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60X-120X Portable Battery Operated LED Handheld Microscope with Smartphone Mount, Slides and more

Sku: HH612



IQCrew by AmScope 40X-1000X Dual Illumination Microscope (Blue) with Slide Prep Kit and Book

Sku: M50C-B14-WM



IQCrew Kid’s 20X and 50X Portable Stereo Microscope with LED Dual-Illumination and Deluxe 50 Piece Accessory Kit

Sku: SE102Z-KT1

$84. 99


Overstock 20X Stereo Microscope and 1000X Compound Microscope for Kids and Students with Slide Prep Kit and Book

Sku: M50C-SE100-B14-WM



40X-1000X Dual Light All-Metal Optical Glass lens Student Compound Microscope with Batteries and Slide Set

Sku: M120C-2L-PB10



Overstock IQCREW by Amscope Kid’s Premium 85+ piece Microscope, Color Camera and Interactive Kid’s Software Kit with 48-Piece Prepared Slide Set

Sku: M40-4P12X1

$89. 99


IQCREW® 100x-1200x Kids Microscope with Smartphone Adapter and Accessory Kit

Sku: M29-KT1-SP



IQCrew by AmScope 40X-1000X Dual Illumination Microscope (Red) with Slide Prep Kit and Book

Sku: M50C-R14-WM



40X-1000X Cordless LED Metal Frame Compound Microscope with 10pc Slides

Sku: M110C-2L-PB10

$101. 99


40X-1000X LED Student Biological Field Microscope + Slide Prep & Clean Kit + Book

Sku: M100C-LED-SP14-CKI-WM



AMSCOPE-KIDS Colorful 100X-400X-1200X Beginner Microscope with Experiment Cards

Sku: M25-Y-EXCL1



IQCREW® 15x Kids Beginner Do-It-Yourself, Build and Learn Microscope with Accessory Kit

Sku: MDIY40-B

$28. 99


Kid’s Deluxe Stereo Microscope with Fossil Collecting Activity Kit – 20X and 50X Magnification + Dual-Illumination




40X-1000X Student Cordless LED Biological Microscope

Sku: M130C-LED



40X-1000X Sturdy LED Student Science Microscope + Slides & Pen Light

Sku: M135C-2L-PB10

$105. 99


Overstock 40X-1000X Monocular LED Metal Frame Compound Microscope with Blank Slides and Experiment Cards

Sku: M102C-PB10-EXCL1



40x-640x Student’s Biological Microscope + Slide Set

Sku: M100A-PB10



Kid’s Deluxe Stereo Microscope with Worldwide Postage Stamp Collecting Activity Kit – 20X and 50X Magnification + Dual-Illumination


$89. 99


40X-400X Glass Optics Metal Frame Student Compound Microscope + Slides & Book

Sku: M149-PB10-WM



AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs Microscope STEM Kit for Kids with Metal Body Microscope, Plastic Slides, LED Light and Storage Box

Sku: M30-ABS-KT2-W



AmScope 100X-1200X LED Kids Beginner Microscope Toy Set + Slides Preparation Kit

Sku: M28-KT1-W

$23. 99


Overstock IQCrew 20X Kid’s Portable Battery-Powered Stereo Microscope with LED Light

Sku: SE100-LED



40X-1000X Biological Science Compound Microscope w 10pc Slide Collection & Book

Sku: M148C-PB10-WM



40X-1000X Biological Science Compound Microscope w 25pc Slide Collection & Book

Sku: M148C-PS25-WM

$149. 99


40X-400X Biological Science Compound Microscope w 10pc Slide Collection & Book

Sku: M148-PB10-WM



40x-1000x Student Metal Compound Microscope with ABS Case, 25pc Specimens & Book

Sku: M60C-ABS-PS25-WM



IQCrew 40X-500X Science Discovery Series Inverted Microscope with 1MP Digital Eyepiece Camera, 25pc Slides, Book and Experiment Cards

Sku: IN50C-PS25-WM-EXCL1-E1

$199. 99


IQCrew Science Discovery Series 40X-500X Inverted Microscope with Blank Slides & Coverslips and Experiment Cards for Students and Kids

