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Pros & Cons and Final Verdict

JBL E55BT Design and Build

The modern-day audio equipment industry has evolved and advanced in some big ways in recent years, gradually moving away from bulky, heavy, awkward items of the past to sleeker, slimmer, and more sophisticated alternatives, offering better audio experiences and more comfortable, convenient listening to the user.

From portable Bluetooth speakers to wireless headphones, modern day music lovers have all kinds of useful devices and accessories to turn to when they want to load up their favorite tracks while traveling from place to place, working out in the gym, roaming around town, or simply chilling out at home.

These devices offer a lot of advantages, but it’s important to choose them with care and attention to detail. There are a lot of brands vying for your attention and dozens of different products to choose from in every category and price range. JBL is one of the big brands leading the way for the audio industry, offering a lot of popular products, including the JBL E55BT.

We’ve seen a lot of great innovations and developments from JBL over the years, and the JBL E55BT wireless over-ear headphones are just another excellent example of what this company can be capable of. Stylish, sophisticated, powerful, and affordable too, there’s a lot to love about this headset, but how does it compare to other products and how does it stand up to close inspection?

Well, our in-depth JBL E55BT review will aim to answer those questions, providing you with all the information you need regarding these headphones, covering everything from their design to the level of sound quality they’re able to provide. If you’re looking to learn more about the E55BT headset and want to find out if it’s the right product for you, read on.

Table of Contents

  • How We Started 
  • Overview
  • Design
  • Comfort 
  • Controls
  • Features
  • Battery 
  • Sound Quality
  • Connectivity and Ease of Use
  • Price 
  • Value
  • Who Should Get This?
  • Our View 

How We Started 

We’ve reviewed a lot of high quality audio equipment from leading brands around the globe, as well as communicating with plenty of members of the general public to find out more about what they look for when buying headphones, speakers, and so on.

What we’ve found is that people tend to have their own unique views and preferences when it comes to shopping for these kinds of products. Some people will focus purely on sound quality, for example, while others will look at other factors such as value, design, and color options.

In order to cater to the widest possible audience and help the largest number of people, this review will aim to cover every key aspect of the JBL E55BT headphones. We’ll look at them from every angle, investigating all of the key features and functions so you know absolutely all the essentials before making a purchase decision.

This in-depth, unbiased look at the JBL E55BT over-ear headphones will cover their design, build quality, audio performance, unique features, controls, connectivity, ease of use, price, and more. No stone will be left unturned, giving you a full, frank assessment of the headset from every possible angle.

We put these headphones to the test in a lot of different ways, testing them out to see how they feel in different conditions, evaluating their performance when playing musical tracks from varying genres, and investigating the tech and features hidden under the hood to figure out how they compare to rival models too.  


JBL E55BT wireless over-ear headphones bring the signature sound of JBL right to your ears. The E55BT is one of our most versatile packages ever, featuring up to 20 hours of battery life and an innovative, stylish fabric headband that emphasises your fashion quotient.



Further down the page, we’ll take a closer look at the JBL E55BT’s key features and functions, evaluating the headset’s performance levels, design, and so on, but to start off the review, let’s first focus on what this product actually is, how it was put together, what it has to offer, and who it was created for.

We’re living in an age of wireless technology. Across many industries, big brands are all looking for ways to get rid of cables and cords, making their products and devices more seamless, simple to use, and convenient for the general public. This is particularly prevalent in the audio industry, which was once dominated by bulky speakers and reams of wires.

Nowadays, wireless headphones are hugely popular, and JBL has been leading the way in this field, offering a wide range of wireless earphones from small, subtle in-ear devices to more traditional headset-style alternatives. The JBL E55BT falls into the latter category; to look at, it resembles many of the classic headsets of the past, but with a much more modern design and no cables to worry about.

It’s fully wireless, with a strong battery that offers up to 20 hours of playback on a single charge, and the whole thing is powered with JBL’s Signature Sound technology, along with powerful 50mm drivers that provide high quality audio experiences for the user.

However, despite offering wireless functionality, the JBL E55BT does come with a bundled tangle-resistant cable and the option to make use of ‘wired mode’, letting you hook up the headset to a range of different devices and control your music or calls via the cable buttons. In wireless mode, meanwhile, buttons on the earcups let you control tracks and sound on the fly.

