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4G Mobile Phones Price List in India (July 2023)

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Here is a list of 4G mobile phone models in India, sorted by popularity. You can also sort the list by 4G mobile phone price in India, by recency of launch, and by name. Using the filters on the left, you’ll also be able to find the best 4G phones in India for your requirements.

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List of Best 4G Mobiles (8th July 2023)

Mobile Phones Price in India
OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite 5G ₹ 19,999
Nothing Phone 1 ₹ 29,499
Oppo Reno 8T 5G ₹ 29,999
OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G ₹ 17,999
Motorola Edge+ ₹ 49,999
Lava Blaze 5G ₹ 11,999
OnePlus Nord ₹ 24,990
Vivo T2x 5G ₹ 12,999
Motorola Edge 20 Fusion ₹ 18,999
iPhone 13 ₹ 60,999

Best Mobile Phone Brands

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  • Samsung(321)
  • Oppo(216)
  • Xiaomi(248)
  • Vivo(258)
  • Apple(69)

120 MORE


  • 8GB and above(583)
  • 6GB(461)
  • 4GB(745)
  • 3GB(674)
  • 2GB(752)


Internal Storage

  • 256GB and above(231)
  • 64 – 127.9GB(722)
  • 32 – 63.9GB(750)
  • 16 – 31.9GB(807)


External Storage

  • Expandable Storage(2806)
  • USB OTG(1172)
  • Dedicated Memory Card Slot(437)

Battery Capacity

  • 6000mAh and above(83)
  • 5000 – 5999mAh(549)
  • 4000 – 4999mAh(916)
  • 3000 – 3999mAh(1076)
  • 2000 – 2999mAh(869)


Screen Size

  • 6 inches and above(1718)
  • 5. 7 – 5.9 inches(203)
  • 5.5 – 5.6 inches(560)
  • 5.2 – 5.4 inches(214)
  • 5 – 5.1 inches(615)


Number of Rear Cameras

  • Single Camera(2204)
  • Dual Camera(516)
  • Triple Camera(698)
  • Quad Camera(320)
  • Penta Camera(3)

Primary Rear Camera

  • 21 MP and above(973)
  • 16 – 20.9 MP(422)
  • 13 – 15.9 MP(1171)
  • 12 – 12.9 MP(350)
  • 8 – 11.9 MP(472)


Rear Camera Feature

  • Rear Flash(3412)
  • Rear Auto Focus(1190)

Front Camera

  • 21 MP and above(358)
  • 9 MP”>16 – 20.9 MP(684)
  • 13 – 15.9 MP(157)
  • 12 – 12.9 MP(57)
  • 8 – 11.9 MP(918)


Front Camera Feature

  • Front Flash(443)
  • Front Auto Focus(102)
  • Pop-up Camera(48)

Operating System

  • Android(3587)
  • iOS(69)
  • Windows Phone(18)
  • Windows 10 Mobile(12)
  • BlackBerry OS(10)


Network Type

  • 3G(3602)
  • 4G(3758)
  • 5G(551)

Number of SIM Cards

  • Single SIM(582)
  • Dual SIM(2925)
  • Triple SIM(2)

SIM Size

  • Nano-SIM(2526)
  • Micro-SIM(860)
  • Regular(227)
  • eSIM(52)

Processor Speed

  • 5GHz and above”>2.5GHz and above(142)
  • 2 – 2.4GHz(479)
  • 1.5 – 1.9GHz(684)
  • 1 – 1.4GHz(995)
  • Less than 1GHz(19)

Number of Processor Cores (CPU)

  • Single Core(55)
  • Dual Core(58)
  • Quad Core(1090)
  • Hexa Core(61)
  • Octa Core(2274)


More Features

  • Wi-Fi(3723)
  • Bluetooth(3705)
  • Touchscreen(3683)
  • NFC(1110)
  • USB Type-C(1213)


Market Status

  • Available in Stores(548)
  • Upcoming(27)
  • Out of Stock(3183)



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Schok Classic Flip Phone 4G/LTE (with oversized keypad) + Accessories



  • 3.2” display, 16 million colors WVGA 800 x 480 pixels main TFT display
  • 2.0” secondary TFT color display
  • 8MP camera with Auto-focus and flash
  • 1,650mAh long-lasting, rechargeable battery
  • Fully designed in the USA
  • Oversized keypad with built-in backlight
  • Crystal clear sound
  • 1GB in RAM and 8GB in memory, with SD card slot expandable up to 64GB
  • Qualcomm™ – Quad-Core 1.1GHz processor
  • USB Type-C™ reversible port for easier charging
  • Android AOSP system
  • Accessories bundle includes: charging dock station, gradient blue and cherry interchangeable covers, 5-ft sync-charge braided USB Type-C™ cable, braided headset with hands-free function, and USB wall charger.

