and mentally, as well as get the opportunity to participate in competitions and take pride of place!
The cost of subscriptions is 4800 rubles. Master Jim “Olympic” – we raise champions!
Sales department: 205-60-04

SAPAH training at Master Jim “Olympic”!
When you really want water activities, and summer is still far away …
Functional training on Sapa:⠀
• develops coordination and balance; • engages deep stabilizing muscles; • works on almost all muscles of the body; • helps to dry and create a beautiful relief of the body.
Training takes place in an interval mode, which combines aerobic exercise, strength exercises and elements from yoga or Pilates.
The workout is perfect for all fitness levels.
Join now! Group classes are held every Thursday at 10:00
Individual training 2500₽; Classes in a group of 2 people – 1250₽ per person
Registration for training and payment is made at the manager or at the reception desk
Sales Department 205-60-04

We open the record!

Master Jim Olympic invites young swimmers to children’s swimming sections!
Our amazing trainers will teach you:
– stay on the water and not be afraid of it
– different styles of swimming
– will help to get stronger physically and mentally!
And also children will have the opportunity to participate in competitions and take pride of place!
* Beginner level of education, for children aged 6+ 2 times a week
* Average level 2-3 times a week, training in sports swimming styles
Detailed information and record in the sales department: 205-60-04

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