Suitable for use while working, traveling, or even exercising too, the JBL E55BT over-ear headphones feature a great design, versatile functionality, solid audio performance, and some interesting advanced features too.


Aesthetics are becoming increasingly important in the modern era, and people like the idea of buying devices that look attractive and eye-catching, as well as being able to offer proven performance and high quality user experiences.

JBL has developed something of a reputation for offering a lot of variety in terms of the looks and feels of its product lineup, and we can really see the brand’s dedication to aesthetics on display in the JBL E55BT headset.

Put simply, this is an attractive set of headphones. JBL isn’t doing anything groundbreaking with the design, but the company has still managed to provide a really classy, pleasing product here, building on the foundations of traditional headsets and taking the concept further in some fun ways.

The JBL E55BT headphones are available in five distinct colors in total: black, white, blue, red, and teal. This is a solid selection of colors, and each one brings something new and fresh to the table; some will appreciate the classic subtlety of black or white, while others might favor the pop and flair of teal and red.

Whatever option you choose, you’ll be getting a great-looking set of headphones. The exterior is made from hard, resistant plastic, with PU leather ear cushions that hug the ears nicely and a tangle-free fabric cord for use in wired mode if you want it. 

The JBL logo decorates the sides of the headset nicely, with a comfort fit fabric headband on top and simple, clearly-marked buttons along the sides of the earcups for total control, as and when you need it.


Another absolutely essential aspect to take into account when evaluating the overall quality and appeal of any set of headphones is its comfort factor; some headphones can be really comfortable to wear and viable for all-day use without causing any irritation or discomfort, while others can be a little more awkward and uncomfortable in their designs.

It’s important to remember that this is quite a subjective matter, and the level of comfort you feel with any pair of headphones will be dependent on your own preferences, as well as your head size and shape, plus your ear size and shape too. However, we can offer a general overview of the comfort provided by these headphones.

Fortunately, the JBL E55BT headphones really deliver in this department. As stated above, the ear cushions feature a soft PU leather coating that fits nice and snugly over the ears for maximum comfort, and the fabric headband on top is a nice touch, much more comfortable than firm, plastic alternatives that can get quite irritating with extended use.

Since the headset is quite large compared to simple in-ear earphones, it might not be the best choice for wearing while working out and it could make you quite hot if you’re wearing it on a warm day, but in any other conditions or situations, it works really well, providing premium comfort all around the ears.


Another key aspect to take into account when looking at wireless headphones like the JBL E55BT is the controls. In the past, headphones came with very limited control options or no controls whatsoever, and you’d have to rely on your music playing device to adjust volume, change tracks, and so on.

Modern wireless headphones, however, are typically fitted with buttons and controls of their own, and the JBL E55BT is no different. In fact, it has some of the best button integration we’ve seen on a device of this kind. 

When you’re using the headphones in wireless mode, there are buttons along the side of the right earcup. These buttons include a power switch to turn the headset on and off, a pairing button for Bluetooth connections, and controls for adjusting volume, playing tracks, pausing tracks, and either fast-forwarding or rewinding too by holding the volume buttons down.

When you switch over to wired mode, you can use the control system on the cable to adjust volume, changes tracks, and so on. Either way, controlling the JBL E55BT is really simple and straightforward for the most part, although it can take a little time for you to get used to how the different earcup buttons feel and figure out which one is which.


JBL E55BT wireless over-ear headphones bring the signature sound of JBL right to your ears. The E55BT is one of our most versatile packages ever, featuring up to 20 hours of battery life and an innovative, stylish fabric headband that emphasises your fashion quotient.



Since many of the best wireless headphones can be quite similar in terms of design and performance, one way to tell them apart and find the best value option to meet your needs is to take a look at their unique features. Some sets of headphones can be quite simple in this regard, but others offer long feature lists. How does the JBL E55BT headset fare when it comes to features? 

Well, there are actually quite a lot of unique and interesting features and functions on these headphones when you look closely. For example, they come with a built-in microphone, which is a nice bonus and allows you to make calls while listening to your music and not have to worry about taking the headset off and switching back to your phone in order to chat to a friend or family member. It’s compatible with both Siri and Google Now voice assistants too.