Schok is redefining what a world-class flip-phone should be, adding amazing features usually reserved for the most expensive phones in the market. A big, super bright 500NITS display with best-in-class colors and pixels that makes the screen easy to see, even in direct sunlight, with sharp images and clear text. Take amazing pictures and selfies with its built-in, best-in-class, 8MP auto-focus camera. Thanks to its 1.2 amplifier, the Schok Classic has higher audio output to provide crystal-clear conversations and an outstanding sound experience. An oversized keyboard with built-in backlighting and a proprietary, system-wide virtual mouse makes the phone easy for anyone to use. Unique on a flip phone, block access to the majority of its applications by using a password with our patent-pending feature called “Lock Control 2.0.” Schok, as an American company, goes above and beyond other brands by including a robust accessories bundle with your purchase.

Display size (Internal): 3. 2″ with 16 Million colors
Display resolution (Internal): WVGA = 480 x 800 pixels
Display brightness (In nits): 500 nits
Display size (External): 2″ color
Rear Camera (Megapixels): 8MP+Flash+AF (Can be blocked by Lock control 2.0)
Selfie Camera (Megapixels): Main camera as selfie w/viewer
Flashlight (Torch): Yes
Device operating system: AOSP based on Android™ OS
Chipset (SoC): Qualcomm™ MSM8909
Number of Cores & Speed in MHz: (Quad-Core) 1.1MHz
Graphic card (GPU): Adreno™ 304 @456MHz
Chipset designed in: United States
User Memory: 8GB
SD Card: Up to 32GB (SD card not included)
SIM Card: Nano Sim Card 4ff (SIM card not included)
Battery size: 1,650mAh rechargeable battery
USB: Type-C connector
Keyboard backlight: Yes
WiFi: Yes (2. 4GHz)
GPS: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes 4.2
Radio FM: Yes (Can be blocked by Lock control 2.0)
Built-in web browser: Yes (Can be blocked by Lock control 2.0)
SMS feature: Yes (Can be blocked by Lock control 2.0)
Vibration function: Yes
3.5mm headphone jack: Yes
Speakerphone: Yes 1.2W
Number of Microphones: 2
Hearing Aid compatibility: M3/T4
Cursor control: Navigation keys and virtual mouse
Schok Lock control 2.0PP: Yes (Control applications & features ON/Off with password)
Horizontal video watching: Yes, on built-in video player
Patented anti-slip case: Yes, better grip, less drops
Ultimate bundle included: Yes
Bundle includes: Dock Station, braided cables, 2 colorful covers
Bands and Frequencies GSM: 600/850/900/1800/1900
Bands and Frequencies 3G: UMTS band 2/4/5 CDMA BC0/BC1/BC10
Bands and Frequencies 4G LTE: Band 2/4/5/12/13/17/25/26/
Warranty: One full year

For more information, please visit us at www.


Product Variants

Default Title
– $99.00



Vendors: Schok LLC

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The phone only has a 2G/3G signal and no 4G signal

If your phone does not have a 4G signal, follow the steps below.

Check if the 4G network is enabled

  • If dual SIM cards are installed: Make sure the 4G support switch on both SIM cards is enabled. Open the Settings app, in the search bar type 4G support on both SIM cards and tap and then turn on the switch 4G support on both SIM cards.

If the search does not return any results, then 4G support on both SIM cards is enabled by default.

Check that the SIM card is not deformed, its contacts are not dirty or oxidized

  • Remove the SIM card and check for dirt or erosion on the metal surface. If there is, it may affect signal reception. It is recommended to keep the SIM card clean.
  • If you use a cut or non-standard SIM card yourself, it may not work properly. In this case, it is recommended to use a normal SIM card and check if you can receive a 4G network signal. If the signal is normal, contact your carrier to replace your SIM card with a standard one.