Sku: IN50C-50P100S22-EXCL1



IQCREW Build Your Own Water Purification System Activity Kit




Premium Student Bundles: 40X-1000X dual LED, Ergonomic, Lab Binocular Student Microscope with Digital Camera, Tweezers, and Prepared Microscope Slide Set

Sku: VB-B110C-SLVR

$310. 99


40X-1000X Dual Light All-Metal Optical Glass Lens Metal Framework Science Microscope + USB Camera

Sku: M120C-2L-PB10-E



40X-1000X Metal Frame Glass Lens Digital Student Microscope + USB Camera & Book

Sku: M149C-WM-E



Overstock 40X-1000X 360-Degree Rotating Monocular Head LED Microscope + USB Camera + Slide Preparation Kit

Sku: M100C-LED-SP14-E

$117. 99


40X-1000X Student Field Microscope with LED Lighting + Camera

Sku: M100C-LED-E



IQCrew by AmScope 40X-1000X Dual Illumination Microscope (Blue) with Digital Eyepiece and Book

Sku: M50C-B-WM-E



IQCrew IN50C-PB10-E 40X-500X Science Discovery Series Inverted Microscope with 1MP Digital Eyepiece Camera

Sku: IN50C-PB10-E

$156. 99


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12 Best Microscopes For Kids (And Why You Need Them)

Are you looking for the best microscope for kids? Whether you’re shopping for Christmas or a birthday, a microscope makes a great gift that can be both educational and fun.  

Kids are curious by nature, and the right microscope can be an amazing purchase for a child, opening a fascinating new world and stimulating an ultimate love of science. Science is both exciting and valuable; allowing kids to find their own answers about the world around them.

Our handpicked microscopes all have a few things in common: they are robust, they provide great images, and they include plenty of fun accessories that add greater depth and intrigue for a talented little scientist.

When you are looking for the best children’s microscope, you should look for one that is durable and simple to use. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need extremely high power magnification for a kids microscope.  The most interesting specimens for kids to look at, such as bugs, bacteria and their own cheek cells only require 40x-400x. The best microscopes often include additional accessories such as carrying/storage cases and prepared slides so that viewing can begin right away. Most importantly, any microscope chosen for a kid should encourage scientific exploration in a fun and educational way.


  1. Omano JuniorScope, The Ultimate Kids Microscope

List Price: $130.00

Starting at: $89.00


The JuniorScope is the highest rated microscope for kids on the market today. It makes our ‘best microscopes list’ because unlike other microscopes on the market that look, feel, and perform like toys the JuniorScope provides a quality design, clear images, and a fun experience. The battery-powered LED light lets them go wherever the adventure takes them.

  • 3 Magnification Levels so great for teaching – 40x, 100x, 400x

  • Top and Bottom LED Lighting for slides or solid objects coins or insects

  • Includes a complete starter kit with slides, stains and experiments – everything you need to get started right away.


  1. Dino-Lite AM2111 0.3 MP Digital Microscope

Starting at: $99.00


The Dino-Lite AM2111 is a completely digital, handheld microscope that plugs into a computer.  With the AM2111 your kids can view images on the computer screen instead of looking through an eyepiece.  They can also take pictures and share them with friends and family. The Dino-Lite is undeniably better value than its rival products that lack the quality of software and design. The AM2111 is, in our opinion, the best in class and we recommend it compared to cheaper imitations.

  • 10x, 50x and 230x variable magnification

  • 4 Always on LED Lights

  • Included PC/MAC Software


  1. Omano OM150-MK 40X-400X Premium Monocular Compound LED Student Microscope

List Price: $189. 00

Starting at: $119.00


With up-to-date optics inside a robust package, the new Omano OM150-M LED student microscope is an ideal way to introduce young scientists to the world of microscopy. You can transform this microscope into a digital microscope too, by the simple method of adding a digital microscope camera. The OM150-M features high-quality optics made from 100% optically coated glass to ensure a crisp and clear image.

  • Three magnification levels: 40x, 100x, 400x

  • Battery-powered LED illumination – perfect for field trips

  • Coarse & Fine focus makes it easy for students to use


  1. Omano OM118-M3 40X-400X Student Compound Microscope Gift Package

List Price: $327.00 $237

Starting at: $188.00 $138


The Omano OM118-M3 is a full-size, high power monocular microscope used for inspecting cellular structures on slides.  It is best suited for older children and students from ages 10 and up. The ocular is angled at an ergonomic 45 degrees and rotates through 360 degrees for flexible viewing. It comes with a Dustcover, Manual, Spare Bulb, Spare Fuse.