The JBL E55BT also features a flat-fold design, meaning that the earcups can actually twist around and allow the whole unit to fold flat when not in use, perfect for portability and packing into travel bags. There are little L and R labels printed on the inside of the cups too, which is a small but useful bonus, and the headset supports multi-device pairing if you want to connect more than one device at a time for playback.   


Wireless devices rely on rechargeable batteries to work correctly, but the efficiency and power rating of those batteries can vary from one device to the next. Some wireless headphones are able to run for hours on end per charge, for instance, while others wear out quite quickly and take a long time to get back up to 100% power.

How do the JBL E55BT headphones cope in this category? Well, once more, we’re pleased to report another key advantage of these headphones here. While some headsets struggle to run for four or five hours at a time, the E55BT headphones can last for a whopping 20 hours on a single charge, letting you listen to almost a full day’s worth of music without even needing to plug the device in.

This is a major advantage of this elite E-series headset from JBL. Many rival brands can’t offer such lengthy battery times, but JBL has done a hugely impressive job of squeezing incredible power levels out of these headphones, helping to make them highly suitable to busy, active people who spend long hours at a time listening to music while traveling, working, or walking around.

Perhaps even more impressively, the JBL E55BT don’t take too long to charge back up either. Once they run out of power, you can connect them to a charging source via USB cable and you’ll only have to wait about two hours to get a full charge refresh. Unfortunately, there’s no quick charge feature with this headset, but two hours is a very impressive time for a full charge. 

Sound Quality

Of course, sound quality is one of the most important factors to think about when you’re looking at how good a set of headphones really is. The best headphones can really appeal to audiophiles, delivering crisp notes, thumping bass, clear tracks, and almost no traces of distortion whatsoever. Weaker headsets, meanwhile, may struggle on certain frequencies or volumes.

So how does the sound quality stand up to scrutiny on the JBL E55BT headset? Well, once more, we’re happy to say that this device delivers. Music of many different genres plays wonderfully well on these headphones, and they actually feel quite atmospheric on certain tracks, as though a live band is performing right there in front of you.

The soundstage feels bigger and wider with the JBL E55BT when compared to other headphones, delivering more power and performance overall, and these headphones manage to handle very low and very high frequencies with impressive ease.

The 50mm drivers, in conjunction with JBL Signature Sound technology, help to ensure that almost any kind of music sounds fantastic, and even the most attuned audiophile will be pleasantly surprised, for the most part, with this headset.

Ultimately, the JBL E55BT headphones aren’t the absolute pinnacle of wireless audio technology, and you might notice one or two little issues here and there on certain tracks or when pumping the volume up, but they’re certainly among the best options on the market right now, delivering premium audio experiences across the board.

The frequency response of E55BT ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz and it has an impedance of 32Ω.

Connectivity and Ease of Use

One issue that can sometimes arise with wireless Bluetooth headphones is that they can be tricky to connect or confusing to set-up. Many people buy these headsets hoping to enjoy seamless, simple experiences without any delays or difficulties, but are the JBL E55BT wireless headphones able to meet these expectations?

Thankfully, they are. This headset is fitted with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which is a little outdated nowadays, but is still more than good enough for general use. You can press the Bluetooth pairing button on the side of the right ear cup to place the headphones into pairing mode and then hook them up via your device’s Bluetooth menu.

Connections are usually established very quickly and easily, without any issues, and even if you do lose connection, it’s easy enough to get it set back up. What’s more, the range offered by this headset is pretty impressive, so you don’t absolutely need to keep your phone or tablet on your person at all times in order to carry on listening to your tunes.

The headphones can be used for making calls and using voice assistants too, and we found that the microphone is perfectly functional and reliable in most situations. So whether you’re relaxing and listening to your favorite artists or chatting with your friends over the phone, you shouldn’t experience any technical issues or limitations with the JBL E55BT.


Along with other key factors like sound quality, design, aesthetics, and durability, we also have to take the price tag into account when looking at the overall quality of any set of headphones or other piece of audio equipment. Many people have set budgets in mind for these kinds of items and don’t want to pay too much when they could get the same or better experience for a lower price elsewhere. 