Move to another location

You can contact your carrier to inquire about the network status, or check the phone’s network status using the same carrier’s SIM card. If your location does not have 4G coverage, the 4G signal may be weak or unstable due to the poor 4G coverage of your local operator. In this case, it is recommended to move to another location and try again.

Restart your phone or turn on and then turn off airplane mode

Some special network settings may prevent your phone from returning to 4G for a short period of time. You can restart your phone or turn Airplane Mode on and then off to fix this issue.

Reset APN settings and try again

Open the Settings app, find Access points (APN), tap Access points (APN) to open the mobile data settings screen, and tap Access points (APN) again. Click on the icon in the upper right corner and select the Reset settings option.

Reset network settings to solve the problem

If the problem persists, open the Settings app, find and select the Reset network settings option to reset the network settings of your SIM card.

(Note: All Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection data will be deleted. Screen unlock password will be required to confirm this operation).

Install phone system updates in a timely manner.

If you are using an older version of the system, update the system to the latest version while the phone is connected to the Internet.

If the problem is not solved by any of the above methods, save a backup of your data and contact a Huawei authorized service center.

Note: The tablet only supports single SIM and does not support dual SIM in 4G mode.

How to enable and set up 4G on your LG phone – LG MAGAZINE Russia / sec, which is about 15 times higher than the previous generation – 3G. Another key feature of 4G is that it is based entirely on packet data protocols, while 3G uses both packet switching and circuit switching.

The largest telecom operators in Russia (Beeline, Megafon, MTS, Yota) have been supporting 4G for several years, and the number of Russian cities where this communication standard is available is regularly updated.

That is why every LG smartphone owner has a question about how to connect 4G on the phone. The 4G setup process does not present any difficulties, the main thing is to clearly follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Make sure that your SIM card supports 4G mode. Look for 4G/LTE on the map. Most modern SIM cards have this feature. If you have not changed your SIM card for a long time, contact your operator. In extreme cases, you can order a new SIM card at any mobile phone store of your operator for free.
  2. Check if 4G is supported in your area. This is most likely the case, since 4G technologies are currently supported in 170 countries of the world, including all European countries without exception. Nevertheless, in case of doubt, you can find the information of interest in the technical support section on the website of your mobile operator.
  3. Make sure your smartphone supports the technology. All modern models of LG phones are equipped with 4G connectivity. If you have an older phone model, you can check it in “Settings”.

If all the conditions are met, you can proceed directly to setting up 4G on your LG smartphone. This can be done in two ways.

First method:

  • Enter the Settings menu.
  • Select “Mobile networks”.
  • In it, enter the “Network type” section.
  • Check the box next to LTE (4G) or LTE (recommended).

Important: in this case, the phone will use 4G as a priority connection type, but if the 3G signal is stronger, the phone will automatically switch to this signal.

Second method:

If you connect 4G in your LG phone in this way, then this type of connection will be used forcibly in all cases. Phone manufacturers do not recommend using it, because in areas with poor coverage, the quality of communication will deteriorate.

  • Enable “Data transfer”.
  • Dial *#*#4636#*#* on your phone.
  • In the menu that opens, select the “Information about the phone” section.
  • Find the “Set preferred connection type” item (it is located at the very bottom of the list) and select LTE/GSM/WCDMA.

If this code did not work in your LG phone model, then there is an alternative code – 3845 # * 802 #, with which you can get into the engineering menu (not recommended by the manufacturer!). In the menu that opens, select LTE Only – Modern Settings – RAT Selection and select LTE / GSM / WCDMA there.

If you set up 4G on your LG phone in any of the above ways, the settings may be lost every time you restart your smartphone. To avoid this, you need to install a special program:

  1. Make sure you have permission to install programs from unknown sources. You can do this in the “Security” section in “Settings”.
  2. Download any file manager from Google Play or use the regular one.
  3. Run the LteConfig.apk file located in /System/app.
  4. Finish installing the file.
  5. Select LTE/GSM/WCDMA mode in “Network settings”.
  6. Reboot phone.

How to set up 4 G in the phone LG Eurotest

Sometimes problems with 4G connection may be due to the fact that the phone is made for another country , and the firmware indicates the features for the state of the intended delivery.