  • Comes with a complete gift package starter kit

  • 40X, 100X, 400X magnification

  • Abbe 1.25 N.A condenser


  1. Euromex EduBlue Triple Power 10x, 20x, 30x or 40x Student Stereo Microscope

List Price: $350.00

Starting at: $295.00

Designed specifically for classroom use, the Euromex EduBlue microscopes offer a compelling combination of high-quality optics, rugged construction and good value pricing. Illumination is provided by dual transmitted and incident LED with variable controls. A rechargeable 1.800 mAh battery is integrated into the stand with an AC/DC adapter.

  • 40x, 100x, 400x magnification

  • Monocular microscope head

  • Recommended for K-12


  1. Omano OM185 20X Student Dissecting Microscope

List Price: $150.00

Our Price: $75.00

Sale Price: $59.00


The OM185 is a monocular dissection microscope designed for elementary school students and hobbyists who require a solid microscope for use in the field.


  1. Omano OM136C 40X-400X Student Compound Microscope Gift Package

List Price: $377.00

Starting at: $188.00


The Omano OM136C monocular compound microscope is one of our best-selling microscopes for kids and has won a Best Rated award. With even better design and construction than the OM118 series, it is a microscope that will last a lifetime and accordingly, carries an Omano lifetime limited warranty. Features include professional halogen or rechargeable LED illumination, three fully coated achromatic objective lenses (an optional 100x objective can be added to the order), Abbe 1.25 N.A condenser with iris diaphragm and an optional mechanical slide holder which we recommend for easier slide handling. Recommended for Grades 5-12.

  • Choice of four Accessory packages

  • Halogen or LED illumination

  • Professional features


  1. Levenhuk LabZZ M101 Microscope

List Price: $79.95

Our Price: $39.95


The colorful Levenhuk LabZZ M101 Microscope is so much more than just a toy! It’s a real optical instrument created especially for kids and can grab a child’s attention by unravelling the most thrilling microworld mysteries. The Levenhuk Labs M101 compound microscope offers an innovative solution for getting kids excited about science. The fully adjustable bottom LED illumination is powered by 2 x AA batteries for go-anywhere portability, making it ideal for backyard field trips.

  • 3 magnification levels – 40x, 100x, 400x

  • High-grade quality optics

  • Lower LED lighting for slides or solid objects

  • EZ-focus knobs are perfect for kids


  1. Omano OM4713 Dual-Power 10X / 30X Stereo Microscope

List Price: $518.00

Starting at: $239.00

The Omano OM4713-B offers outstanding value with premium 10x/30x dual power magnification. With crisp images, dual halogen illumination and a double-wide base, the microscope is robustly built to withstand the test of time.

  • Binocular or trinocular

  • Classic, double-wide fixed arm stand

  • Rugged, industrial construction

  • Dual, variable halogen or LED illumination


  1. Omano OM118-B4L LED 40X-1000X Compound Student Microscope

List Price: $498. 00

Starting at: $239.00


Part of the affordable OM118 series, the OM118-B4 is a binocular compound microscope that includes four objective lenses and a mechanical slide holder for convenient slide handling on the microscope stage.

  • Most affordable binocular with mechanical slide holder

  • 4 magnification levels: up to 1,000x

  • Mechanical slide holder for easier slide handling

  • A coaxial coarse/fine focus for ease of use

  • Professional Abbe 1.25 NA condenser


  1. Meiji Techno MT-14 Binocular LED Compound Student Microscope

List Price: $650.00

Our Price: $595.00

The ultra-high quality Meiji Techno MT-14 Binocular LED microscope offers beginning Life Science students clear visibility to a variety of samples with superb optical quality and crisp, clear cool LED illumination. LED variable intensity illumination generating even illumination and low electrical consumption. Equipped with a rechargeable battery making it cordless when in use, perfect for field experiments.