At launch, the JBL E55BT headphones had an MSRP of $149.95. However, it’s been some time now since this headset was released and prices have changed accordingly. These days, you can pick up these headphones much more cheaply, and the price is very fair and reasonable in our view, taking into account the quality of this headset.


Price is one thing, but value is another. Even a low price might not offer that much value if the product doesn’t really meet your needs, or if better alternatives are available. With this in mind, do the JBL E55BT headphones truly offer great value to buyers? 

In our view, yes they do. These headphones, despite being a little older and somewhat surpassed by more recent models, still stand up well in all of the key areas like design, build quality, durability, and audio performance too.

For general users and audiophiles alike, they offer a ton of value and can work well as your go-to pair of headphones for day to day usage while commuting to work or relaxing at home.

Who Should Get This?

The JBL E55BT headphones can be wholeheartedly recommended to many different people, from audio enthusiasts who want to enjoy high quality sounds in every track they play to seasoned travelers looking for some comfortable, convenient headphones to share their journeys with.

This headset is affordable, well-designed, and surprisingly functional, with a long list of impressive features that allows the JBL E55BT to appeal to so many different people. Whether you’re using them on the way to the office or while studying at college, you’ll get a great experience.

The huge battery life allows them to work well for busy and active people too, especially those who spend plenty of time moving around from place to place and don’t always have the ability to stop and wait around for lengthy recharge processes.

Our View 

Are the JBL E55BT wireless headphones worth the money? In our view, they are. After closely investigating and testing these headphones, we can walk away with a very positive impression, and it’s easy to see why JBL is so proud of this particular piece of audio equipment. Excelling in all of the areas that matter the most, from design to performance, the JBL E55BT headset gives you all you need to enjoy music like never before.


JBL E55BT wireless over-ear headphones bring the signature sound of JBL right to your ears. The E55BT is one of our most versatile packages ever, featuring up to 20 hours of battery life and an innovative, stylish fabric headband that emphasises your fashion quotient.


JBL E55BT review – SoundGuys

JBL thoughtfully approaches consumer audio demands with the E-Series line. This plastic collection seeks to meet our needs by providing affordable Bluetooth products without sacrificing sound quality or functionality. The E55BT model is a jack of all trades; they do everything well enough, but they’re not the best JBL headphones out there. Is that the case for the JBL E55BT?

Editor’s note: this JBL E55BT review was updated on December 6, 2021, to include a contents menu, address its discontinuation, and add context to the sound quality section.

Who is the JBL E55BT for?

  • Anyone in the market for affordable headphones that put sound quality above build quality. In a perfect world, the two would always be top-notch, unfortunately, many budgets—mine included—don’t always allow for that kind of financial liberty.
  • Students could enjoy this headset with its five colorways (black, red, blue, teal, and white) there’s bound to be a look for you. The Bluetooth is convenient, so you don’t have to worry about wires when packing up from one class to another.
  • Commuters will enjoy the good sound isolation is impressive with the E55BT. Clamping force keeps out a good chunk of ambient noise without inducing headaches. The ability to switch from one device to another is helpful if you’re watching a video on your tablet and receive a call on your phone.

What’s it like to use the JBL E55BT?

The plastic doesn’t hinge reinforcement is an apparent weak point of the JBL E55BT headphones.

This headset is technically classified as a pair of budget headphones and it shows. Though the plastic housing squeaks and creaks when you place them on top of your head. It’s cool that the fabric headband matches the tangle-free cable, but it fails to provide any sort of cushioning. Normally, this would be problematic as most of us have a low tolerance for headphone discomfort, but due to ergonomic weight distribution, the E55BT can be worn for an hour and a half without fatigue. After that, the cushion-less headband becomes a real pain. Similar to the Audio-Technica ATH-M30x, JBL opts for synthetic protein leather earpads. Not only does this keep costs down, it appeals to a wider range of consumers.

Design-wise, this is nothing to write home about. It makes sense that JBL would forgo pandering to aesthetes in order to please ears. But the proportions are just silly. The 50mm driver housing protrudes too much relative to the flat headband. Features are slim.

The JBL E55BT includes a micro USB charging cable and 3.5mm removable cable with an in-line mic and a one-button remote.

That said, the headphones do fold flat and up at the hinges, so that’s nice. The right ear cup is outfitted with the power switch, basic playback controls, and a MultiConnect button. All three of the playback controls sit perfectly flush with each other, making it nearly impossible to distinguish between them. Using them was a complete “guess and check” process. I didn’t like it in high school algebra and don’t like it now.

How do you connect the JBL E55BT?

The included 3.5mm removable cable is wrapped in the same cloth material as the headband. The one-button remote grants basic playback/call controls but doesn’t let users access virtual assistants.

The headset uses Bluetooth 4.0 and supports just SBC for wireless streaming. This isn’t ideal, but you can always use the 3.5mm cable to stream lossless audio files. Connection stability is poor: even with the source device no more than three feet from the headphones, static interrupts the signal multiple times a minute.

How long does the JBL E55BT battery last?

Located on the right ear cup are playback controls. Their flush positioning makes it difficult to actually control anything.

With the volume at 50%, I was able to exhaust the full 20 hours of music playback from the headphones. Note: even at 50% volume, the headset is loud. When you do run out of juice, it takes two hours via microUSB for the headphones to top back up.

How does the JBL E55BT sound?

Looking beyond the iffy connectivity, JBL has tuned the E55BT to boost bass notes. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it’s enjoyable and meets what most consumers like: emphasized bass and highs, relative to the mids. Just don’t expect to get a good mix out of them; this isn’t a set of reference headphones. The supra aural design helps create a seal, isolating the listener from the environment, contributing to the bass response.


A distorted sound signature isn’t always a bad thing. JBL’s E55BT headphones emphasize the bass over all else, but this makes for a generally more enjoyable listening experience.

The JBL E55BT deliberately distorts the bass, and Katy Perry’s Swish Swish is a prime example of how this altered sound can be advantageous for certain genres. This song relies on an energetic (120 bpm) tempo to carry the nightlife-inspired beat.

Overemphasis of the lows masks vocal clarity for the sake of a more “fun” sound. This phenomenon is most apparent 1:14 to 1:22 when the bass does double time under Perry’s “-ire” rhyming pattern. The bass is much more energetic than listening with something like the Audio-Technica ATH-M40X.


The power switch on the JBL E55BT is easy to accidentally push, resulting in a lot of unintentional shutdowns.

Though not a radio hit, Lorde’s Sober has plenty of dynamic range to test the fidelity of the mids. Like Swish Swish, the loud bass masks vocals and higher pitched sounds. Hindering the vocals isn’t typically a huge issue with poppy rhythms like this, but the song itself is so lyrically driven that it just doesn’t work.


Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile perform a deft duet in Why Only One?. The bass and mandolin pairing is another example of the headset’s boosted bass nature. The two artists play in tandem from the 12-second mark on. JBL’s E55BT reproduction of Meyer’s upright bass performance perceptibly masks Thile’s agile mandolin picking.

Upon initial listening, the higher end of the spectrum comes through clearly. However, this is the highest end of the frequency range that we’re hearing in the song. Hence why it sounds so appealing at first.

Should you buy the JBL E55BT?

JBL has labeled the inside of the E55BT headphones with “L” and “R,” respectively.

Though the rickety plastic is often a little too malleable, the fact of the matter is that if you’re on a budget but want to dip your toe, or even your whole foot into the next echelon of audio, the JBL E55BT is a worthy adversary of similarly priced options.

Rendered more open than the ATH-M40X, the E55BT reproduces a superb soundstage. Good sound quality is always a gamble with Bluetooth headphones, especially due to unpredictable interference issues, but when the E55BT makes things work. Yes, yes, yes. The sound isn’t “flat,” but it’s not meant to be. If the poppy color options didn’t signal this well enough, the E-series line is a fun, affordable collection that brings MultiConnect capabilities, comfort, and good sound to the table.

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Which JBL headphones to choose? We analyze the Everest, Endurance, E-Series, Live, etc. lines

JBL is an American company that produces acoustic audio equipment. It was founded back in 1946 and has since established itself as one of the most recognizable acoustics manufacturers in the world. After the purchase of the company by the Harman concern, JBL set to work with tripled energy (marketers especially tried) and since 2014 the range of headphones has been replete with variety, like a candy store window. The problem is that many series do not have a clear positioning (or it has changed over time), so even the official JBL website cannot always explain what it is and why it is needed. In the same family, you can find expensive closed-back headphones with moisture protection and cheap wireless earbuds. Therefore, in order not to wander through this labyrinth of names, we decided to simplify the process and sort all the lines into three groups – headphones for sports, comfortable everyday models and options for connoisseurs of high-quality sound in the first place.