  • Semi-Plan 4X, 10X, S40X, S100X Objectives

  • Battery-powered for convenient portability

  • LED variable intensity illumination

  • Forward-facing ball-bearing nosepiece

  1. Omano OM-124-1LP 20X / 40X Student Stereo Microscope

List Price: $258.00

Our Price: $129.00

Sale Price: $99.00


Omano OM-124L comes as a LED rechargeable stereo microscope and it is the perfect companion for young explorers on field trips to the beach, park or parks. Kids can use this microscope to examine macro objects that are visible to the naked eye such as insects, crystals, seashells and more. The microscope includes 10x/20x/40x triple power magnification with WF10x eyepieces.

  • Recommended for Elementary-High School

  • 20x/40x Dual power stereo

  • Rack and pinion focus

  • Recommended for Elementary-High School


Our list includes the best microscopes for kids of all ages, and for students who are older and more serious about studying medicine or studying science. We chose these 12 microscopes as the best microscopes for kids because they are built robustly, come with accessories, give superb optical quality and are great value for money.

To discover our full range of microscopes head over to our Microscopes for kids page.


top 10 rating according to KP

If your child has been interested in studying natural sciences since early childhood, then try to support his hobby. There are many lawyers and economists, but there are few scientists in Russia, and not only in Russia. Maybe the child will not become a scientific luminary, however, his keen interest and craving for knowledge will definitely help in life. A microscope would be a good gift. Today, this device is available not only in laboratories. Good models for children are inexpensive, and they give a decent picture. KP has compiled a selection of the best baby microscopes available for sale in 2023.

Top 10 rating according to CP version

1. LEVENHUK Rainbow 50L PLUS

LEVENHUK Rainbow 50L PLUS. Photo: market.yandex.ru

Five color schemes of this model of a microscope for a child are available for sale. All are pretty bright and pretty. Supplied in a quality case. Rich equipment: a set of anatomical sections of plants, jars with marine organisms, tweezers, two-fold Barlow lens, tweezers, batteries, power supply. Monocular – where the researcher looks, rotates 360 degrees. Convenient for group work. It is bad that the standard eyepiece has a landing diameter less than the width of the micro eyepiece. Therefore, it can be used comfortably only with a Barlow lens. Otherwise it will hang out. Immediately there are three lenses in the turret. To focus, you need to rotate the handle of the object stage and its position will change vertically. This is standard practice in these models. It’s good that the manufacturer did not stint on the steel focusing mechanism. It is more reliable than plastic counterparts. The table is illuminated from above and below by LEDs. You can adjust the brightness.

Purpose: biological
Type: monocular
Turret: for three objectives
Magnification: 64-1280x
Illumination: LED
Case: yes
Experiment kit: yes
Pros and cons

Rich equipment

The quality of the eyepiece does not reach the declared price


Micromed 100-900x

Micromed 100-900x. Photo: market.yandex.ru

The microscope is delivered in a good plastic case. Everything you need to get out of the box and start experiments has already been added to the kit: reagents, tools. There is an instruction in Russian. The tripod is made of metal, and the optics, despite the price, are made of glass. The handles are tight, but this is rather a plus, since it will not be possible to knock down the focus with a careless movement. Filters are built into the aperture disk under the stage, which rotates to better match the illumination. The battery compartment is opened by unscrewing the screws, so have a small screwdriver ready. The lighting here is combined: a mirror plus an incandescent lamp. The electrical source is built into the back of the lamp. An interesting decision worth commending.

Purpose: biological
Type: monocular
Turret: for three objectives
Magnification: 100-900x
Illumination: lower through a mirror or lamp
Pros and cons


Narrow field of view


BRESSER National Geographic 300x-1200x

BRESSER National Geographic 300x-1200 x. Photo: market.yandex.ru

Two well-known brands have teamed up and produce good samples of optical instruments. Among them is a microscope for a child, worthy of mention in the ranking of the best. On the box is an indication of age – from six years. All packaged in two neat boxes. In the first, the device itself is already assembled and ready for use. In the second set for research: five bottles of different sizes, pipette, spatula, scalpel, tweezers, glass for samples. The device is small, the base is cast from metal. This is a big plus for durability. Made in Germany, by the way. The mirror, like the models above, contains a lamp on the back. Only here it is LED, which is more convenient. There is even a spare included. Summarizing, we note that this is a high-quality sample of a microscope for schoolchildren, with which you can immerse yourself in the microcosm. Only there is an important caveat: the device is difficult to get into sharpness. Do not leave your child alone with the device. Help me figure out how to focus, otherwise the tool will end up on a dusty shelf.

Purpose: biological
Type: monocular
Turret: for three objectives
Magnification: 300-1200x
Illumination: lower through a mirror or lamp
Experiment kit: yes
Pluses and minuses of


Difficult to adjust focus


LEVENHUK LabZZ M101. Photo: market.yandex.ru

At the beginning of our review of the best microscopes for children in 2021, we talked about the more expensive model of this company. This one is three times cheaper. The kit also includes a box with samples and incubators with unicellular organisms, suspension bottles, tweezers and a pipette. There is no case, but for such a price it is expected. But put a dust cover. The microscope is completely made of plastic. Build quality. Largely due to the minimization of moving parts. Only the eyepiece and the object stage rotate here – the move is smooth. Everything else is monolithic. The eyepiece has a variable magnification. That is, by rotating it, you can change the magnification from 10x to 16x. The revolver has three lenses of standard magnification for this manufacturer: 4x, 10x, 40x. Lenses can be removed to, for example, clean from dust, but change will not work. The diameter is non-standard, these are not sold in stores. Illumination is only lower. But you can adjust its intensity. Food from finger batteries.

Purpose: biological
Type: monocular
Turret: for three objectives
Magnification: 40-640x
Illumination: bottom LED
Experiment kit: yes
Pros and cons

Quality build

Image quality 3 out of 5


Edu Toys MS907

Edu Toys MS907. Photo: market.yandex.ru

The design of this microscope directly says that it was made for a child, and not for experiments. For example, they sell it in a multi-colored box, and inside there is a multi-colored printing with a description of the experiments. The device itself is made of plastic, painted to look like metal. The coating is of good quality, visually it seems that it is really steel. A mirror is installed at the bottom, which, if necessary, can be turned upside down and used as a backlight. In early models they used a lamp, but then they changed to an LED. However, past variations of the model are also on sale in 2021. The lamp is powered by a coin cell battery. Includes a dozen clear glass slides. There are sample boxes. There are small flasks and a Petri dish for preparations. The performance of everything is toy. We recommend buying this microscope only for primary school students. For middle school age, it will seem toy and frivolous.

Purpose: biological
Type: monocular
Turret: for three objectives
Magnification: 100-1200x
Illumination: bottom LED
Pros and cons

Ideal for elementary school age

Not suitable for older kids

6. National Geographic 40-640x

National Geographic 40-640x. Photo: market.yandex.ru

Please note that a similar device, only in a different color is available under the Brasser Junior brand. The manufacturer is the same, just different positioning exclusively at the marketing level. However, the version under the title of a well-known magazine has an adapter for a smartphone included. Of course, you can always assemble it yourself from cardboard, glue and a couple of rubber bands. Or buy. But you must admit that it is more pleasant when the thing is already ready for use out of the box. The kit here is rich, however, all the tools are miniature, reminiscent of children’s toys from a dollhouse. However, you can use everything for its intended purpose – understanding the world in the game. There are test tubes, tweezers, a magnifying glass, a container for growing bacteria. We put a few samples, a spare lamp and batteries. The case is made of durable plastic, so the model is very light. Lenses are the simplest, consisting of only one lens. You cannot open them and change them to others.

Purpose: biological
Type: monocular
Turret: for three objectives
Magnification: 40-640x
Backlight: bottom LED
Experiment kit: yes
Pros and cons

Smartphone adapter

Optical distortion when working with some samples


Celestron 44320

Celestron 44320. Photo: market.yandex.ru

This brand used to produce many microscopes, including for children. This model is designed for students. In general, the company obviously decided to focus on serious devices, so in 2021 a small lineup of their devices remained in stores. However, this is a fairly popular model. It is made of plastic, but the optics, fortunately, are made of glass. The backlight here is combined, in other words, two bulbs – above and below. Thanks to this, it can be used not only for biological research, but also to examine, for example, small parts, coins, banknotes. There is also a mirror to redirect the light beam. The body also has a built-in light diffuser that helps reduce the intensity for better viewing of details. Its main difference from colleagues in the same price segment is the camera. It has mediocre quality for our 2021. But it’s still better than nothing. The picture is displayed on the screen via USB. You just need to install the software from the disk first. It is very simple.