JBL casual headphones

JBL T Series: Introduction to JBL

Many manufacturers have so-called showcase lines that include only flagship gadgets with a bunch of bells and whistles. And there is their complete opposite – mass products without bells and whistles, which are bought by most people. For JBL, that entry point is the T Series, which has something for everyone. Despite the affordability, there are really good options in the T-headphone line that are not inferior to the company’s more advanced models. For example JBL T110 Price from 4 340 to 6 909 tenge, released in 2016, are still one of the most popular in-ear headphones on the market. They play decently, the JBL signature sound is fully present, and the issue price is some $10.

JBL T Series Headphones (Light)

JBL Live Low Cost On-Ear Headphones with Combo Connection

JBL is positioning the Live series as universal headphones for every day. Would you like to take a walk outside? Great, we connect via Bluetooth so that the wires do not stick out and go. The closed design provides fairly good insulation, so ambient noise will be barely noticeable. And the integration of the Google voice assistant will minimize the need to get your smartphone out of your pocket. At the same time, you can connect a cable to the headphones and listen to your favorite tracks at home without compression. The line pleasantly surprises with musical omnivorousness: the sound is balanced, without the traditional for JBL distortion in the bass.

JBL Live Series Headphones

JBL E Series: affordable and versatile everyday headphones

One of the most popular lines in the JBL range, which includes both wired and wireless headphones, and is also divided into in-ear (E15 and E25BT), on-ear (E35 and E45BT) and full-size (E55BT) models. According to JBL, these are the perfect headphones for use at home or on the go. The manufacturer says that the series updated in 2016 now has the so-called “classic JBL sound” with rich bass. The line is dominated by overhead closed models, which boast a foldable design and a detachable cable. This company is diluted with several in-channel models of 2016.

JBL E Series Headphones (with mic)

JBL Synchros Daily Closed On-Ear Headphones with mic and detachable cable

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on headphones, then pay attention to the JBL Synchros family. These models are overhead and boast a closed design that cuts out most of the outside noise. At the same time, there is always a built-in microphone, and the headphones themselves are easily folded, fitting into a small case. With all this, the creators want to say that their creation regularly needs to be taken with you somewhere on the road. Simplifies transport and detachable cable. In addition to overhead models, the Synchros assortment includes several diverse in-channel plugs: completely ordinary JBL Synchros S100 and sports JBL Synchros Reflect with a special retainer and moisture protection.

JBL Synchros Headphones (with microphone)

JBL JR: for the little ones

Given the richness of the JBL range, it would be strange if they did not also release a couple of children’s models. In 2017, they did just that with the introduction of the “Junior” line. It includes several overhead models (there are both wired and bluetooth options) with an adapted headband that will allow the headphones to stay securely on the child’s head without causing unnecessary discomfort. The second important difference from the “adult” JBL was the limitation of the maximum volume and the reduction of sound pressure (limit 85 dB), so that the child does not inadvertently turn the volume up to the maximum. In terms of design, everything is stylish, fashionable, youthful, there is even a pack of stickers in the kit so that the child can customize them according to his sense of beauty.

JBL JR Series headphones (on-ear)

JBL Duet: a compromise between everyday E-series and the flagship Everest

As planned by JBL, the Duet line was supposed to be an alternative between the affordable E-series and the flagship Everest. Allegedly, it retains all the values ​​of JBL (build quality, proprietary sound with an excess of bass, etc.) and at the same time will be inexpensive. Available in three models (Duet Mini in-ear, Duet BT on-ear and Duet NC full-size), you can choose the most convenient form factor for your daily music listening.