900 15 Revolver:
Purpose: biological
Type: digital, monocular
for three objectives
Magnification: 40-600x
Illumination: combined LED
Experiment kit: yes
Pros and cons

Camera included

Lilac halo around objects

8. Eastcolight 8009

Eastcolight 8009. Photo: market.yandex.ru

We cannot call this product a microscope in the full sense of the word. Let’s immediately define that this is an educational toy in the form of a microscope for a child. The product is often sold in children’s stores. Its price attracts. The set here is not as rich as that of competitors. Just one insect wing, a couple of plastic slides and stickers for labeling preparations. It is made entirely of plastic. If you decide to buy such a device for a child, then prepare in advance several images that you can consider. And then hand over a present, the child looks at a lonely wing for five minutes and gives up. Life hack: take literally everything loose that is in the kitchen: sugar, coffee, matches. All this can be seen in relatively detail in the local eyepiece, although the magnification is not gigantic.

Purpose: biological
Type: monocular
Turret: for three objectives
Magnification: 100-450x
Illumination: lower mirror
Experiment kit: yes
Pros and cons

Poor kit

9. Science Entertainment Leeuwenhoek World

Science Entertainment Leeuwenhoek World. Photo: market.yandex.ru

Once upon a time, the Dutch merchant Livenhoek discovered the microworld by simply looking through polished glass into a dirty drop of water. Today, numerous optical instruments are named after him. The assembly of this model of the microscope is of high quality, but in some places you can see the bumps that remained during the grinding of the metal. They do not affect the quality of work, just visual perfectionists can shake their heads. We praise the manufacturer for a detailed manual with experiments. Book in Russian, which lists 77 household experiments. The case is steel, only some details, such as the case around the LEDs or the lens plating made of plastic. However, the material is solid. The manufacturer puts a set of preparations, glasses and other regular parts in the kit. Interestingly, there is even a sterile scalpel and a dissecting needle.

Purpose: biological
Type: monocular
Turret: for three objectives
Magnification: 40-400x
Illumination: combined LED
Experiment set: yes
Pros and cons of

Experience book

Less increase than competitors for the same price


LOMO Mikmed 5.0

LOMO Mikmed 5.0. Photo: market.yandex.ru

The box contains three components of the microscope, from which even a child can easily assemble a functioning device. Note that there is no eyepiece to look into. All information is displayed on the computer screen. Optical zoom up to 300x. Adjustment of provisions occurs thanks to brackets. They are easy to screw on and off. Focus is adjusted by a special ring. There is even a microphone through which you can record your observations. Yes, the local camera takes not only photos, but also videos. There is a special remote control with a button to take a photo and a LED regulator. The backlight lights up when the device is connected to a computer, no batteries are needed. On the computer, you first need to install the program that comes on the CD-ROM (if you find a drive) in the kit. The interface is quite simple and understandable.

9 0015 Magnification:
Purpose: biological
Type: digital, 5 MP
Backlight: LED
Video recording: yes
Pros and cons

High-quality photos and videos from the camera

Weak magnification for biological experiments

How to choose a microscope

We told you about the best microscopes for children presented in 2021. Yury Vlasov, teacher of the natural science circle , advised KP readers on the rules for choosing a device.

What the instrument consists of

The main body part is called the base. An object stage is attached to it – it can be taken out separately, or be built into the lower part. It has clamps that fix the object of study. Observation takes place through the eyepiece. Most of the time he is alone. But it is more convenient double or triple. The latter is designed to install a camera in a free cell. The lens is responsible for the magnification, which consists of several lenses.

What the numbers mean

The eyepiece and objective have their own magnifications. Traditionally, they are indicated on the body. To find out the actual increase, you need to multiply these two numbers. For example, if the lens says 20x and the eyepiece says 10x, then the microscope will zoom in 200x.

Top or bottom illumination

From the bottom, the object is examined in transmitted light. This is used in biological research. Of the minuses – you need to make a translucent cut of the object under study. And this needs to be learned. Although many manufacturers of microscopes for children put a handy blade in the box.

The most reliable lighting option is a mirror. You direct a beam of natural light at it, and it reflects back onto the object. Some models have LED lighting. It is powerful and at the same time unpretentious to power sources – batteries or a socket, depending on the model. However, with it, eyes get tired faster, and another one visually changes the color of the object. Halogen lighting is built into expensive models, but devices with it are much more expensive. Plus they get hot.

Top light allows indirect light to be used. It is convenient to examine objects with it: banknotes, coins, details. It can also be used in amateur biological experiments. For example, when studying insects.

What are the types of microscopes for schoolchildren

Biological. They study tissues, smears, unicellular and other living matter. The magnification range in such microscopes for children is from 40x to 1200x. They are also called educational. Considering bacteria and viruses with such a zoom will not work, but this is hardly necessary for a child.

Tool. They study microcircuits, details, roughly speaking, everything inanimate. They have an increase in the region of 100-300 times, since this is enough. Sometimes there are two lenses, as well as eyepieces. This is necessary to get a picture of a three-dimensional object. For example, jewelry stone.

USB. They don’t have their own eyepiece. It connects to the computer and the picture goes to the screen. Technology is great for today’s kids. The increase here on average does not exceed 20-30 times. But there is a digital zoom 200-1000x. But the image will get worse as you get closer, because the resolution of the camera is not high. For studies of living matter, they are poorly suited.

Electronic and scanning microscopes for professional laboratories.

Microscopes for children in Makhachkala: 1010 products: free shipping, 83% discount [link]

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Microscope / children’s biological for schoolchildren, with a set of experiments, play laboratory with color filters, magnification X40, 100, 400, children and adults



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Microscope Micromed Atom 40x-640x (lime) / Young biologist Gift for a child Child for schoolchildren Type:



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Microscope biological Micromed S-12 / school optical for child schoolchild medical Type:





Microscope school for children / Digital children’s research Preparations and glass slides of entertainment experiments



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Microscope for children with phone holder Microscope X100 X400 X1200 / High magnification / Educational toy


Microscope for children with Discovery Nano Gravity book (77959) Max. magnification: 400


Portable microscope red with illumination Zoomscope 20x-40x matte, for children over 6 years old Navir 8050 R


90 060 Microscope school Scrabble-G1200-12MP (F1517EU ) (1200x – 1920×1080 / 12mp) with screen and recording on SD microscope for children and schools



1 1 27


Microscope for children/Children with for tests/ for experiments TONGDE 2510 Type: kit


Portable 906 42 Microscope green illuminated Zoomscope 20x-40x matte, for children over 6 years old Navir 8050 G


Microscope for children “Young Botanist”, magnification x100, x400, x1200, color orange, backlight package size: 19*8, instruction age children : from 6 years • Set for experiments “ Microscope ” will be very interesting for inquisitive children


5 years6 years7 years10 years12 years

Microscope 9064 2 for cell augmentation Erudit-H-307-x1000 ( K85464KIM) (1920×1080 /2MP, 1000x) with monitor and recording on SD microscope for child


12 731

90 060 Microscope x2000 for baby Scrabble h415 Scrabble Type: microscope , Gender: for girls, for boys,


Microscope 9 0642 for cell magnification Erudit-H-307-x1000 (1920×1080 /2MP, 1000x) with monitor and recording on SD microscope for children in a gift box


Microscope for children MicroMir A205 (12MP) (W3551RU) (x1000 – 1920×1080 / 12mp) with screen and recording on SD

43 boys,


Microscope WI -Fi for child Scrabble h415W Scrabble Type: microscope , Gender: for girls, for boys,


10 4 47

Microscope 16MP for child Scrabble DM9 Scrabble Type: microscope , Gender: for girls, for boys,


Microscope for children and school Erudit H-306 Erudite Purpose: laboratory, Minimum magnification: 2


Portable microscope yellow with illumination Zoomscope 20x-40x in a matte body, for children from 6 years old Navir 8050 Y


Microscope WIFI for children Scrabble MS4 Scrabble Type: microscope , Gender: for girls, for boys, 9000 3 DETAILS

12 636

Microscope for children 12Mp – Erudit H-315 Erudit Min.