JBL Duet Headphones (wireless)

JBL Sports

JBL Under Armor: designed by athletes for athletes

In the arsenal of JBL, well, there are a lot of different headphones for athletes. It would be more correct to say that there are no sports models, perhaps only in the line of office headsets. But when it comes to the toughest sport, the joint series of JBL and the well-known American manufacturer of sports equipment Under Armor will come to mind first. These are truly headphones designed by athletes for athletes, so it’s not just about protecting the body from sweat. For example, the JBL Under Armor True Wireless Flash model uses ordinary buttons instead of touch buttons (due to this, the headphones can be controlled with gloves), you can find additional attachments in the kit for a more secure fit in your ear. The JBL UA family includes predominantly wireless in-ear models from 2017-2018. In 2019there was a slight expansion and the assortment included wireless on-ear headphones JBL Under Armor Sport Wireless Train and JBL Under Armor True Wireless Flash .

JBL Under Armor Series Headphones

JBL Free: the best true wireless headphones for sports

The JBL Free, even before the Under Armor collaboration, was the company’s first attempt at making great true wireless headphones for athletes. Outwardly, these are typical wireless earbuds that are protected from water according to the IPX5 standard, equipped with simple buttons for controlling the player and boast additional attachments for athletes. They sound in the best traditions of JBL: the sound is warm and assertive, but slightly muffled and with an abundance of bass. And at a price they come out a little cheaper than the models of the Under Armor family.

JBL Free Headphones (true wireless)

JBL Endurance: Reinforced, waterproof sports headphones

Endurance is a line of wireless sports in-ear headphones with a reinforced design and improved isolation. The main feature of the entire line is reinforced water protection (IPX7 standard), thanks to which the headphones can withstand swimming for 30 minutes, diving to a depth of one meter and training in heavy rain. For swimmers, the 9 is best0021 JBL Endurance Dive , which is equipped with a built-in 1 GB player. An equally important feature of the series was the design with an additional rubber seal between the case and the rubber ear cushion itself. Thanks to him, the headphones sit securely in the auricle and do not strive to fall out even during sudden movements.

JBL Endurance Headphones (for sports)

JBL Reflect: in-ear sports headphones of your choice

The Reflect is just about the only headphone family under JBL’s wing that boasts a clear idea. These are moderately affordable wireless headphones for going to the gym or treadmill. From here grow the main features of this line: protection against moisture and decent autonomy within 8 – 12 hours. In terms of shape, there is a maximum variation so that everyone can choose for themselves: there are purely TW models that simply consist of two miniature “snails” that need to be inserted into the ears. There are also regular Bluetooth models, where 2 headphones are connected by a cord that is fixed around the neck. And models like JBL Reflect Fit and Reflect Response are made in the form of a “necklace” in which the battery and all electronics are hidden.

JBL Reflect Series Headphones (Wireless)

Sound Quality Models

JBL Everest: high-tech wireless headphones with a pair of aces up their sleeves

At one time, the JBL Everest line was distinguished by the use of a couple of interesting and unusual technologies. For example, the JBL ShareMe feature allowed them to share music with any Bluetooth headphones within a radius of 10 meters. And TruNote technology makes it possible to adjust the sound of the speakers in accordance with the anatomical features of the user’s auditory canal. In addition, the Everest models were valued for their excellent passive noise isolation. Coupled with a large battery reserve and the emerging fast charging function, Everest models will be an excellent choice not only for the city environment, but also for a long journey. In addition to this in 2019For some reason, JBL supplemented the Everest series with a rather expensive in-ear model JBL Everest Elite 150NC with active noise cancellation.

JBL Everest Series Headphones (Wireless)

JBL Club

A new lineup for 2020 that was inspired by “traveling DJs”. This means that in the My JBL mobile app you can choose a sound preset in the style of your favorite DJ. We have not yet had the opportunity to test this feature, but in words it sounds like a regular change in equalizer presets. Much more interesting in our opinion is that the older JBL Club One model uses high-end graphene membrane drivers and is equipped with a brand new terribly fancy True Adaptive Noise Cancelling active noise reduction system. That is, no noise of the morning subway will prevent you from turning on Joey Beltram’s Energy Flash and being transported to an imaginary dance floor. And JBL promises up to 48 hours of battery life. As for the younger models, they are all in the same vein, but simpler.

JBL Club series headphones (wireless on-ear)

JBL J: for music lovers on a budget

An old line that is still actively sold. Their positioning is rather strange: on the one hand, we have a design in the style of DJ headphones and an emphasis on swivel cups, which, again, are appreciated by DJs. On the other hand, J88 has 2 modifications JBL J88i and JBL J88A , both are equipped with remote controls for controlling the player on an iPhone or Android smartphone. Now it is strange to see this, but in 2013 it was ok. Since the announcement, the price has dropped dramatically and now it is a rather interesting option for music lovers “on a budget”: you don’t need to overpay for Bluetooth or a microphone, and the sound quality here is more interesting than that of many modern JBL models. At least, there is no such noticeable color and emphasis on basses.

JBL J Series Headphones

We hope this guide will help you choose the headphones that best suit your needs. By the way, not all JBL models are on this list, as mentioned above, in some series porridge can be observed and neither the user nor JBL itself can recognize something unique in them. Therefore, we did not add a line of a couple of models that are not particularly sold, so as not to clog the air.

The right choice for you!

New line of headphones – JBL Synchros E-series

8 years ago

Harman/Kardon introduces a new line of JBL Synchros E-series headphones, which includes all sizes of headphones: in-ear E-10, on-ear E-30 and the E-40BT and even the full-size E-50BT, so everyone can find the right model for their wired or wireless connection. At the heart of all headphones in the series is JBL’s exclusive PureBass™ technology, a unique signal processing algorithm.

“With the new JBL Synchros E-series, we have focused on striking design and new technologies. The desire for a wireless format sets the tone in the market, and we are constantly finding new solutions – such as the unique ShareMe technology, which gives another opportunity to share music with friends, and this time without disturbing the sound of others. At the same time, the quality of the headphones themselves remains in the first place for us – and this is the indicator that JBL is always proud of.

The JBL Synchros E-50BT full-size wireless headphones are the flagship model of the series. From the first listen, it becomes obvious that the model received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2014. Full-size ear cushions with 50 mm drivers completely cover the ears, allowing you to enjoy an extensive sound stage and crystal clear sound over the entire frequency range from 10 Hz to 24 kHz. With built-in Bluetooth, the E-50BT can connect to virtually any smartphone, but the wireless features don’t stop there: JBL’s unique ShareMe™ technology lets you stream audio to other headphones with the same technology. While playing content, just press the appropriate button and the music will sound already in both devices. It supports connecting up to two devices – and this is a completely new way to watch a movie or listen to music with friends.

The headphones have a built-in microphone, which allows you to use them to answer a call without reaching for your connected smartphone. At the same time, the sound transmission quality is maintained at a high level due to JBL Pure Konnexx technology, which filters ambient noise. Built-in lithium-ion battery lasts for 18 hours of continuous listening. For the comfort of such long-term use, the ergonomic headband and soft ear cushions made of artificial leather, which also provide good passive noise isolation, are responsible.

The novelty is offered in five bright colors – black, white, red, blue, purple.

JBL Synchros E-40BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones
Another winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2014, the JBL Synchros E-40BT is not only a great addition to your smartphone or tablet, but also allows you to share music with friends with the touch of a button thanks to JBL ShareMe technology.

High-quality 40mm drivers deliver tight, rich bass and uncompromisingly clear highs from 10Hz to 24kHz. The built-in battery is designed for 16 hours of continuous use. The kit also includes a connecting cable that allows you to connect the headphones to any audio source using a 3.5 mm plug if the charge is not enough. Another feature of the novelty is the ability to connect up to two Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously. For example, when listening to music on a laptop, with the press of a button, you can switch to a signal from a smartphone and receive an incoming call.

The headband of the headphones is equipped with durable 3D aluminum hinges, which allows you to comfortably place them on your head and not be afraid that they will fall off when you move. An integrated microphone with JBL Pure Konnexx noise-canceling technology and close-fitting ear cushions ensure excellent audibility in urban environments.

The novelty is offered in five bright colors – black, white, red, blue, purple.

JBL Synchros E-30 on-ear headphones
Another winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2014, JBL Synchros E-30 is a great solution for active and energetic people. They’re small enough for everyday use, yet combine legendary JBL sound with smartphone control and a bold, modern design.

30mm drivers reproduce the widest range of frequencies as cleanly as possible, while JBL PureBass technology brings punch and energy to basslines. For ease of transportation, the headphones have a disconnected wire and a folding design.